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What Is BiggerPockets?

BiggerPockets is an educational platform centered around real estate investment. It was founded by Joshua Dorkin in October 2004.

Other prominent figures at BiggerPockets include Scott Trench – the company’s CEO – and Brandon Turner – BiggerPockets’ podcast co-host and VP of Creative Content.

Among other things, the platform incorporates a community forum, a web blog, webinars, video and text tutorials, market analysis, a number of podcast series, and books. BiggerPockets has a YouTube channel as well (over 869,000 subscribers as of the time of this writing).

BiggerPockets also allows users to search for real estate agents, mortgage lenders, hard money lenders, insurance providers, home improvement contractors, and investment companies.

Access to most of the platform’s resources and tools requires the purchase of a monthly or annual membership.

BiggerPockets claims to have over 2 million members and 1.5 million average monthly visitors, representing $2 billion in annual transaction volume.

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BiggerPockets Podcast

BiggerPockets incorporates several podcast series:

·Real Estate Podcast, which features investment tips and interviews with real estate investors. Co-hosted by David Greene and Brandon Turner.

·Money Podcast, which aims to enable viewers to get “their financial house in order.” Co-hosted by Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen.

·Business Podcast, which covers the process of starting an investment business. Co-hosted by J and Carol Scott.

·Real Estate Rookie Podcast, which covers the basic concepts of real estate investment. Co-hosted by Tony J. Robinson and Ashley Kehr.

·Daily Podcast, which features the platform’s articles in audio format.

New episodes are typically released once or twice per week, depending on the podcast. Daily Podcast episodes are released daily.

The Bigger Pockets Podcast has featured numerous noteworthy individuals, including Grant Cardone , Gary Vaynerchuck, and Graham Stephan.


BiggerPockets Calculators

BiggerPockets features a number of calculators – more specifically:

·Rental Property Calculator, aimed to determine the potential profitability of a rental property.

·Fix And Flip Calculator, aimed to estimate the profitability of house flipping.

·Buy Rehab Rent Refinance Repeat (BRRRR) Calculator, aimed to evaluate the profitability of fixer-upper property.

·Rehab Estimator, which allows investors to estimate and track their property repair costs.

·Wholesaling Calculator, which allows investors to determine the maximum allowable offer for their property.

·Mortgage Payment Calculator, which allows users to calculate mortgage monthly payments.

·70% Rule Calculator, which is based on the common investment rule whereby investors should pay no more than 70% of a distressed property’s after repair value (ARV), minus repairs.

·Airbnb Calculator, aimed to estimate potential earnings from Airbnb rentals.

Access to most of these calculators requires a paid membership.


BiggerPockets Books

BiggerPockets team members have co-authored a range of real estate investment books, including:

·Long-Distance Real Estate Investing (2017).

·How to Invest in Real Estate (2018).

·Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (2019).

·The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs (2019).

·First-Time Home Buyer: The Complete Playbook to Avoiding Rookie Mistakes (2021).

A full list of BiggerPockets books can be found on the platform’s web store. The books may be purchased from online retailers as well – most notably, Amazon.


How Much Does BiggerPockets Cost?

BiggerPockets has two membership tiersPro Monthly and Pro Annual, costing $39 per month and $32.5 per month respectively.

Courtesy of www.biggerpockets.com/membership-types.


The Pro Monthly plan offers access to the platform’s community & blog, property analysis calculators, and data on the real estate market. Pro Annual additionally features virtual events and free lease agreement document samples.

BiggerPockets also offers the Premium membership ($99 per month) for real estate agents, hard money lenders, or investment companies looking for leads in the industry.


Who Is Josh Dorkin?

Joshua Dorkin on Twitter.
Courtesy of Dorkin’s Twitter profile.


BiggerPockets was founded by entrepreneur and real estate investor Joshua “Josh” Dorkin in 2004.

Dorkin’s personal website summarizes his background as follows:

After college, Josh worked as a stock trader for close to a year before leaving to pursue his ambitions in the entertainment business in New York and eventually, Los Angeles. There, he tried his hand as an actor and film producer, and also had experience working for a talent agency, casted several independent films, and recruited writers and scripts for a management/production company.

Josh became enamored with real estate and eventually got his real estate license, but realized that the sales side of the business wasn’t for him. While trying to find himself, he got a substitute teaching credential and eventually fell into a role as full time teacher after filling in as a sub one day.

Dorkin founded BiggerPockets in 2004. He served as the company’s CEO until November 2018. According to the BiggerPockets blog, Dorkin “dropped everything” due to his daughter’s medical emergency. This was covered in episode 421 of the BiggerPockets podcast.

Since November 2018, Dorkin has been a Board Member at BiggerPockets, according to his LinkedIn profile.

In January 2021, Dorkin became a seed investor for car insurance provider Loop Insurance.

Dorkin is present onTwitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Josh Dorkin Net Worth

Josh Dorkin’s net worth is unknown. In an article he shared on Twitter, Dorkin writes that he “has a very high life net worth of over 20 million minutes and almost 400,000 hours of great experiences.”


Who Is Brandon Turner?

Brandon Turner on Twitter.
Courtesy of Turner’s Twitter profile.


Brandon Turner is an author, real estate investor, speaker, and co-host of the BiggerPockets podcast. According to Entrepreneur, Turner bought his first home at the age of 21.

Turner has authored and co-authored some of BiggerPockets books, including The Book on Rental Property Investing (2015) and The Multifamily Millionaire (Volume 1 and 2). He has also served as a content contributor to Forbes.

In January 2019, Turner founded real estate investment firm Open Door Capital, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Turner is present on Twitter and Instagram.


How much is Brandon Turner worth?

Information on Brandon Turner’s net worth is unknown. However, in the following video he discusses having built a “50 million dollar rental portfolio”:



To get started with BiggerPockets and review its educational resources and tools, visit its website.

You can also watch the Bigger Pockets Podcast on YouTube in video form.




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