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Doodly Overview

Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that allows users to create ‘doodle’ videos both for personal and commercial use. These whiteboard animation videos are often referred to as “explainer” videos or tutorials, as they are commonly used for educational purposes, business training, and video sales letters.

With Doodly, content creators and people in general can- without the skills of a graphic designer- create videos featuring realistic doodles that look like they were hand-sketched, using a simple drag-and-drop feature. 

In addition to this, although Doodly was mainly designed as a whiteboard animation software, it offers users access to a wide range of prop images, animation styles, royalty-free music, and board styles. Some of the board styles include a blackboard, a greenboard, a glassboard, and custom boards.

Doodly is a desktop application, that stays online, to give users access to its library of resources. The desktop application also helps circumvent a lot of the issues that usually stem from using web-based applications, such as buffering. 

In this Doodly breakdown, you will learn about the features of Doodly, its pros and cons, its pricing, and more. 


Doodly Features

The Doodly website states that:

Doodly Is The First And Only Doodle Video Creation Software To Allow Anyone, Regardless Of Technical Or Design Skills To Create Professional, Realistic Doodle Videos In Minutes…

…Use Doodly to draw all kinds of REALLY cool things to entertain, engage, and affect your viewers in a positive way.

Doodly be used for sales and/or social media videos, special occasions, or just for the fun of drawing. The only limit is your imagination!

The basic ingredients of the Doodly software include the characters, prop images, scenes, background, hands/writing utensils, and background music, which you can combine to create startlingly complex and attractive videos.

Here is an example of a very basic whiteboard animation video that can be made with Doodly, courtesy of the YouTube channel IM and Seo Tools:


Doodly Pricing/How Much Does Doodly Cost?

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The Doodly website offers two different pricing plans, billed monthly or annually, with two sets of features to suit users with varying needs. 

The Doodly Pricing Structure consists of the following tiers:

  • “Standard” which costs $39 a month or $20 a month if billed annually
  • “Enterprise” which costs $69 a month or $40 a month if billed annually

There is no free trial of Doodly available, but both plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Doodly claims that if a user is not satisfied with his purchase within 30 days of buying Doodly, he or she simply has to get in touch with Doodly and they will refund 100% of the amount spent. 


Doodly Pros And Cons

Based on multiple online testimonials and reviews on the platform, here is a list of Doodly’s pros and cons:

Pros of Doodly

  • Low Cost – With Doodly’s fairly affordable subscription plans, users can produce unlimited videos without worrying about cost. 
  • Easy to Use – Doodly makes it possible for users to make high-quality videos with a straightforward, streamlined process including a drag and drop feature.
  • Large Library – users gain access to a wide variety of character images, prop images, and royalty-free soundtracks. 
  • Versatile – Doodly can be used for a large number of purposes: presentations, ads, tutorials, reviews, and more. 


Cons of Doodly

  • No Offline Use –  Even though Doodly offers a downloadable software, it is only accessible with an internet connection. 
  • Limited Audio Features – The voice over capacity of Doodly can seem quite elementary, and does not offer much room for creativity. 
  • Slow Export – Exporting videos can be relatively slow, compared to the duration of the videos being created using the software.


Doodly Alternatives

Here is a list of some of the most popular Doodly alternatives and competitors:


VideoScribe offers a simple user interface that helps a lot to identify elements to use quickly and streamlines the process of making an animated video. Also, the sounds and images provided by VideoScribe make the work easier and efficient. 

However, instead of Doodly’s 30-day money-back guarantee, whereby you can try the full version for a whole month with the reassurance of getting your money back, with VideoScribe you only get a 7-day window with its 7-day trial. 

Below is a sample video created with VideoScribe.



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Animaker offers a platform for beginners, non-designers & professionals to create animated and Live-Action videos. It is marketed as a DIY (Do-it-yourself) video-making tool that enables anyone to create live-action and animated videos within minutes.

With well-crafted templates for hundreds of use cases, it is possible for anyone to create a video on any topic within minutes. Animaker hosts a massive library of assets that includes 100M+ stock assets, character builder, properties, animated texts, backgrounds, gifs, stickers, music tracks, and more.



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With Toonly, users can create professional animated explainer videos in minutes even if they have never created a video before. The software comes with a host of functionalities and resources. 

Toonly claims that the platform does not use stock photos and that instead, all of its images were custom drawn by our professional graphic design team (a team made up of 12 full-time designers). With the software, users get access to 510 character images. 30 characters with 17 different poses each.

Here is an example of an animated explainer video made with Toonly by the IM and SEO Tools YouTube channel.


Additional Info About Doodly

Doodly was created by Jimmy Kim, the founder and CEO of, and Brad Callen, the founder and CEO of Bryxen, the parent company of the following three companies: Doodly, Toonly (an online animated video creator), and Voomly (a video streaming platform).  

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Here is an excerpt from an interview, the co-founder, Brad Callen did in 2019 for, in which he talks about the origin of Doodly:

“Seven or eight years ago, a chiropractor and I created a weight-loss product and had a typical sales video: text, audio speaking, some images. It was doing pretty well, but I came across a hand-drawn doodle video on YouTube, and I was just glued to the computer. I just wanted to see what they drew next.

So I thought, “How can I take this way of increasing engagement into the sales process?” We hired someone to create a whiteboard doodle video and tested it against our original PowerPoint-style video. The doodle video blew the other one away. The level of engagement was much higher on these whiteboard doodle videos, and so were the sales. I saw that there’s a lot of power in watching other people draw and create things.”


Other Common Questions About Doodly

Other commonly queried topics regarding Doodly include the following:

Is there Doodly for iPad? Or Doodly for Android?

No, it appears at the time of this writing that there is not yet an mobile-compatible form of Doodly, and that it only works on Windows/Mac (Desktop).

Where can one get Doodly?

You can get Doodly at the official Doodly website.

Can you use Doodly offline?

No, Doodly can only be used while connected to the internet.

Is Doodly worth the money?

This is subjective, obviously, but our research suggests that Doodly is very competitive in price with similar whiteboard animation softwares, and has a loyal user-base that continues to use it year after year.

Our OBpedia team has also used Doodly for several years, and has been very happy with it, and for this reason it is included in our list of official recommendations.



From the overview and review so far, we hope that you have gained a deeper insight into all the essential aspects (pricing, features, strengths, and weaknesses) of this software and are now able to decide whether Doodly is a good fit for you. 

Doodly is included in our list of official recommendations, and our team at has been happy Doodly customers for several years.

To learn more about Doodly, visit the official website at, and for inspiration and support, you may check out Doodly’s Facebook Design Support Group. For Doodly Tutorials, click here.





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