What Is The Clickdealer Affiliate Marketing Network?

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ClickDealer Overview

ClickDealer is an affiliate marketing (aka performance marketing) network.

They offer a wide range of offers in numerous verticals, but seem to specialize in CPA (‘cost per action’) offers.

According to their website, users can benefit from the following:

-Convenient, flexible, and secure payment system.

-In-house platform constantly updated with new features.

-Massive parties, meetups, and loyalty rewards for partners.

-Diverse range of offers on exclusive terms across all verticals.

-Worldwide coverage with offices in 5 countries.

-24/7 support from experienced dedicated managers.


Company Info

The company is headquartered in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, with offices in 5 countries.

It is apparently part of the GDM Group, as per the parent company’s website.

In their own words, here is how ClickDealer evolved over the years:

“ClickDealer started out in 2012 when a small team of ambitious marketers decided to combine their efforts and make a difference in the online advertising industry.

We have rapidly evolved from an affiliate network working in several niche verticals into a global marketing agency that now provides a wide range of clients with a comprehensive kit of cost-effective advertising services.”

Below are a few figures from the milestones achieved in 2020 by the company:

-5K+ new affiliates

-450+ new advertisers

40+ bonus programs

The Clickdealer website also highlights the company’s SmartLink technology.

As it explains:

A smartlink is a link that redirects the user to the most suitable destination based on their location, device, and other click data parameters, as well as on the dynamic eCPM of each path, thus sending the traffic to the most performing creatives and offers.


ClickDealer In The News & On The Internet

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In January 2021, the company announced a six-month contest, known as ClickDealer Nitro.

Here is an excerpt from the announcement:

“Get your foot on the gas pedal and prepare to floor it, because it’s all about speed. ClickDealer Nitro runs from January 18th to July 18th, and in that timeframe, you need to amass revenue and snatch prizes before anyone else can. The amount of prizes for each reward tier is limited. Which of our offers count towards your contest revenue? All of them. So, once again, prizes are limited, offers are not.”


Clickdealer Alternatives/Competitors

Other affiliate marketing networks similar to Clickdealer include Clickbooth, MaxBounty, and A4D.


ClickDealer Contact Info

You may reach Clickdealer via the following social media pages:



For more information on ClickDealer, you can visit their official website here.

You can also check out ClickDealer’s blog or their social channels listed above for upcoming events, tips, and guides on performance marketing.  

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