Cameron Fous Bio, Net Worth, And Wiki-Style Breakdown

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Who Is Cameron Fous?

Cameron Fous is a day trader, YouTube content creator, self-described HODL troll”, and a marketer. He is also the CEO of multiple successful online companies and been mentoring students for 15 years.

He has been on YouTube since November 26, 2006, and as of the time of this writing, has approximately 432K subscribers and 20,908,696 total views

This Cameron Fous wiki will go over his background, YouTube channel, net worth, and more!


Cameron Fous Background

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According to his social media profiles, he has been in the trading industry for 17 years. He graduated with a Degree in Finance from Oregon State University in 2007. Then he started as a stock trader. And as he gained more knowledge and experience, he became renowned for his stock investments and then started offering trading strategy tutorials. He manages a blog that gives investment tips for free and also offers online training and masterclasses.

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You may also refer in this interview by “You Be Relentless” the details about what Cameron Fous does his day in his life.


YouTube Channel

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The video content of the Cameron Fous YouTube channel is mostly about trading tips and strategies, stock market, NFT, Play to Earn games, and cryptocurrency.

As of the date of this writing, it currently has 432K subscribers and has accumulated 20,908,696 total views.

And as of today, the three most popular videos on the channel are:

The REAL TRUTH About Life as A Day Trader Lifestyle” with 2,050,717 views.

The Next 100x NFT + ICO Play 2 Earn Game Launching Now! (48 Hours Left)” with 985,129 views.

How To Buy & Trade A Penny Stock Before It Triples & Make $25,000 in 5 Days” with 703,252 views.

The three videos in question are embedded below:


Cameron Fous’ Net Worth

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Unfortunately, as of this time, there is little concrete information about Cameron Fous’ net worth online. However, on a related note, the website estimates his channel’s monthly revenue as between $311 to $5K per month, or $3.7K to $59.6K per year.


Online Presence And Publicity

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Cameron Fous is present in different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

[Note: Whenever navigating crypto-related social media, be extremely wary of scams and fake profiles/dm’s.]

For his blogs and free training and masterclasses, visit his website here.

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And for his video contents about trading and cryptocurrency, watch and subscribe to Cameron Fous YouTube Channel.

He was also interviewed by Coffeezilla, Bold Brothers Fit, Bulls on Wall Street, EntireTask Inc. -Cloutally, Secret Entourage, and Coding Jesus on YouTube. The videos are embedded below:



To keep up with Cameron Fous, check out the social media profiles listed above. And for more updates on insights about crypto and trading, check out its YouTube channel and website.




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