What Do B2B And B2C Mean In Digital Marketing?


What's the difference between B2B and B2C advertising?
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B2B and B2C marketing are the two component parts of a digital advertising world that is rapidly expanding.

Digital ad spend worldwide is projected to increase considerably in the coming years – from $332.84 billion in 2020 to $526.17 in 2024. And all of this ad spend can be categorized into two types: B2B marketing and B2C marketing.

The definitions of each and differences between them are outlined below.


What Does B2B Mean?

B2B marketing stands for “business-to-business marketing”. B2B marketing aims to promote products and services to businesses and often has the following characteristics:

  • Large sales volumes.
  • Higher product or service complexity.
  • Lengthy sales cycles.
  • Several decision-makers.


What Does B2C Mean?

B2C marketing, in contrast, stands for “business-to-consumer marketing”. With B2C marketing, products or services are marketed directly to consumers, without any middlemen. Products promoted in B2C marketing are typically intended for personal rather than business use.


B2B VS B2C – What’s The Difference?

Although B2B and B2C marketing both have the same goal – selling a product or service – they have subtle differences that are considered important:

  • Decision-makers. In B2B marketing, the advertiser targets a specific individual or group within the organization. These are the decision-makers, and it is up to them to appraise the worth of a product. In contrast, B2C campaigns may not be as hyper-targeted.
  • Decision-making process and time to convert. B2B customers take more time to research and consider business-related purchases. This is because they wish to minimize risk and avoid costs and delays associated with poor investment.
  • The underlying motivation. B2B customers are generally making purchases to accelerate production, improve general business operations, and fulfill other business-related goals. B2C customers purchase products and services for personal use and to improve their day-to-day lives.



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Consumers and businesses have markedly different needs, and as a result, the marketing approach to each can differ significantly.

While the strategies utilized in each type of marketing- such as webinar funnels, email marketing, and PPC advertising– may be similar, the distinction between B2B and B2C marketing is considered by many to be a crucial aspect of digital marketing best practices.




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