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Overview Of Copywriting Secrets 

Copywriting Secrets is a book written by Jim Edwards, a renowned copywriter and online marketing expert. It is marketed by Clickfunnels and is the first book in the ‘Secrets’ book series not authored by Clickfunnels co-founder Russell Brunson.

The book’s blurb includes the following:

Whether you’re a coach, author, “funnel hacker”, eCommerce seller, or real estate agent, your ability to create sales copy that drives people to buy determines your paycheck, your lifestyle, and your family’s future.

And here is an excerpt from the book’s sales page:

This is not a book about “how to get rich”… but, if you do what it says, you will definitely make more money than you’re making right now in your existing business. 

If you’ve ever been frustrated by lack of sales, lack of clicks, or lack of subscribers… This is the book you’ve been looking for! 


Additional Info On Copywriting Secrets By Jim Edwards

Copywriting Secrets Book
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The book’s print edition contains 330 pages and was originally published on December 9th, 2019 by Author Academy Elite, according to the book’s Amazon page. The book is also offered in Kindle format on Amazon, while the hardcover version seems to only be available from Clickfunnels directly.

Here is what the Copywriting Secrets book promises to help its readers with according to the sales page:

  • Increase your sales (no matter what you sell or who you sell it to).
  • Motivate people to buy now (using proven emotional triggers).
  • Target your perfect customers (who want to buy from you – NOW!).
  • ​Structure offers that sell like crazy (in any market).
  • ​Get a LOT more subscribers (and build a rabid fan base).
  • ​And much, MUCH more!


As noted above, the is published and marketed by Clickfunnels (the popular SaaS funnel-building company based in Boise, Idaho) just like the other books in their ‘Secrets’ book series, all of which (except for Copywriting Secrets) were written by Clickfunnels co-founder Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson did write the foreword to Copywriting Secrets, however, and the book has been marketed like any other one in the series.

The above-mentioned ‘Secrets’ book anthology, written by Russell Brunson, features the following books in chronological order: 

  • DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online
  • Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Finding Your Message, Building a Tribe, and Changing the World
  • Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customer

Interestingly, the methods by which the books are sold- including the Copywriting Secrets book- are, in and of themselves, stellar examples of one of the core Clickfunnels funnels, known as the Free Plus Shipping Funnel.

To learn more about this topic, check out our in-depth article on the free plus shipping funnel. 


Pricing And Shipping

As mentioned above, the book is marketed primarily via the ‘Free Plus Shipping’ model, which means customers are required to only pay for the shipping fee in exchange for receiving the print edition of the book for free.

Below is an excerpt from the official website:

Copywriting Secrets retails for $19.95, but we bought it for you! We just ask that you pay your shipping/handling to receive it (just $7.95 US, $14.95 intl). Your information is secure and will not be shared.

Clickfunnels is able to do this because they know that a significant number of people who claim the free book will then go on to become paying customers of their funnel-building software.

In addition to the no-cost feature, the book comes with a 100% refund guarantee, in case you do not like the book, meaning that you get to keep the book and the total amount of the shipping fee will be refunded to you. 

On Amazon– at the time of this writing- the print edition of the book is sold at $15.99 while the Kindle edition is available at $9.99.


About The Author – Who Is Jim Edwards?

Photo of Jim Edwards
Courtesy of Jim Edward’s Twitter account


Jim Edwards is the founder and CEO of Guaranteed Response Marketing LLC, a direct response marketing firm that has practical experience in copywriting. 

According to Edward’s bio published on Amazon,

Jim Edwards, founder of Guaranteed Response Marketing, LLC, is an Internet expert, marketing entrepreneur, newspaper columnist, author, motivational speaker, and elite mentor and coach.

Having gained personal and financial freedom, he shares his proven strategies with self-motivated, hard-working people to help them attain personal and financial independence. He has written and published dozens of ebooks, several print books, and hundreds of articles.

Through his company, Jim has produced some 40 informational products on DVD and many more available in the latest electronic formats downloadable from the Internet. Jim produces and hosts webinars on a weekly basis and has been a frequent guest speaker at numerous international Internet marketing seminars.

In recent years Edwards has become a more and more visible member of the Clickfunnels team.

He co-hosted a large number of “Funnel Friday” videos with Brunson where the pair would quickly build funnels in random niches to demonstrate the ease with which Clickfunnels and related tools like FunnelScripts can be used.

Here is an example episode:

Edwards also appears to be active in other areas of the Clickfunnels world, as well as publishing separate books on his own, and giving interviews on his own, like the one that appears below:


Jim Edwards’ Online Presence And Publicity

Edwards has also done several interviews and written many blog posts where he has shared his expertise. The following are excerpts from a few of the notable podcasts, interviews, and blog articles that he has done over the years.

On September 9th, 2020 Edwards featured on the 86th episode of the ‘Sales Copywriting And Content Marketing Hacks’ podcast. 

In an article titled “How To Turn An Interview Into A Book Fast With Jim Edwards” published on realfastresults.com, he shared the 8 crucial steps of converting an interview into a book through clear, actionable steps.

In an article published on inspiredinsider.com, he talked about his early career and experiencing low points, along with an early sales copy software he developed, and using Funnel Scripts for e-commerce businesses, amongst other things.


Edwards also appears to have a number of books available on Amazon, including:

Book Writing Mistakes (How To Avoid The Top 12 Mistakes New Business Book Authors Make)

How To Make Money With Your Own Book: 21 Ways To Promote, Sell, And Build Your Business With Your Book Without A Publisher

D.I.Y. Media Marketing: How To Become Your Own Media Company Selling Any Product or Service (with Stew Smith as co-author)

-And numerous others


Below is a list of social media accounts where Jim Edwards can be found online:

Edwards also posts content marketing related on the following platforms:

In addition to this, he also hosts a podcast called “Sales Copywriting and Content Marketing Hacks Podcast with Jim Edwards”. The whole episodes of the podcast are available on Apple Podcasts. Topics covered include sales copy, content marketing, advertising, website sales letters, and email marketing.


Copywriting Secrets Review + Overview

As of the time of this writing the book has 461 reviews on Amazon averaging over 4 stars per review.

Here is a review of the book published on goodreads.com by the user Bruce Harpham:

“Discovered the author via his podcast with Russel Brunson, co-founder of ClickFunnels. I enjoyed the book and found it to be an easy read. It is interesting to note that Edwards comes to copywriting because he was looking to sell his own products. I would recommend the book as an introduction to copywriting especially if you are focused on selling digital products or information products.”

The blogger, Navid Moazzez, endorses the book with the following words in his book review:

Great sales copy is sticky, it leaves clues… It’s magical… It follows a formula that you can follow right now. There’s a pattern that works almost all the time. And the results will be astonishing, to say the least.

Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards is what you should read to discover untapped potentials in your sales copy.

Overall, the book’s contents are aimed at providing the tools you need to write the best content for your website, email, sales funnels, and social media profiles.

It is mainly targeted to anyone who wants to improve their copywriting skills, from seasoned business owners to new entrepreneurs and digital marketers.


Conclusion And Official Recommendation

We hope this article has been helpful for you.

We here at OBpedia.com are proud to include Copywriting Secrets as one of our official recommendations.

There are very few products we specifically endorse, but we feel that Russell Brunson and Clickfunnels (who have collaborated with Jim Edwards on this) have a long track record of integrity and honesty and bringing solid products to the market.

We are also happy users of Clickfunnels itself and can vouch for its effectiveness.

Click here to get Copywriting Secrets now! 




Note: OBpedia.com is proud to be an affiliate and a user of Clickfunnels, and we wholeheartedly endorse it. Learn more about how we select our partners on our affiliate disclaimer page.

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