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Who Is Clayton Morris?

Clayton Morris is an American entrepreneur and real estate investor. As part of his investment activities, Morris is the president of Morris Invest – a turnkey real estate investment firm he founded in 2006.

Morris has also served as a show host at The Daily Buzz and as an anchor at Fox News Channel.

He also now has a popular YouTube channel called Morning Invest.

This Clayton Morris wiki will break down his background, net worth, and more.


Clayton Morris Bio And Background

According to Clayton Morris’s LinkedIn profile, he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s Degree (Double Major) in American History and Broadcast Journalism in 1999.

Between 2002 and 2006, Clayton served as a Morning Show Host at The Daily Buzz. In 2006, Morris founded real estate investment firm Morris Invest.

In April 2008, Morris was hired by Fox News Channel. At Fox News, Morris served as an anchor and a co-host of the Fox & Friends Weekend morning news program.

In September 2012, Adweek reported that Morris was named the winner of the annual “New York’s Funniest Reporter” contest.

Morris left Fox News in September 2017.


Clayton Morris And Morris Invest

Morris Invest is an investment management firm in the turnkey real estate investment industry. The company is centered around the concept of passive income, allowing investors to invest in real estate and generate income from renting it out.

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After discussing financing options, Morris Invest locates, rehabilitates, and manages property (including its tenants), while investors “sit back” and “cash their checks.”

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Morris Invest has a podcast where viewers are introduced to basic and advanced concepts of real estate investment.


How Does Morris Invest Make Money?

Morris Invest claims to be making a commission on the sale of each property that investors invest in. The company builds and buys in bulk, which allows it to offer “more services and benefits” without additional fees. There are no ongoing ownership fees for Morris Invest investors – the property is owned by them outright.

Morris Invest has also partnered with credit company Fund&Grow. The funding prequalification form on the Morris Invest website contains an affiliate link, according to the disclaimer on the funding webpage. Morris Invest earns a commission on every investor who chooses to partner with Fund&Grow through the form.


Morris Invest Lawsuits

In March 2019, Indianapolis Star reported that a number of investors filed state and federal lawsuits against Clayton Morris, claiming that he had defrauded them in transactions involving dozens of properties. Some investors claimed that their houses had never been rehabbed or rented, while others stated that “they received rental checks for several months only to learn later that the house was vacant or uninhabitable.”

In July 2019, USA Today reported that Morris and his family moved from the United States to Portugal. USA Today added that Morris and his wife Natali denied responsibility for investor losses, instead blaming their business partner Bert Whalen and his company Oceanpointe.

Finance and investment YouTube channel HoltonWiseTV extensively covered the scam allegations against Morris Invest, which resulted in Morris filing a $7.2 million lawsuit against the channel. Morris ultimately lost the lawsuit.

In May 2020, Indianapolis Star reported that Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill issued a civil complaint against Morris and his partner Bert Whalen for violating Indiana’s deceptive sales and home loan acts in more than 150 real estate deals in Marion County.


Online Endeavors Of Clayton Morris

Aside from Morris Invest, Clayton Morris runs a number of other online-based business projects.

On the Investing In Real Estate podcast, Morris provides advice and tips for starting and successfully managing real estate businesses. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

Morris’s Financial Freedom Academy is a paid course offering money management advice to help buyers build wealth and “break free” from financial liabilities. The Academy also features personalized help, weekly live calls, and access to a private Facebook group.

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Morris additionally runs a YouTube channel called Morning Invest where he covers topics related to finance and cryptocurrency.

As part of the Morning Invest brand, Morris also has a free newsletter featuring investment news.

Morris and his wife Natali have co-authored two books – How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5 Years (Book 1) and How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5 Years (Book 2).

Morris has a Patreon profile as well where visitors may donate to him on a subscription basis – from $4.99 to $12.99 per month. Some subscriptions include access to exclusive content, such as Q & A sessions and the Secret Podcast.


What Is Clayton Morris’s Net Worth?

As with many well known financial commentators, a common query online relates to Clayton Morris’s net worth.

There is no concrete information on this subject available, however.

On a tangential note, USA Today writes that before moving to Portugal, Morris resided in a $1.4 million home in New Jersey.


Online Presence And Publicity

Clayton Morris is present on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

To find out more about Morris and his activities, visit his social media websites, the Morris Invest website, Morris’spersonal website, and Morning Invest on YouTube.






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