Who Is Franklin Hatchett? (Overview + Net Worth + Info)

Franklin Hatchett
Courtesy of Franklin Hatchett’s YouTube channel


Who is Franklin Hatchett? 

Franklin Hatchett is a YouTuber and the creator of the Ecom Elites program (designed to help people get started with Dropshipping) and the Affiliate Atlas Blueprint (aimed at online marketers interested in affiliate marketing).  

In addition to these courses, Hatchett also runs a  YouTube channel, through which he imparts his knowledge and experience with Dropshipping, Facebook advertising, Clickbank products, and search engine optimization, amongst other internet-marketing related topics. 

Below is an example of a typical video on the channel – in it, Hatchett offers a Clickfunnels affiliate marketing tutorial showing his viewers how to benefit from the Clickfunnels affiliate program: 


Franklin Hatchett YouTube Videos

Hatchett launched his official YouTube channel in 2012 and he has since uploaded a total of 422 videos. As of January 2022, the channel has grown to the amount of 488,000 subscribers, accumulating over 25 million views in the process.

Content on Franklin Hatchett’s YouTube channel mostly includes Dropshipping advice, as well as topics related to internet marketing in general and his own experiences with online entrepreneurship. 

Here is an example of a video in which he teaches how to make money on Quora (you can learn more about this same subject with our in-depth breakdown here).

The following quote is how Franklin Hatchett describes the success of his online ventures and the mission of his YouTube channel on its About page:

I’m an Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer,  I make my living working from home. I help others do the same and achieve financial success.

Right now this is how I’m earning my living:

Facebook advertising

Clickbank products and search engine optimization


Promoting other random affiliate products like Luxury Holidays

Amazon Affiliates


Below are some of the most popular videos on Hatchett’s YouTube channel at the time of this writing:


Overview Of Franklin Hatchett Courses, Website

Hatchett’s blog is called Online Dimes,and covers many of the same topics as his YouTube channel.

Online Dimes contains the following summation from Hatchett:

I help people create kick ass online businesses that take their life to the next level! From lead generation, affiliate marketing to creating Shopify stores I lead their business to success! When I was working a 9-5 operating machinery I was told I was crazy for wanting to work online. Today I run multiple online businesses.


According to the blog, Hatchett also offers the following  courses:

eCom Elites 

Screenshot of the eCom Elites
Courtesy of ecomelites.com


This program’s aim is to guide the people who sign up on their Dropshipping journey, from beginning to end. This includes creating a Shopify store, sourcing successful products, driving organic and paid traffic, to building sales funnels that convert.

Below is Hatchett describing how he came up with the program on the official website,

When I first created eCom Elites, it was meant to be an informal training center for a small group of friends who wanted to share their lessons. Over time, I’ve developed it into one of the top eCommerce Training Platforms. From humble beginnings to a top rated training!

Featured as one of the top eCom Experts in the world by Entrepreneur Magazine, my mission continues to be helping others. So when you join, you’ll get your hands on battle tested, exclusive training that’s helped others get started online.

Here is a breakdown of the program’s “Step-by-Step Online Entrepreneurial Masterclass” modules:

1 – Creating Your Store

2 – Sourcing Products

3 – Facebook Traffic

4 – Instagram Traffic

5 – Email Marketing

6 – ChatBot Traffic

7 – Funnel Traffic Foundation

8 – Google Ads Traffic Explosion

9 – Organic Google Traffic

10 – Top Secret (Hatchett’s instructional videos that haven’t been published online)


The eCom Elite course’s pricing breakdown is as follows:

  • The Standard Version has a one-time fee of $197 
  • The Ultimate Version has a one-time fee of $297


To review the inclusions and compare both plans, visit this page.


Affiliate Atlas Blueprint

Screenshot of Affiliate Atlas Blueprint
Courtesy of affiliateatlasblueprint.com


Affiliate Atlas Blueprint is an online course created by Franklin Hatchett that teaches people how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

The course consists of a total of 10 modules along with 5 ‘Bonus’ modules, as listed below:

  1. Starting The Foundation
  2. Niche Research Academy
  3. Asset Mastery Blueprint
  4. ClickBank Academy
  5. Traffic Explosion Paid Traffic
  6. Traffic Explosion Free Traffic
  7. Funnel Academy
  8. Email Marketing Academy
  9. Mentoring And Private Group
  10. $10k Student Case Study



  • Two New Strategies
  • 6 Figure Case Study
  • Done For You Funnels
  • Amazon Affiliates Academy
  • SEO Academy


The Affiliate Atlas Blueprint course’s pricing breakdown is as follows:

  • The Standard Version has a one-time fee of $197 
  • The Super Version has a one-time fee of $297


To review the inclusions and compare both plans, visit this page.

The program comes with a 30 Day Money Back claim. Here it is, as listed on the official website:

If you DO this program and DON’T get the results you were looking for we will gladly give you a full refund. Inside this training, you will get step by step videos showing you how to get started. If you follow along and it doesn’t work out for you just contact us within 30 days of your purchase.


Franklin Hatchett Net Worth

As is often the case with well-known YouTubers and internet marketers, a common search query on Google and other search engines appears to be “Franklin Hatchett Net Worth”.

While there are a few speculative articles on the subject on the internet, there seems to be no solid definitive source with an exact figure.

However, he regularly offers glimpses into the success of his dropshipping practices and profits through his YouTube videos. Below are a couple of examples of such videos:

In November 2020, Hatchett published a video with “This Made Me $20,000 Online In 24 Hours” in the title. The video description reads: “Over the last 24 hours or so I’ve generated over $20,000 in my business and last Black Friday did over $100k in 24 hours.”

In September 2020, he published a video titled “How I Make $500+ a Day Online With Facebook: Step By Step Beginners Tutorial”


Online Presence And Publicity

In 2019, Hatchett featured in an article titled, “Top 6 influencers in Shopify dropshipping you should follow in 2019”, published by opinew.com. Below is an excerpt from the article:

Franklin Hatchett is the founder of eCom Elites, which he initially created as an informal training center for a small group of friends who wanted to share their online selling lessons and which has grown to be one of the top eCommerce training platforms.


Sellthetrend.com also published an interview with Hatchett that can be found here.


Finally, below is a list of social media accounts where Franklin Hatchett can be found online:



To learn more about Franklin Hatchett, feel free to head on to his YouTube channel here to check out videos on dropshipping advice and other internet-marketing related topics. Or visit his blog here for further advice on e-commerce. Or join his Online Samurais Facebook group, geared toward all aspects of online marketing.





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