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Who Is Brett McKay? McKay’s Bio & Background

Brett McKay is the author and editor-in-chief of “The Art of Manliness” web blog/magazine, as well as a number of associated books.

As per his LinkedIn profile, Brett McKay graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor in Letters in 2005. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, McKay went on to pursue his ”lifelong goal of going to law school”, eventually enrolling at the University of Tulsa College of Law. McKay received his Doctor of Law degree in 2009.

While attending the University of Tulsa College of Law, McKay launched The Art of Manliness as a fun activity for his spare time. Seeing the quick and unexpected success of his project, McKay brought on his wife, Kate, to help.

Since that time The Art of Manliness has become a massive success and generated millions of dollars in revenue (more on this below).


“The Art Of Manliness” Blog & Books

The homepage of "The Art of Manliness".
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Brett McKay’s success comes from his web blog “The Art of Manliness and a series of books based on it. Here’s the first paragraph from the “About” section of the website:

The Art of Manliness is a one-stop resource for actionable advice that covers every aspect of a man’s life: character, career, relationships, fitness, style, skills, and much more. Through weekly podcasts and articles, AoM tackles subjects from the philosophical and serious to the practical and fun. AoM differentiates itself from other men’s lifestyle media outlets in providing content that is intelligent, thoughtful, thorough, eminently useful, and clickbait-free.

The website features blog posts on the following topics and subtopics:

The Art of Manliness” blog gets over 10 million monthly page views.

As its success skyrocketed, McKay attempted to keep the masculinity-focused blog apolitical, but unsurprisingly, it became a target of attack as “cancel-culture” grew in scope.

One such left-wing invective asked:

But is the focus on chivalry and manly skills simply Eisenhower-era sexism repackaged for the Internet age? After all, while some tips are universal, about 90% of AoM’s readership is male.

Despite such negative attention, however, The Art of Manliness has only become more and more popular as time went on, and even its ideological opponents acknowledge that it is beloved by millions of readers worldwide.

In addition to the blog content, McKay has a podcast where he provides additional insight into the topics covered in the blog articles. The podcast has seen immense success as well.

Stats of Brett McKay's podcast.
Stats of McKay’s podcast. Courtesy of


McKay has published a range of books based on the blog, including:

  • The Art of Manliness.
  • The Secrets to Power, Mastery, and Truth: the Best of William George Jordan.
  • Manvotionals Book.
  • The 33 Marks of Maturity.
  • The Spartan Way: What Modern Men Can Learn from Ancient Warriors.


Some of McKay's books.
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Audio versions of some of his books can be found on Audible.

The web-store of “The Art of Manliness” features other merchandise as well, including but not limited to apparel, accessories, and posters.


Brett McKay Quotes

In a 2017 interview with Forbes, Brett McKay shared the “creation story” of “The Art of Manliness”:

I started the blog back in 2008 when I was a second year law student. I actually have a legit “creation story” for the site. I was at Border’s one night, taking a break from studying. I was browsing the men’s lifestyle magazines when I realized that every month I saw the exact same content in these publications—how to get six pack abs, sex tips, expensive clothing recommendations no average guy could afford. I also realized that I didn’t resonate with very many of the monthly articles. The idea of manliness they were putting out just didn’t sit well with me.

So right there I decided to start the men’s magazine I would want to read. Of course, as a broke law student, I didn’t have the money to start an actual print magazine, but I could afford a domain name and hosting. So I started a wordpress blog on Right away we developed a pretty large audience because I discovered a lot of other men felt the same way I did about men’s lifestyle content at the time.

As the web blog grew, so did its style and content:

The site has definitely evolved in our nearly 10 years of existence. When we first started out, our text content was very short and not incredibly thorough. Over time, we’ve developed a style that puts a premium on well-researched, long-form, evergreen content which I think has differentiated us from the rest of the online content market that prioritizes churning out lots of shorter, low quality, time-sensitive posts.

Answering a question as to what skills modern man lack to be successful in life and business, McKay said:

Soft skills like communication and basic social skills. This isn’t just a man problem. From what I hear, employers are pretty aghast at the poor communication and social skills of my fellow Millennials—male and female alike. How to make small talk. How to keep a conversation going. How to make a business call. Those kinds of things.

Additionally, he expressed his opinion as to why there is a “manliness” problem:

As to why there is a “manliness” problem, there’s a lot going on there. I think it’s important for people to understand that throughout Western history, there have been moments of intense cultural hand wringing about manliness. And they typically happen when a culture is undergoing a change in the economy — especially an “industrial revolution.”

( . . . )

Today, as we are arguably in another industrial revolution as we transition to an information economy, and we’re seeing pretty much the same thing. “Video games and digital technology are making men soft.” “Men aren’t men anymore.”

What usually happens to solve the apparent manhood crisis, is that an actual crisis intervenes — a world war, for example. Men prove their manhood on the battlefield, and people stop being worried about masculinity. For a time, at least. Until the next peaceful period when technology rapidly advances and men once more seem obsolete.

Goodreads shares a few quotes from McKay’s works:

It’s tempting to straddle the fence and try to have it both ways. Yet in attempting to live in two choices at once, you will find that you truly inhabit neither one.


A boy will dabble in a thousand pursuits and then drop them when he gets bored or they become too difficult. A man will always finish what he starts.


True leaders, even when a subordinate is at fault, will take full responsibility for a mistake. An effective leader will then immediately take action to correct the situation.


A woman can still be a man’s equal, and yet be worthy of being treated with honor, respect.


The ability to show hospitality has been a measure of one’s character across cultures and time.


If you want to get your thumb on the pulse of civic life in your community, head over to the barbershop.


Every man must be ready to put aside thoughts of his own welfare or pressing schedule and be willing to come to the aid of those in need.


Brett McKay Net Worth

No information is available about the net worth of Brett McKay. In 2013, McKay gave an interview to Mixergy where he said his online business was earning him over $400,000 a year in gross revenue. Given that this was far back in the early days of the website, it would seem that the site’s top-line numbers have only grown since.

At the time of this writing, the Ahrefs SEO tool estimates the organic search traffic alone on to be worth over $800,000 per month.


Brett McKay Mormon Church Membership

McKay is an elders quorum president at the “Leading Saints” Latter-day Saint (Mormon) church group. Previously, he had served missions in many capacities in this organization, including Sunday School President. He also served a two year mission in Mexico.


Brett McKay Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, and Press PRs

Brett McKay does strength training and is coached by Matt Reynolds. McKay occasionally posts videos of his personal records (PRs) on Instagram. As of March 29, 2021, his PRs in a number of exercises were as follows:


Regarding deadlifts, Brett McKay writes in the description of his How Brett Deadlifts for Maximum Strength! | The Art of Manliness video on YouTube that many people question his close foot stance. In the video, McKay clarifies that his deadlift form allows him to lift most efficiently.


Online Presence & Publicity

Brett McKay is present on a wide array of online platforms (under his own name or “Art of Manliness”):

To get started with McKay’s works, visit the website of “The Art of Manliness”.



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