What Is Empire Flippers? Review + Overview + Background

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Empire Flippers Overview And Review

Empire Flippers is an online marketplace designed to assist entrepreneurs and investors in buying, selling, and investing in websites and other online businesses.

Listings include a wide range of websites focused on everything from apparel to accessories to automotive to electronics and more, monetized in a variety of ways; as well as Amazon FBA businesses; apps; dropshipping stores; SaaS businesses; social media-oriented businesses; and more.

Their online marketplace also offers the Empire Flippers Valuation Tool that allows sellers to quickly evaluate how much a business may be worth. 

The company was founded by Justine Cooke and Joseph Magnotti in 2011.

Here is how they describe their operations on the About Us section of the official website

The first business we sold was our own. Now we help others around the world do the same. At Empire Flippers, we remove the friction from buying and selling online businesses.

We’ve helped people buy and sell over $100 million worth of online businesses.

Our buyers and sellers span the globe and we have fine-tuned our process and team to ensure you have a safe, secure buying and selling experience.”

The Empire Flippers website features 3 podcasts titled Empire Flippers, Web Equity Show, and Real Money.Real Business.


Company Info 

According to Empire Flipper’s LinkedIn page:

  • The company was founded in 2011. 
  • Their headquarters is located in Wilmington, Delaware. 
  • The company currently has 58 employees. 


Here is a more detailed overview of the beginnings of Empire Flippers in the words of the company’s co-founder, Joseph Magnotti, from an interview with startup.info:

My business partner Justin Cooke and I started Empire Flippers way back in 2011. It initially was just a side project for our outsourcing company we had at the time. We lost a key client and we needed something for our team to do, so we built out very small websites and sold them. We decided to blog about the journey, as the process was pretty fun for us. The blog picked up steam, and soon our readers were asking if we could sell their sites. This was our light bulb moment for Justin and me. We started selling other people’s sites and we started growing exponentially. Back then we were selling little $3,000 sites, but fast forward to today we are regularly selling 7-figure online businesses from e-commerce to SaaS and breaking into the 8-figure level.”

Empire Flippers Website Testimonials Section
Here is a screenshot of a testimonial published on the Empire Flippers website. 


Empire Flippers In The News & On The Internet

Empire Flippers was the recipient of The Inc. 5000 Awards for the fastest growing companies in America, four years in a row: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. 

The co-founder of Empire Flippers, Justin Cooke talked about how the company was created in an interview for hacktheentrepreneur.com. Below is an excerpt from that article:

We had started a side business for ourselves building websites and then selling them. Through selling our own websites, we built an audience of prospective buyers.

We then realized there were other entrepreneurs who wanted us to help them sell their websites and online businesses through our network.”

Cooke featured on an episode of the Financial Independence Podcast, in which he talks about both sides of online business transactions and offers a behind-the-scenes look into the process of online business investing. Listen to the full episode here

In an interview with Marco Shwartz, Magnotti mentioned that Empire Flippers is now “accepting Bitcoin to buy websites there, which is ideal for an investor.” In the podcast, they also discuss “how a Bitcoin investor can actually borrow Bitcoin from a Bitcoin P2P lending website, to invest in a profitable website listed on Empire Flippers.” 

In a blog post published on blogpioneer.com, digital marketing blogger AJ Mens talked about how he “Sold A Niche Website for 21K with Empire Flippers”. While explaining how the selling process went smoothly with Empire Flippers, the author said that “They communicate openly and clearly, the process is streamlined and, most importantly, the funds are processed in a safe manner, for the seller as well as for the buyer.”


Empire Flippers Review 

Watch this Empire Flippers Review video featuring Travis Jamison, the founder of Supremacy SEO and Moat Ventures who shared his experience about buying online businesses from the Empire Flippers marketplace. 


Empire Flippers Vs Flippa

A common topic for comparison, seen on a variety of online platforms like Quora and Reddit, seems to be the question of “Empire Flippers Vs Flippa.

For more details on this question, check out our in-depth article on Flippa which includes key information on what buying and/or selling on Flippa.com entails, and information on the similarities and differences between it and Empire Flippers.


Empire Flippers Careers 

Empire Flippers Page on comparably.com


According to comparably.com (which lists a total of 568 ratings and an average Culture Score of 4.7/5  on the Empire Flippers page):

“Empire Flippers’ CEO, Joseph Magnotti, has 25 employee ratings and a score of 98/100, placing them in the Top 5% of companies in the United States with 11-50 Employees. ”

Example Empire Flippers Job Openings:

As of September 19th, 2020, there is one job opening for a Lead Quality Assurance Specialist listed on the Empire Flippers Careers page.



All of the above is a basic run-down of Empire Flippers as a company and their operations as an online marketplace for websites and other online businesses.

For more information on Empire Flippers and how to sell or buy online business from their marketplace, you can visit their website here.

You may also reach Empire Flippers via the following social media pages:





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