What Is Clickbooth? (PerformCB CPA Network)

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Clickbooth Overview

Founded as Clickbooth by John Lemp in 2002, the company has been rebranded as Perform[cb] in 2020. The rebranded marketing network has incorporated Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM under the global brand of Perform[cb].

The company is one of the top Performance Marketing (or ‘Affiliate Marketing’) agencies in the United States, connecting thousands of ‘Marketers’ and ‘Affiliates’ together via a CPA or ‘Cost Per Action’ model.

In their own words,Perform[cb] leverages over two decades of experience, proprietary technology and the best talent in the industry to seamlessly connect marketers with customers.”


Additional Info About Clickbooth

Clickbooth connects advertisers with affiliates that can drive quality traffic on a CPA (Cost per Action) basis through various traffic channels.

In an interview by Amit Chowdhry, published on forbes.com in 2016, John Lemp said

I was shocked in 2008 when Clickbooth got ranked as the Fastest Growing Marketing and Advertising company in the U.S. and a year later when it got ranked #1 in its niche in the world. I would have to say I am most proud though of the current management team and CEO Erin Cigich to see how she continues to innovate and build Clickbooth’s future.

The article also mentioned that Clickbooth had done “over $1 billion in revenue” that year. 

As described on the official website

Uniquely positioned to lead this space based on brand trust, team experience, compliance best practices and technological innovation, Perform[cb]  offers strategic plans tailored to meet our clients’ specific marketing goals – all while only paying for new customers vs. simply impressions or clicks. We are the pioneers of performance marketing, and our Network has been voted the #1 CPA Network in the world for four years running.


According to Clickbooth’s LinkedIn page:

  • The company was founded in 2002. 
  • The current CEO is Erin Cigich.
  • Their headquarters is located in Sarasota, Florida. 
  • The company currently has 96 employees. 


The services Clickbooth offers (as per their website and LinkedIn profile) include: 

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Strategic Program Launches
  • Patent-Pending Technology & Innovation
  • Curated Program Recruitment
  • Experienced Account Managers
  • Vertical Expertise
  • Brand Protection & Compliance
  • Quality & Scale
  • Distinguished, Incremental Partnerships
  • Advanced Data Science & Analytics



What Is A ‘CPA Network’ And How Does Clickbooth Work?

Clickbooth is designed to connect what they refer to as ‘Marketers’ with what they refer to as ‘Affiliates’.

The ‘Marketer’ is a company that is looking to build their customer base or drive more sales. 

This could be an e-commerce company trying to sell more of their custom-made gadgets; or a life insurance provider trying to originate more policies; or an video game company trying to get more App Installs.

This ‘Marketer’ signs a contract with Clickbooth, who will connect the Marketer’s product (or “offer”) with their thousands of ‘Affiliates’.

A Clickbooth ‘Affiliate’ is a company or individual that specializes in some type of online marketing, and who gets paid for every sale or customer they create for Clickbooth’s ‘Marketers’.

For instance, a digital marketing company specializing in Native Ads could use a Native Ad traffic source like Taboola to drive leads to a Clikbooth life insurance offer.

For each lead they provide, the Affiliate might be paid $18 from Clickbooth.

In turn, Clickbooth might be charging the life insurance company $23 per lead, and making money on the $5 spread.

Here is a diagram of the example:

Clickbooth affiliate  >  buys traffic from Taboola  >  drives that traffic to a landing page  >  a portion of the visitors click on the link to the life insurance offer  >  a portion of them sign up to get a life insurance quote (aka they ‘convert’)  >  the life insurance provider pays Clickbooth the hypothetical $23 per lead  >  Clickbooth pays the affiliate $18 per lead.


Clickbooth Offers

Clickbooth provides thousands of different offers to their Affiliates, in a diverse range of verticals.

Here are a few verticals (although not a complete list by any means):

-App installs

-Ecom gadgets

-Financial lead-generation (life insurance, mortgage, etc)

-Home improvement lead-generation (roofing, hvac, etc)

-Gambling offers

-Health-related info products

-Nutra offers (men’s health, weight-loss, skincare, etc)

-Dating offers

-Education products

-And many more


The main types of traffic allowed are:







-App Install


Clickbooth Perform(cb) affiliate dashboard screenshot
Here is a screenshot of the Clickbooth affiliate dashboard:


Clickbooth In The News

Multiple articles have been written about Clickbooth during its time as a company. We have listed a few noteworthy ones below: 

Perform[cb] topped the “Top 20 Cost-Per-Acquisition Networks 2020” list, published by mthink.com,as chosen by the advertisers and publishers of the world-wide performance marketing community.”

The company also featured in the “Best Mid Sized Companies” selection of the Best Companies to Work For in 2020 compiled by floridatrend.com

In an article by prnewswire.com titled “Clickbooth.com LLC Announces Rebrand of Clickbooth, Adperio, and Ignite OPM Into Perform[cb]”, where Erin Cigich, the CEO of Perform[cb] said:

Perform[cb] is a powerhouse in performance marketing. As innovators in the space, we saw the need to align our teams and services to address the needs of modern marketers. Through the rebrand and network integration, marketers will be enabled to achieve a greater ROI than ever before. We’re excited to forge the path into a new era of performance marketing.

In an interview for mthink.com, Clickbooth’s CTO, Dzenis Softic answered a few questions about how Clickbooth is able to stay ahead of the competition within the performance marketing space.

Among many other things, he stated:

When we design new features, our driving question is “How do we make life easier for affiliate and advertising partners?” Sometimes that new innovation will be designed to increase revenue, add new opportunities or just automate an existing process so that affiliates and advertisers can focus more time on generating revenue for their business.

One of the most popular features for affiliates is what we call MLOP – “Multi Level Offer Priorities”. This allows affiliates to select one or more offers in a Priority Group, then select other “backup” offers in a Secondary Group. These secondary offers will be used only if the primary offers become unavailable.

What affiliates will often do is place multiple offers in the same Priority Group and allow our system decide which one to use based on availability and performance. This is especially useful in a vertical such as Auto Insurance, where some offers target specific states at a specific time of day, while others target different states at different times. By adding all these auto insurance offers to their main Priority Group, affiliates get a blend of offers that cover 24/7 under just one link. They don’t have to worry about replacing offers overnight, on weekends, or when the offer reaches its budget cap. Our system does it all for them, in real time.


Clickbooth Careers 

Searches online for ‘Clickbooth careers’ have predominated in recent years as the company has grown.

As an example of the types of positions within it, here are the main ones appearing as of the writing of this article, as per glassdoor.com:

  • Agency Sales Executive
  • Senior Agency Account Executive
  • Compliance Coordinator
  • Senior UX/UI Designer


Employee Glassdoor Review of Performcb
And here is a screenshot of a review left by a former employee on glassdoor.com:



All of the above describes Clickbooth – now known as Perform(cb).

For more information on the company, you can visit their website by clicking here.




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