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Biaheza Wiki: What is hit net worth, real name, and background?
Courtesy of Biaheza’s Instagram page


Overview Of Biaheza 

Biaheza is an American YouTuber and Instagram influencer, most known for his YouTube channel, where he posts videos on internet marketing, dropshipping, day trading, and more.

The entrepreneur also offers a paid course called “Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course” that teaches how to create a dropshipping business from scratch.

Along with a significant online presence on YouTube and Instagram, Biaheza is also increasingly popular on TikTok. Below is a video he made to test the ability to go viral on the platform: 


Biaheza  Bio, Background

According to Accesswire, Biaheza and his family moved to the United States from Belarus, an eastern European country. His story is not dissimilar to that of the immensely popular and successful Belarus-born entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk (read his story in our breakdown here).

Biaheza had a relatively different growing up experience. He reportedly started developing his own side hustles at the early age of 14:

“Throughout middle school, Biaheza flipped bikes on Craigslist and bought and sold kendama toys (most probably don’t know the name, but have definitely played with one before). He also began doing graphic design on Fiverr.

He even recalls trying out YouTube videos and Instagram on his 4th generation iPod Touch when he was 11-years-old. Biaheza recalls, “I didn’t realize Instagram was a social media platform at that point. I don’t even think I even knew what social media was.”

Biaheza’s entrepreneurial journey really took off when he began experimenting with ways to make money on Instagram while working a ‘proper job’ on the side:

“At 16, he figured it was time to get a “real job” working as a clerk at a department store in his local mall to make some money. But he still kept running his Instagram pages. When he reached about 13,000 followers on one of his pages, he made his first $10 advertising by selling a “shout out” to a business.

More businesses began reaching out to him, and he started making a bit of money through his pages. Biaheza said, “I quickly realized that most of the shout out requests I was getting were from people selling Aliexpress products for a higher price on their own website, which is a business called dropshipping.”

He talks about flipping Instagram pages in the following video:


Biaheza Real Name

Biaheza’s real name or his full name appears to be Vlad Biaheza, according to past interviews and articles featuring the YouTuber, like this one by


Biaheza YouTube Channel  

Screenshot of Biaheza's YouTube channel
Courtesy of Biaheza’s YouTube channel


Biaheza launched his YouTube channel in August 2014, when he started posting videos about dropshipping and internet marketing. 

The channel currently has a subscriber count of 1.04 million subscribers and the view count has exceeded 83 million views. Content on the channel features advice on day trading, dropshipping, how to make money on Instagram, and more. 

Below are some of the latest videos published on the Biaheza YouTube channel:

Biaheza also makes several Fiverr-related videos. For instance, here is one in which he tried to hire someone on Fiverr to try and get himself featured on Forbes. You may watch the video below to find out more.


Biaheza Dropshipping Course Overview

Biaheza’s Full Dropshipping Course covers everything related to setting up a dropshipping store. It includes:

​-What products actually work for dropshipping

-The software he uses to find winning products

​-Five winning product examples + revealing products he has personally dropshipped

​-Creating a brand new Shopify website from scratch step by step

​-Where to get content for your store

​-Setting up the shipping and legal pages 

​-Building a proper Instagram company page from scratch

-Where to find content for the company page

​-What is the Facebook pixel and how to install it

​-His full Instagram theme page marketing strategy 

-Choosing the right pages to advertise on

​-How to use Facebook ads

​-How he targets and scales his Facebook ads (full strategy)

​-How to deal with taxes

​-Setting up customer support


Biaheza Net Worth 

As is the case with many entrepreneurs and YouTubers, a common query online regarding the entrepreneur seems to be “Biaheza Net Worth”.

At the time of this writing, there are no sources online that provide any accurate info on his current total net worth.

According to an article published on Yahoo! Finance:

“he went from launching his e-commerce store in September 2018 to reaching $324,476.75 in revenue in May 2019, just 9 months later, marking his first six-figure month in income.”

In an episode, titled “Confronting Biaheza | Reacting To His $1 Million Portfolio At 19 Years Old”, of Graham Stephan’s The Iced Coffee Hour series, Biaheza discussed being a millionaire at 19, among other topics.

In November 2020, he made a video explaining how he started “the highest-paid YouTube channel”. In it, he shares how much money he actually makes on the platform and all the ad revenue derived from the channel:


In The News And Online Presence 

Here are a few excerpts from videos and podcasts Biaheza has been featured on over the years:

-In his interview with Startup Fortune, Biaheza talked about his online presence and finding success early on in his career, saying:

“I started an e-commerce dropshipping business when I was 17 years old that did over a million dollars in revenue its first year of being live, shortly after I started a YouTube channel, which is what I am most known for.”

-Here is a video made by the well-known internet marketer, John Crestani, that talks about Biaheza’s YouTube channel:


Below is a list of social media accounts where Biaheza can be reached online:







To learn more about Biaheza, follow him on his social media profiles listed above.  For more information on entrepreneurship and dropshipping, check out his YouTube channel.




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