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Who Is Alex Cattoni?

According to Alex Cattoni’s YouTube Channel, Catton is a copywriter, marketer, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Copy Posse.

She said on her LinkedIn Profile,

Copywriter, speaker and Founder of the Copy Posse, a global army of authentic copywriters with a passion for creating community, credibility and conversions with nothing but powerful and precise wording. 10+ years experience in online marketing and branding. Co-host of the Flight Club Mastermind. Creator of the Copy Posse Launch Pad Coaching Program.

She has been on YouTube since January 17, 2017 and as of the time of this writing, has approximately 181K subscribers and 3,629,396 total views.

This wiki style breakdown will go over Alex Cattoni’s net worth, bio, and background.


Bio And Background

Alex Cattoni's LinkedIn Profile
Courtesy of Alex Cattoni’s LinkedIn Profile.


According to Alex Cattoni’s LinkedIn Profile, she took a degree in BComm, Marketing, Business Law, Philosophy, German, Spanish at University of Alberta from 2003 to 2007. And from 2007 she took BComm, European Law, Marketing and Management at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business.

She also worked as a Senior Business Manager, Creative Director, and Awesomeness Fest Event Director in Mindvalley from May 2008 to November 2011. Then she became a partner then later on the owner of Flight Club Mastermind from March 2014 up to present. And lastly from January 2012 up to present, she was the Founder of The Copy Posse.


The Alex Cattoni YouTube Channel

Alex Cattoni YouTube Channel
Courtesy of Alex Cattoni’s YouTube Channel.


The Alex Cattoni YouTube Channel covers helpful contents about copywriting, freelancing, digital marketing, email marketing, sales, and more.

As of the date of this writing, it currently has 181K subscribers and has accumulated  3,629,396 total views.

As of right now. the three most popular videos on the channel are:

How To Become A Freelance Copywriter & Get Your First Client” with 405,270 views.

What is Copywriting? The ABCs of Copywriting for Beginners” with 143,487 views.

How To Become A Copywriter With NO Experience” with 107,203 views.

The three videos in question are embedded below:


Alex Cattoni’s Net Worth

Alex Cattoni's website.
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Unfortunately, as of this time, there is little concrete information on Alex Cattoni’s net worth online, however here are some YouTube videos about her side hustles and how she build a 7-Figure business.


Online Presence And Publicity

Alex Cattoni Twitter Profile
Courtesy of Alex Cattoni’s Twitter Profile.


Alex Cattoni is present in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

And aside from her YouTube channel, you may also check her website and the Copy Posse website and Instagram for the courses and resources she offers.

She was also featured on YouTube by Consulting Success and Saheli Chatterjee.



This has been a wiki-style breakdown of Alex Cattoni. For more info on her, you can visit her website, YouTube channel, Instagram account, Facebook, Twitter account, LinkedIn, or The Copy Posse website and Instagram account.






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