Dr Vivek Bindra Net Worth, Bio, YouTube Channel

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Courtesy of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Facebook Profile.


Who Is Dr. Vivek Bindra?

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a well-known motivational speaker, consultant,and business coach in India. He was also the founder and CEO of Bada Business Pvt Ltd.

And also according to his YouTube Channel,

He has been awarded an Honorary Ph.D. Degree, Doctor of Philosophy.

A trusted advisor to around 1,500 corporates and keeps on inspiring millions of people across the country.

He has been instrumental in providing CEO coaching to over Top 100 CEOs in the country.

An Eight Guinness World Records holder and 40 under 40 Award.

Pride of the Nation Award, Best CEO Coach in India by Times of India.

He has also been recognized as one of the ‘21 Technopreneurs to Watch Out for in 2021’, by Digital First Magazine.

He has been on YouTube since December 6, 2013 and as of the time of this writing, has accumulated 18.2M subscribers and 1,314,964,524 total views.

This Dr. Vivek Bindra wiki will go over his bio, background, net worth, and more.


Dr. Vivek Bindra Background And Bio

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Courtesy of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s LinkedIn Profile.


According to Dr.Vivek Bindra’s LinkedIn Profile, he has a Master in Business Administration and Management at Amity University from 2001 to 2005.

Stated also in his LinkedIn profile,

Dr. Vivek Bindra is an internationally recognized Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant and Business Coach. Dr. Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel is World’s No. 1 Most Subscribed YouTube Channel in terms of Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development with more than 17.5 M+ subscribers globally & more than 1.2 B+ viewership with 1 million unique visitors every day which is growing by 15-20K per day.

Dr Vivek Bindra has been awarded 8 Guinness World Records by Guinness World Records, London. Bada Business is the only Asian company to make 8 Guinness World Records in 8 consecutive attempts during the lockdown.

With an aim to disrupt the Indian Education System, Bada Business has launched World’s Most Affordable, Accessible and Available course on “Business Coaching Program” in Hindi to cater to the needs of Indian Entrepreneurs.

And also his company named Bada Business,

Bada Business
Courtesy of https://www.badabusiness.com/


He is the Founder & CEO of Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. The ed-tech company that aims to Empower Indian Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Wannapreneurs (students) to transform their businesses and careers.

Further Bada Business has launched Problem Solving Courses in Hindi that aims to solve the Burning Problems of Entrepreneurs specific to their domain ( Finance, Lead Generation, ERP, Digital Marketing, How to start a Startup etc.) All courses launched by Bada Business are designed by Industry Leaders who have successfully built Billion Dollar Organizations.

Bada Business today has 80 offices across India. With 75 Channel Partners and 7500+ Independent Business Consultants, Bada Business family is close to 10,000 people across India.


The Dr. Vivek  Bindra: Motivational Speaker YouTube Channel

youtube channel
Courtesy of Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker YouTube Channel.


The Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker YouTube Channel covers topics regarding startups, entrepreneurship, passive incomes, different products, investment, motivational stories, and many more.

As of the date of this writing, it currently has 18.2M subscribers and has accumulated 1,314,964,524 total views.

And as of right now, the three most popular videos on the channel are:

DUBAI के पास इतना पैसा कहाँ से आया | महा मोटिवेशन | Case Study | Dr Vivek Bindra” with 35,754,397 views.

Share Market का सम्पूर्ण ज्ञान | Nifty | Share Market | Dr Vivek Bindra” with 28,084,719 views.

चाणक्य की वो 7 Strategies जो आप नहीं जानते | Dr Vivek Bindra” with 23,821,448 views.

The three videos in question are embedded below:


Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Net Worth

Courtesy of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Facebook Profile.


Unfortunately, as of this time, there is little concrete information on Dr. Vivek Bindra’s net worth online, however, on a related note, the website SocialBlade.com estimates his channel’s monthly revenue as between $6.3K to $101.1K per month, or $75.8K to $1.2M per year.


Online Presence And Publicity

Courtesy of Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Twitter Profile.


Dr. Vivek Bindra is present in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You may also check his YouTube channel named Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker.

Visit also the website of his business https://www.badabusiness.com/.

He was also interviewed by BeerBiceps, Gaurav Chaudhary, RRoY, and Josh Talks. The videos are embedded below:



To keep up with Dr. Vivek Bindra, check out his social media profiles listed above. For more updates on entrepreneurship and coaching programs, check out his YouTube channel and website.



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