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Overview of Aaron Marino

Aaron Marino runs the increasingly popular YouTube channel, named Alpha M, where he posts weekly videos related to grooming and style advice.

He is the founder of the alpha m. Image Consulting Firm, a men’s image consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. As per the About page of the official website,

“In 2006, Aaron Marino started a men’s image consulting firm, alpha m. Image Consulting, to help average men with simple common sense advice; aimed to enhance their image, style, grooming, fashion and most importantly their confidence.”

Aside from the firm, Marino has also been the founder of a number of other businesses – Pete & Pedro, Tiege Hanley,ENEMY, andMENfluential Media.

Below is an introductory video to the Alpha M YouTube channel.


Alpha M YouTube Channel

Aaron Marino has uploaded over 1660 videos on the Alpha M YouTube channel. Created in July 2008, the channel has grown to over 6.47 million subscribers and a total view count of over 1.1 billion views as of the time of this writing.

Content on the YouTube channel covers a wide range of topics. It varies from makeovers, haircut tutorials, and home workouts to grooming advice, style guides, and healthy lifestyle tips. The most-watched video (listing essential tattoo guidelines) has over 10 million views.

Here is what a regular video on the channel looks like. 


Notable Videos

The most viewed videos on the Alpha M YouTube channel at the time of this writing include the following:


Aaron Marino Bio, Background

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Aaron Marino discussed the struggles he had to deal with in his early years in an interview for CNBC. The following extract highlights his humble beginnings and how he eventually found success. 

“Growing up on welfare in Center City Philadelphia, Marino was born to two parents who had him in their early twenties. His mother raised miniature donkeys for a living, and his father is a musician and entrepreneur. After graduating with a degree in business from West Virginia University in 1998, Marino moved to Atlanta and started to work as a personal trainer, eventually opening a gym. But a series of failed business efforts culminated in Marino’s using a personal credit card to pay employees and, eventually, a bankruptcy filing. At 30 he took a weekend gig driving a mobile beer cart at a country club just to make ends meet.

“This was not automatically handed to me,” Marino said. “People see just the success, but they don’t realize the struggle and the sleepless nights. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable.”

In 2007, Marino — at that time already trying to launch a men’s image consulting business — was given a video camera by his wife. He began to produce videos on how men should dress and properly groom themselves. All it took was one gentleman seeking Marino’s fashion advice for him to get hooked on the YouTube platform. His consulting firm slowly evolved into becoming his Alpha.M channel.”

In an interview for the Gentleman’s Gazette, Marino detailed the early steps of his career and how he actually started giving men grooming and style advice. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“It actually started with a nutrition store. I get out of college, and I move to Atlanta, and I start working as a personal trainer at a fitness center. I met a guy, and he said “Hey, I want to start a nutrition store” and I said “That sounds great! Count me in, let’s go do this” and so I did that for a little while. About 2 years, we expanded to 3 locations, and I realized that I didn’t want to be in the nutrition industry. Specifically, with that, one was my business partner was selling drugs out at the back of the store, and so our ethics were definitely not in line, and I knew that prison was not a place where I would flourish. I’d be popular, but I definitely would not do well. I left the nutrition store, and I met a woman, and we decided to open up a personal training studio. […] I developed a bleeding ulcer; it was just incredibly stressful, but while I was there, an interesting thing happened. A gentleman actually came up to me, one of my clients, and said “Hey, I’ve got a hot date, I don’t know what to wear” and so I said “Okay, no problem. Let me come over to your place, we’ll check out and see what you have, and we’ll go get your haircut, trim your nose hairs because they’re ridiculous.”

You may check out the whole interview through the video below.

In a recent video, Marino listed the 7 things that had helped change his life, offering a look into how his life and how his early decisions helped shape his entrepreneurial journey. The video also offers a more personal look into his life. Aaron Marino’s wife, Tracey Woodard, for instance, is one of the things he talks about.


Companies And Business Interests

Over the years, Marino has also launched and runs a number of businesses, namely:

Tiege Hanley a skincare company 

Pete & Pedro – a brand that provides hair styling, grooming, and shaving products for men 

ENEMY –  an eye wear company

MENfluential Media – a network of influencers and content creators


In the following video, Aaron Marino shared the 10 entrepreneurial lessons he has learned over the years while running multiple businesses. 


Aaron Marino Shark Tank Appearance

Aaron Marino is one of the rare entrepreneurs who have been on Shark Tank twice. The first time around he pitched Alpha M and the second time he went in with his pitch of Pete & Pedro.

He related his experience in a video on the Alpha M YouTube channel.

In another video posted on the channel, Aaron Marino rehashed his appearance on Shark Tank and his pitch for his business, Pete & Pedro.

Below is the description box of the video includes:

“In regard to his pitch, Alpha said he ‘killed it’ and he couldn’t ask for anything better. He said that the editors were ‘kind’ to him. He said he’s watched the episode over and over since it’s like redemption.

He said that the Sharks didn’t want anything to with P&P but were interested in him as an ‘influencer’. He said that he didn’t need the help with Alpha M… He went into the Tank for P&P.”


According to an article published on cnbc.com, here is why the YouTuber and entrepreneur declined the offer of one of the ‘Sharks’:

“Marino originally pitched his Alpha.M consulting on “Shark Tank” in the form of DVDs back in 2013, right when his YouTube success was just starting to take form. But each of the Sharks was hesitant to invest, as a set of DVDs cost $300 per consumer. By the time he returned to “Shark Tank” in 2016 seeking a partnership for Pete & Pedro, Marino was offered $100,000 for a 10% stake in his Alpha.M brand by Barbara Corcoran.

After initially accepting her offer, he reluctantly declined, not wanting to lose say over what sponsorships he embraces on his YouTube channel. Marino’s company MENfluential Media helps him determine which sponsorships to pursue. Terry Adelman, MENfluential Men’s managing partner, said the company rejects 90% of the sponsorship inquiries it receives.”


Aaron Marino Net Worth 

Aaron Marino’s net worth seems to be a common query across search engines, as is often the case with famous individuals. At the time of writing of this article, no exact information can be found online on this subject. 

However, in a video published on his YouTube channel, Marino revealed the sources of his revenue, citing figures he was making at the time.

The video description (which seems to have been written by one of Marino’s assistants as it refers to him in the third person), states:

“The oldest revenue generator is YouTube — the views. It’s a very small part of the equation as he makes more from promotional videos. He promotes brands he loves and loves integrating the content.

Next, MENfluential Media is another revenue generator for him. He partnered with his best friend Terry and his colleague Antonio Centeno. They help brands ‘spend their money’ with influencers — they represent 30-40 of the biggest men’s lifestyle YouTubers, vloggers, Instagrammers, and podcasters.

Pete & Pedro is his baby — he started it in his bedroom for $3,000. Year #1 he made $35,000, and now the company has grown exponentially. Alpha feels this business will be a monster one day”

Watch the video below for more information on the subject. 

Here is another tiny glimpse into Marino’s earnings from one of his businesses as described in an article published on gq.com in 2018.

“his followers are incredibly loyal: when Marino recommends a product, his audience listens. 95 percent of the sales—”$10 million bucks” since launching last May, Marino says—for his skincare brand Tiege Hanley have come directly through his promotions.”

Further into the interview, while talking about his YouTube success story, Marino explained how the money he makes from the platform is insignificant on a financial level but it’s the driving force behind all his other businesses. Here is the extract:

“Today, Marino says he makes 25 grand a month from YouTube. And while he calls that “a blip” monetarily compared to everything else, it’s the engine that powers everything else he does. 

He owns a product called Fashion Anchor—adhesive dots that pin your shirt collar together—that netted him $50,000 last month but that he would like to offload, if you know anybody. He still does image consulting, and runs a menswear networking conference held annually in Atlanta called Menfluential. His brand is so valuable that on his second Shark Tank appearance, in May of 2016, a shark offered him $100,000 for 10 percent—of him.”

Online Presence And Publicity

Aaron Marino has been featured in a large number of publications, like GQ, and interviews by popular YouTubers and important figures, along with appearances on various television programs, such as ABC’s Shark Tank.

In an interview by Andrew Henderson – The Nomad Capitalist, Marino discussed the challenge of acquiring male customers for a styling product, best markets to sell a style product (including overseas), and lessons learned from geography, why lowering prices at Alpha M actually created a better quality customer, amongst other things. Here is a link to the interview. (Note: To learn more about the Nomad Capitalist – Andrew Henderson, read our breakdown here.)

Marino opened up about how he runs the biggest men’s style YouTube channel (Alpha M) and how he came up with the idea in his interview by the British YouTuber, Paul McGregor (see below).

In the below video titled “How a 2x Shark Tank REJECT Survived & Made MILLIONS | Ask Mr. Wonderful #15 Kevin O’Leary & Alpha M”, Marino discussed how he “went from 2x Shark Tank reject to millionaire entrepreneur.”

Aaron Marino also hosts a podcast called  “The Alpha M. Podcast”, which you may listen to on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbay, and Spotify.

Screenshot of The Alpha M Podcast
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Here is a list of social media accounts where Aaron Marino can be found online:



To learn more about Aaron Marino, feel free to check out the videos on his YouTube channel in which he includes glimpses of his own life along with personal grooming tips. Marino is also very active on all of his social media profiles.




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