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Who is Billy Gene?

Billy Gene Shaw (popularly known as ‘Billy Gene’) is an internet marketer and entrepreneur, best known for teaching digital marketers and entrepreneurs the best social media marketing and paid traffic practices to grow their businesses. Hence, his company, Billy Gene Is Marketing, is geared towards helping business owners “turn clicks on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube into customers.”

Over the years, Billy Gene has collaborated with numerous prolific internet marketers, like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone.


Billy Gene Background, Bio

In a podcast episode, titled “075: College Dropout to True Abundance and Financial Freedom with Billy Gene Shaw III”, Shaw talked about his early life. 

In it, he discussed his humble beginning and eventual transformation; starting with how his parents survived on welfare programs and how he had to attend private Catholic schools to founding his own company. Listen to the whole episode here to learn more about him. 


Overview of Billy Gene Is Marketing 

Founded in 2012, Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc. is located in downtown San Diego, California, and as per the company’s LinkedIn page, it currently employs 24 people. 

Further down the line, Billy Gene created The School of GENEIUS, an online social media marketing program designed to help people acquire customers and scale up their business.

He describes it as a “high level training for serious marketers and entrepreneurs who want to scale their business fast with proven templates, processes, customized support, and focused group training…” 

Shaw also offers advertisers access to “The GENEIUS Ad-vantage”, which is essentially the chance to create or improve your ads with Billy himself. 

Over the years Billy Gene has worked and interviewed some of the most popular internet marketers, like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and Russell Brunson (Clickfunnels), and many more.  


Below are some of the noteworthy interviews, published on the ‘Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc.’ YouTube channel at the time of writing:


Billy Gene Net Worth 

As is commonly the case with well-known YouTubers and internet marketers, a popular search query across search engines appears to be “Billy Gene Shaw Net Worth”.

While there are a few speculative articles on the subject on the internet, there seems to be exact figure that can be accurately quoted.

However, in 2018, Daniel Flores- the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Billy Gene Is Marketing Inc.- appeared on an episode of the Second in Command podcast. Talking about the rapid growth of the company, the podcast’s description included the following figures:

In 2018, he grew the company to $8 million in sales, up from $3 million in 2016. He also revamped its internal financial metric system. 

In an interview for, Shaw narrated the following

“I’m an entrepreneur who went from living at my parents’ house with over $50,000 in debt to building a multi-million-dollar business four years later. Now, my school teaches other entrepreneurs how I did that: by getting customers online using Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.”


Online Presence And Publicity

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Billy Gene hosts a podcast, called “Billy Gene Is Marketing Offends The Internet”, in which the internet marketer offers “brutally honest business advice” – citing that it contains “offensive, racist, sexist, trending, inappropriate” elements.

This admonitory description makes it clear that the title has good reason for being and that the podcast does what it says on the tin – it offends. 

However, despite its offensive tendencies, as of November 2020, the podcast has a total of 150 episodes and an average rating of 4.9 stars from a total of 411 ratings on Apple Podcasts. The podcast is also available on Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Podtail.


Here are a few of the well-known podcasts Billy Gene featured on:

In an episode of “The Dan Lok Show”, the host, Dan Lok and Billy Gene discussed how to create ads that have content specific to each type of social media, the ideal pricing for profitable ad campaigns that draw in customers and many more internet marketing related things. 

Shaw also appeared on the “Entrepreneurs on Fire Business” podcast in an episode, titled “Why Going Physical In a Digital World is Setting Billy Gene ON FIRE.” In it, Shaw mentions that he has bought a Ferrari, a Bentley, and a Tesla, amongst other cars, and discusses how and why he is transitioning from the digital world to a ‘physical’ one.

In episode 4 of “The Digital Marketer” podcast, Gene talked about entrepreneurship, why shifting from Facebook ads to YouTube ads might be better for business owners, and how to create video ads that actually convert. 


You may reach Billy Gene via the following social media pages:



For more information on Billy Gene, you can visit his website or any of his social media pages (listed above). To check out his social media marketing content, head over to his YouTube channel – ‘Billy Gene is Marketing’. 




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