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Campaign Monitor Overview 

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform that offers various tools to track analytics and automate email marketing, and gives users a simple drag-and-drop UI with which to manage their campaigns.

Here is how they describe their tools and services on their official website: 

“Campaign Monitor powers media moguls, tech giants, nonprofits—lots of different industries making their numbers through the power of email marketing. With our drag-and-drop builder, visual journey designer, creative marketing strategies and real-time performance metrics—we’ve got everything businesses need to crush it.”

They also claim that they “give more than 250,000 customers the tools to make lasting impressions on their audiences using email.”


Company Info

Campaign Monitor is a brand of “CM Group”, and is their “flagship” email marketing SaaS, according to this press release from the group.

The CM Group was founded in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2017, with the goal of uniting a diverse group of email marketing platforms, such as Campaign Monitor, Delivra, Emma, Livecliker, and more. 


According to Campaign Monitor’s LinkedIn page:

  • The company was founded in 2004. 
  • Their headquarters is located in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • The company currently operates in 5 locations across the United States of America. 


Additional Info About Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Features include:

  • Ease of Use
  • Complete Customization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Template Management for Teams 


For more in-depth information about the features, visit this page of Campaign Monitor’s website and check out the video embedded below.


Campaign Monitor’s Pricing

Campaign Monitor states that they are: “…aptly priced for SMBs and growth stage businesses aiming to accelerate their growth through increased email marketing activities.”

The website offers pricing multiple tiers and makes it easy to determine the best tier for a business by allowing users to input the number of people they intend on emailing. 

Furthermore, although the prices listed on the website are in USD, Campaign Monitor accepts additional currencies such as CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and NZD.

Their website’s pricing page features a slider ranging from 500 contacts to more than 50,000 that automatically adjusts the pricing for Basic, Unlimited, and Premier tiers as well as offer a rundown of features for the price. 

Screenshot of Campaign Monitor's pricing breakdown
Screenshot of the slider’s starting point. 


Campaign Monitor In The News & On The Internet

In an interview for, Wellford Dillard, the CEO of CM Group and Campaign Monitor, answered the question of how “What role does Campaign Monitor play in sales acceleration processes?” by stating: 

Email continues to be the king of ROI when compared to other marketing channels. With this in mind, all of the Email Marketing Platforms (ESPs) in the CM Group are playing an active role in companies’ sales acceleration processes. Email Marketing is capable of helping organizations move consumers through the sales funnel beginning with creating awareness through welcome emails after sign up all the way to their first purchase through the use of nurture campaigns and cart abandonment triggers.

In a blog post sharing the success of 1440 Media in retaining the interest of their subscribers and boost open rates as well as engagement, the company’s co-founder Drew Steigerwald said the following about Campaign Monitor:

Despite how critical it is to the business, we don’t have a strong technical background in email sending. So, the ability to have access to experts is absolutely crucial. Campaign Monitor support can help us diagnose any problems, and very explicitly, tell us how to fix those problems.” 

The following excerpt from the above-cited blog post also mentions the ways in which Campaign Monitor is able to help in overcoming the specific challenges faced by companies:  

“With guidance from the Campaign Monitor deliverability team, 1440 Media can create an internal interface allowing them to maximize their deliverability. Each morning, the 1440 Media team receives an email that gives oversight into the back-end of their email marketing program. With this system in place, the team can get ahead of any technical inconsistencies before they become a problem.”

An article published on in 2017 reported that “Huffington Post partnered with Campaign Monitor to develop a targeted email newsletter campaign around Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, garnering open rates averaging between 30% and 60%.”

For more Campaign Monitor success stories, visit this page on their website.

Screenshot of Ripcurl as a campaign monitor customer
Screenshot of Ripcurl’s creative director’s statement on how Campaign Monitor helped the brand (from the Campaign Monitor website).


Campaign Monitor Contact Info

You may reach Campaign Monitor via the following social media pages:



For more information on Campaign Monitor, you can visit their website or check out their blog for more digital and email marketing content. 




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