Who Is Dan Dasilva (Shopify Guru)?

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Who is Dan Dasilva?

Dan Dasilva is a YouTuber and digital influencer, mostly known for educating his audience on Shopify dropshipping and e-commerce.

Dasilva was apparently one of the first few people to talk about the business model on the YouTube platform, which earned him the following of thousands of people. Dasilva subsequently created eCom Dudes, an e-commerce training platform.

Dasilva has worked closely with a variety of other YouTube digital marketers, such as Tanner J Fox and Alex Becker.

On May 17th, 2019, he seemed to have received a nod of approval from the famous entrepreneur, Grant Cardone. Dasilva posted the video of Cardone’s ‘shout-out’ on his Instagram page


Dan Dasilva Background, Bio

According to an article published on thehustlersdigest.com, here is why Dasilva started sharing his know-how online: 

He had a desire to help other young aspiring entrepreneurs achieve the same success that he did. So he ended up creating the world’s biggest e-commerce training community, eCom Dudes

In an episode of the Rise of The Young podcast, titled “ Dan Dasilva – From Felony To 7 Figure Entrepreneur At 22”, the interviewer (Casey Adams) and Dan Dasilva talk about how the latter became a millionaire through e-commerce and dropshipping.


Dan Dasilva Courses

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Source: ecomdudes.com


According to the ‘Products’ page on Dasilva’s online training platform, he offers the following courses:


Ecom Dudes Academy

Wicz.com says that “the eCom Dudes academy created by Dan Dasilva features a comprehensive online course on how to build a lucrative dropshipping business using Shopify. Dasilva teaches users how to discover high-conversion products on Facebook and how to reproduce or replicate such success by finding a supplier who would source the same product or its alternative.”


Drop Ship Academy

The Drop Ship Academy is a drop shipping program which covers all the different aspects of Drop Shipping such as eBay and Amazon Drop shipping.

The course’s description says it includes “step-by-step checklists, courses, and videos to help you with specific problems, strategies, or tactics.” As part of the course, learners will also benefit from “web-based software, plugins, and themes that go hand-in-hand with our action maps and coaching sessions”


The 100K Blueprint (closed)

Wisdomfuel.com describes The 100K Blueprint as 

A 12-week program that teaches a different kind of eCommerce business.  Many dropshipping courses around the web are based on getting products from Amazon or other stores, but this one is different. You don’t need any inventory, branding, or so many SKU rankings. The method taught in the 100K Blueprint is to build a store that has only one product and rank it to earn up to $100k every month!

The article also mentions the following as a quick overview of the 100K Blueprint Course:

  • Week 1: get the full outline of a 7-figure Business Model.
  • Week 2: learn how to Increase profits and make more than other online stores.
  • Week 3: start learning Dropshipping Techniques.
  • Week 4: use influencers to expand your reach.
  • Week 5: learn what is called Linear Funnels and how to use them.
  • Week 6: learn how to automate a $100k earning business.
  • Week 7: learn how to build a team to run your business.
  • Week 8: learn how to find new business opportunities in unexplored niches.
  • Week 9: learn what to do after each sale to ensure continuous income.
  • Week 10: learn how to link Bing to your Shopify to find new profitable products.
  • Week 11: learn about several new sales strategies, including subscription models and the best way to set prices.
  • Week 12: case studies.


Dan Dasilva Videos

Dan Dasilva created his YouTube channel on April 5th, 2012 and he has since uploaded a total 194 videos. The channel has also grown to the number of 147K subscribers and a total count of over 6 million views as of October 2020.

Content on Dan Dasilva’s YouTube channel mostly includes Shopify dropshipping tips and advice, as well as topics related to internet entrepreneurship and online marketing. 

Here is an example of a classic video on the channel.


A few of the topmost viewed videos on Dan Dasilva’s YouTube channel as of the time of this writing include:

[Day 1] Shopify Mastery – From Nothing To $300 Per Day in 7 Days

Below is the most popular video, titled “WHAT IS DROP-SHIPPING?” on Dasilva’s channel.


Dan Dasilva Net Worth 

As is often the case with several YouTubers and famous internet marketers, a common search query across search engines appears to be “Dan Dasilva Net Worth”.

While there are a few speculative articles on the subject on the internet, there seems to be no concrete source or evidence with an exact figure.

However, Dasilva commonly references having hit the ‘million dollar mark’ (implying a million dollar-plus net worth), and, in the following video, uploaded on October 30th, 2019, Dasilva discusses having made $6,100 in a day through Shopify Dropshipping.  


Online Presence And Publicity

You may reach Dan Dasilva via the following social media pages:



For more information on Dan Dasilva, you can visit his social media pages (listed above) or check out the videos on his YouTube channel for more information on Shopify dropshipping.




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