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Overview Of Dan Martell 

Dan Martell is a Canadian entrepreneur, angel investor, and the founder of SaaS Academy, from Moncton, New Brunswick. 

He also runs a YouTube channel aimed at teaching technology entrepreneurs how to start, scale, and potentially sell their business. 

Here is the introductory video to the channel:


Dan Martell  Bio, Background

In an interview for UpLead, Martell shared the details about the start of his entrepreneurial journey. Below is an excerpt:

“At 17, when I started MaritimeVacation.ca, I didn’t have a big vision for the company. I thought having 30 cottages on my platform would be a success. Unfortunately, the guy at AtTheCottage.com had a bigger vision and he won the market. Today, both our platforms have been crowded out by Airbnb, who had the biggest vision of them all.

At 19, I started a web hosting company with my brother because I was developing a website for people and wanted to get paid for the hosting.”

An article, published on borndigital.com, highlighted Martell’s success in building profitable companies by mentioning the sale of three of his companies; Spheric Technologies, Flowtown, and Clarity.fm. It reads:

“He’s the Energizer bunny of New Brunswick’s startup scene – he just keeps going. In fact, the Moncton-based entrepreneur has seen three of his companies acquired.

His first company, Spheric Technologies, was acquired in 2008 by a U.S. company called Function One. He followed that up with Flowton, a San Francisco-based social marketing product that was acquired by Demandforce in 2011. Then he founded Clarity, which connects users by telephone with expert mentors who provide business advice. That was acquired by Fundable in February 2015.”

In the following video, Dan Martell shared the struggles he faced in his entrepreneurial journey and how he became a millionaire in his mid-twenties:

Below are a few of the accomplishments listed on the About section of his personal website:

-I made my first million by 27.

-I raised venture capital for my previous startups – Flowtown and Clarity.

-I’ve successfully exited three companies.

-I’m a former advisor to billion-dollar SaaS companies like Intercom, Hootsuite, and Udemy.

-I’m an investor in 40+ startups.


Dan Martell YouTube Channel  

Screenshot of Dan Martell's YouTube channel
Courtesy of Dan Martell’s YouTube channel


Martell created his YouTube channel in August 2014, when he started posting videos about digital marketing, and specifically dropshipping

As of the time of this writing, the channel has a subscriber count of 82.3 thousand subscribers and the view count has surpassed 6.9 million views.

Content on the channel primarily features advice on how to create and scale a SaaS business. Martell also hosts a series called the “Escape Velocity Podcast”, in which he interviews other successful entrepreneurs and shares their advice to his audience.

Here is the goal of the channel, as stated in the About section:

“This channel is all about helping SaaS founders start, grow and scale their SaaS products so that you can enjoy more freedom, more revenue and more impact in your life and business.”

Below are some of the latest videos published on the Dan Martell YouTube channel:


Dan Martell SaaS Academy

Through the SaaS Academy, Dan Martell extends his professional expertise and experience to SaaS companies that are looking to attract and convert a higher number of leads, and increase their revenues.

To be eligible for the SaaS academy, the following prerequisites are required:

-At least $10k in MRR

-A functioning product

-Paying customers

-Technical skills on board

-100% commitment … you’re all in!


-Embraces the JFDI ethos

To join the academy, learners have to apply for a 45-minute Growth Session with one of the SaaS Scale Specialists here, before they can get a quote for the pricing of the course.


Dan Martell Net Worth 

At the time of this writing, there is no accurate information online about Dan Martell’s net worth from any reliable source.

However, Martell has discussed how he became a millionaire at the age of 27 in several interviews, such as the one below:

In April 2020, he published a video titled “Morning Routine: Start Your Day Like A Multi-Millionaire”. You may watch the whole video below:


In The News/Online Presence 

Here are a few excerpts from notable interviews, articles and podcasts, Dan Martell has been featured on over the years:

-In his interview with Huddle, Martell talked about being an angel investor for the past 10 years, investing in 34 companies, and picking winners like Udemy, Intercom, and Unbounce. He also shared the rules he follows when it comes to investing in a business. 

“I don’t invest in entrepreneurs who need my money. I invest in people who are going to be successful and I convince them to take my money.

Usually, within a 20-minute conversation, it’s either a yes or a no to even move on to the next step.”

-Here is a video published by the Goalcast YouTube channel that features Dan Martell’s story, told by Martell himself:

In 2016, he did an Ask Me Anything session on growthhackers.com, where he answered a number of questions on entrepreneurship, startups, investing, and more. You may read the whole thread of questions and answers here.

Martell also hosts the following podcasts:

-Growth Stacking Show with Dan Martel‪l, a series that delves into both business and personal growth. You may listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

-Escape Velocity, which focuses on innovative business ideas and strategies. Episodes of the podcast are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. They are also published in video format on Martell’s YouTube channel.

Screenshot of Dan Martell Growth Stacking Show
Courtesy of Apple Podcasts.


Martell introduced his wife, Renée Warren, in an episode of the “Escape Velocity” podcast, after someone on his marketing team reported to him that one of the popular Google search hits related to his name is “Dan Martell Wife”.


Below is a list of social media accounts where Dan Martell can be reached online:








To learn more about Dan Martell, follow him on his social media profiles listed above.  For advice on growing and scaling a SaaS business, check out his YouTube channel. 

Martell is a regular contributor on startups.com, a platform designed to offer assistance to aspiring founders. He also blogs through his personal website here and you may read his writings on a variety of topics on Medium here.





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