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Robby Blanchard bio and Commission Hero review+overview.
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Robby Blanchard Overview

Robby Blanchard is an internet marketer, specializing in affiliate marketing via paid traffic, and the CEO of Blanchard Media.

Blanchard is popular for his online course, Commission Hero, an internet marketing course sold via Clickbank (if you’re unfamiliar with Clickbank, you can check out our article about the platform here).


Robby Blanchard Bio

According to his official website, here is how the early accomplishments of Blanchard are described and how he eventually found his passion for internet marketing: 

“Robby grew up in a small town in Massachusetts before attending Fitchburg State College, where he studied exercise science and went on to earn his  MBA-along with the old-school brick & mortar mindset that came with it.

After graduating, Robby took his passion for fitness and his traditional business know-how and opened his gym, CrossFit Reach. and it didn’t take long to discover that the “build it and they will come” ideology no longer applies.

So he started “playing around” with paid advertising on Facebook… and found he had a knack for it.”

In multiple interviews and articles online, Blanchard refers to himself as “the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world”. 

Below is the story of how this came to be, as told in an article published on,

“The full story is that in Jan (2019) Clickbank held a kind of leaderboard competition to see who could do the most sales in that month. Robby won the competition, and for that month at least, was Clickbank’s highest-earning affiliate.”


Robby Blanchard YouTube Channel

Blanchard created his YouTube channel on April 8th, 2019. According to the bio section of the channel, its mission is to teach its audience how to make money through the art of affiliate marketing and paid traffic. 

At the time of this writing, the channel has over 959,000 views through a total of 94 videos and 40.2K subscribers. 

Blanchard regularly posts instructional videos on Clickbank, Affiliate Marketing, and Facebook Marketing.

Below are a few examples of the types of videos posted on the channel.


Commission Hero Review/Overview

Screenshot of Commission Hero
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Commission Hero is an online course created by Robby Blanchard to impart his knowledge to those wishing to start earning money through affiliate marketing. 

As the self-proclaimed #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world, Blanchard’s course claims to teach students how to make $1000/day online with a simple 3 step system.

As per the signup page, people who sign up can expect the following:

-​Learn how to make $1000’s online at home without a website, email list, or even a product.

-See how people just like you are making thousands a day with this simple method.

-Say goodbye to the 9-5 job and experience true freedom just like thousands of other people who followed the system.

-Learn the same exact techniques used by the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world.

To get access to the course, learners can proceed with one of the following options:

-A one-time payment of $997 or

-A two-time payments of $597 (billed 30-days apart)


Here is Blanchard himself talking about the success of Commission Hero.


Commission Hero Refund Policy

Commission Hero offers a solid refund policy, known as the Commission Hero™ Success Guarantee

The refund policy states that:

“The goal of Commission Hero is to create a long term high-income business by using the power of Affiliate Marketing. We know with all the help, coaching and training will help you reach your goal and your success is our highest priority. 

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can request a refund within the first 14 days after purchase as long as you did not access any of the training.”


Is Commission Hero A Scam Or Legit?

A significant number of trainees have attested to having success with Commission Hero

Below is one of the multiple Commission Hero reviews posted on the official page of the course:

Screenshot of a Commission Hero Review
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In addition to this, while stating his goals for the year 2020, Blanchard also mentioned the number of people who he claims have been able to successfully implement his teachings:

“Last year I was able to help over 1973 people from all over the world make thousands online with this same system. 

Now it’s my mission this year in 2020 to help even people just like you achieve the same type of success and freedom that I’ve been so lucky to experience. ”


Robby Blanchard Net Worth

Like with several internet marketers, there seems to be a great deal of interest on online platforms like Google and YouTube regarding ‘Robby Blanchard’s Net Worth’.

At the time of this writing, there appears to be no confirmed information on Robby Blanchard’s net worth online. With that said, it is possible to glean an estimated figure of his wealth from the bits of information he himself posts online.

For instance, there are various discussions of his earnings and profits in the videos published on his channel as well as in his online interviews. 

In March 2020, he was interviewed by the YouTuber Fred Lam. In the interview, he and Blanchard discussed the latter’s strategy to generate $50,0000 a day. 

Below is a video in which the internet marketer recounts how he went from being a struggling gym owner to making millions online. 

Here is another one, in which he claimed to make $2700 in a day through Clickbank alone.

Blanchard also made a video on how he joined the Two Comma Club (those who have generated over one million dollars or more inside their ClickFunnels funnel).

He also obviously must drive a significant amount of revenue from the Commission Hero course itself, and is likely to make money from ad revenue, affiliate sales, and sponsorships connected to his YouTube channel as well.


Online Presence and Publicity 

Over the years, Robby Blanchard has been featured on a large number of podcasts and interviews by other internet personalities or popular networks/channels. Below are a few noteworthy ones:

In an article published on, the author Cheryl Snapp Conner referred to Blanchard as:

“…an increasingly popular online marketer who got his start as a gym owner. Blanchard was perpetually looking for new and better ways to market his gym, and in the process, he developed a series of easy steps that every business can use to accelerate their desired marketing goals. He became familiar with the Clickbank online digital platform, and within five years became Clickbank’s top-selling affiliate. Following that success, he created an online program called “Commission Hero” to teach other users how to earn online affiliate revenue from their homes.”

Blanchard also featured in an episode of The Vince Del Monte Podcast Show. In it, he talked about Facebook Marketing, walking listeners through some of the steps involved in building trust and growing their audience through Facebook, how to reverse engineer their marketing process and achieve impressive results, amongst other things. 

In an episode of The Passive Income Report – Learn Beyond Labs, he talked about how he went from $0 to $50k/day in gross revenue. He also shared how he was able to generate over $1.8M in 120 days using Facebook ads and explained the exact strategies that power his marketing system. 

Below is an interview of Robby Blanchard by Clickbank itself, as part of the interview series “What Makes You Click”. In the video, Blanchard discusses how he won the January Sales Contest as the top affiliate marketer on ClickBank.


Below is a list of social media accounts where Robby Blanchard can be found online:



You may learn more about Robby Blanchard and the availability of his online courses on his official website. Check out Blanchard on the social media profiles listed above for updates on his work. You can also book a free strategy call session with Blanchard’s team here.

And you can learn more about his Commission Hero program by clicking here now.





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