GiddyUp Affiliate Network Review/Overview

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What Is GiddyUp?

GiddyUp is a partner/affiliate marketing platform where brands (that are looking to promote their products or services) get the chance to partner with marketers (who are looking to generate income through product/service referrals).

The platform claims to have enabled more than 150 product launches and over $1 billion of trackable brand revenue since 2013 (when the platform was founded).

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GiddyUp’s Partner Marketing Model

On its website, GiddyUp provides a description of its partner marketing model.

Simply put, Partner Marketing is where two or more businesses work together for a mutual benefit. Goals and incentives are 100% aligned and focused solely on results – it’s a beautiful thing.

On one hand, GiddyUp connects brands with marketers to help them build a foundation for growth, maximize their profits, and get their offering in front of potential buyers.

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GiddyUp writes that brands:

. . . have access to the best salespeople on the Internet. Seasoned marketing veterans who are willing to invest their own time and money into profitably scaling your business and only earn a commission when a purchase is made.

On the other hand, marketers, publishers, and influencersget the opportunity to “promote quality products and services to their audiences” in exchange for a commission on every sale. GiddyUp offers a number of tools to facilitate scalable promotion for marketers.

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On its partner marketing web page, GiddyUp writes pertaining to marketers:

You no longer have to fight for marketing budgets or compete with the “big dog” agencies. You also never have to worry about a lack of creative assets or driving high quality traffic to websites that aren’t built for conversion.

To get started, brands and marketers need to submit an application via their respective web pages. Based on the information provided by applicants – such as their marketing model (for marketers) and sales volume (for brands) – GiddyUp pairs brands and marketers in what it thinks is the best fit.

Overall, the platform’s partner marketing program incorporates the following steps։

  1. GiddyUp works with a brand to “transform their product into a high-performance offer that achieves their desired result (sales, leads, and more) with zero risk.”
  2. A marketing partner is then selected to promote the brand’s offer. Partners are selected depending on product category, customer demographics, and available international markets.
  3. Using their own marketing budgets, marketing partners employ the marketing channels at their disposal to attract customers to the brand. While doing so, the marketer selects an optimal marketing channel for promotion.
  4. For every generated sale or lead, marketers receive a commission.

The company has published several case studies that highlight the key achievements of a number of brand partnerships.

Notable GiddyUp projects.
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