Who is Emily Lark? Bio, Overview, And Back To Life Program

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Emily Lark is the internet marketing sensation behind the hugely popular Erase My Back Pain stretching routine – also known as the ‘Back To Life’ program.

She is best known for her this Back To Life program, and focuses on helping people “correct their postural imbalances” while “building core strength” and- most importantly- relieving back pain.

As a result, Lark created the Back to Life program, a highly successful information product, that claims to unite both “ancient yoga knowledge” and “advanced modern scientific findings”.


Emily Lark Background

According to her interviews and writings, Emily Lark has been a top fitness and wellness coach for over a decade.

Holding the highest certifications in the fitness industry, she started working as a yoga and Pilates instructor and personal trainer in Chicago. This apparently led to a rapidly-growing fanbase, likely a result of her dynamic and down-to-earth teaching style.

Lark’s teachings struck a chord with many people across the country, which led to her teaching in multiple studios and gyms.

Subsequently, Emily Lark created the program variously known as Erase My Back Pain and/or Back To Life. The program includes stretches to relieve back pain and has to this date generated millions of dollars in revenue, making Lark a well-known and successful “internet marketer”.


Back To Life Overview & Review

Back to Life is billed as a revolutionary stretching and strengthening method to naturally relieve chronic back pain.  Emily states in the Back To Life VSL (video sales letter) that she created the program to heal herself without resorting to back surgery after suffering from chronic back pain for many years.  

As she states:

It was so bad that I could barely move..I remember at that time just feeling so hopeless and thinking oh my gosh I’m so young..I think we tend to have this notion that as we get older we’re going to have more and more pain in which I have come to realize is a myth..”

Lark taught this method for the past ten years at her studio and she launched the DVD version of her program through Clickbank in 2017.  

In her own words:

My first year with Clickbank, just in my very first year, I reached over 100,000 new customers with my product and that is a number that was unimaginable to me, to be able to help that many people in that way and people all over the world in all kinds of countries.

Here are some testimonials for the product:

Back To Life/Erase My Back Pain testimonials screenshot

Emily Lark – Back To Life System

The system comes with a DVD, a Mini-Manual, and a Checklist curated by Emily Lark to promote a healthy back system.

The Back To Life program aims to help people suffering from chronic backaches with the following:

  • Maintain Mobility, Flexibility, and Independence
  • Improve Sleep Quality and Longevity
  • Get Back Into Old Hobbies That Had Become Too Painful
  • Travel Painlessly Without Strain on Your Back
  • Get Through Long Days at Work Without Aches and Pains
  • Play with Kids and Grandchildren Again
  • Decrease Depression and Hopelessness and Increase Energy
  • Stop Taking Dangerous Prescription Meds and Avoid Unnecessary Surgery
  • Save Time and Money on Weekly Doctor Appointments and Therapies



Notable Emily Lark videos

The fitness and wellness coach has a multitude of videos on her Facebook page and across her websites.

Here are some of the most popular and pertinent ones:

This episode of the Critical Bench Compound featuring Emily Lark highlights The Back to Life Complete Healthy Back System.

Here is Emily herself explaining How to Get Relief From Back Pain and Sciatica Without Leaving Your Home

To watch Emily sharing her journey with ‘Empowering Entrepreneurs’ on ClickBank, click on this link. Some highlights from this episode of Empowering Entrepreneurs include the following:

  • How Emily turned a personal injury into a thriving online business.
  • The goals she set goals to get herself out of her comfort zone.
  • The source of inspiration for her product line.
  • The set of challenges Emily had to face with a new online business.


Watch this interview she did with “The 7 Figure Entrepreneur Podcast” to discover how Emily went from a fitness studio owner with a monthly goal of $2000 in income created an online business with over $100k in monthly revenue.

Additional Info about Emily Lark 

Emily Lark’s social media pages include Facebook & Instagram.

Follow this link to listen to an Apple podcast featuring Emily Lark here.

Check out her appearance on the Dr. Nandi Show – the episode Please Make My Pain Go Away

Check out an Erase My Back Pain Review posted to the The Associated Press ‘Press Release’ website here.

Listen to the Ask The Health Expert podcast featuring Emily here



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