What Is An ‘Advertorial’?

An example of an advertorial.
An example of an advertorial.


What Is An Advertorial? Advertorials Defined

An advertorial is an advertisement that is intended to mimic non-promotional, editorial content. They may be published in newspapers, magazines, online publications, or web blogs.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “advertorial” is a blend of “advertisement” and “editorial.”

The Cambridge Dictionary defines advertorials as follows:

an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine that is designed to look like an article by the writers of the magazine

According to HubSpot, “good” advertorials don’t clearly state that they are sponsored or paid for but also don’t hide the fact. HubSpot adds that advertorials should provide the same level of quality as editorial content while promoting the product in question. With this approach, advertorials provide actually valuable information to readers.


What Is The Difference Between An Advert And Advertorial?


Advert” is the abbreviated form of the word “advertisement”, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. With that, “advert” is a more general term that incorporates all forms of advertising, while an advertorial is a specific type of advert.


Advertorial VS Editorial Content


According to Merriam-Webster and the Cambridge Dictionary, an editorial is an article that gives the opinions of the editors or publishers. Editorials do not pursue to promote a product or service, unlike advertorials.


What Does An Advertorial Look Like?


Advertorials are intended to resemble editorial content and therefore look like standard, non-promotional blog posts. Advertorials are similar to editorials in their tone, length, and format.


Several examples of advertorials are presented below:

An example of an advertorial.


An example of an advertorial.





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