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Who Is Girl Gone Crypto? Bio And Background

Girl Gone Crypto (real name Lea Thompson) is a cryptocurrency blogger, YouTuber, and video producer.

In her website’s “about” section, Thompson shares some details about her background:

My road to crypto is an unlikely story. Although I may not be the most talented musician – singing and playing a variety of instruments is one of my favorite past times. I had just started tinkering with the idea of putting some music covers online when I ran across the Steem platform – which is a website where users can earn crypto for their content.

I began sharing my ukulele videos and quickly started to grow on the platform. I always think of Steem as my “gateway” to crypto because it caused me to get curious a bout what crypto was and how it worked. 

Thompson’s experience on Steem sparked her interest in crypto, turning her into an “avid crypto enthusiast”, in her own words.

Thompson writes that her content now focuses on “highlighting projects that help increase crypto adoption.” She utilizes her ability to simplify difficult concepts for her audience to promote cryptocurrency.

My super power is being able to take complex ideas (like blockchain technology) and find ways to explain them that are approachable and interesting to a broad audience.

Thompson joined YouTube on July 4, 2019. As of the time of this writing, she had approximately 15,200 subscribers and a total of around 644,989 video views. Her channel includes discussion of specific tokens as well as macro issues relating to the crypto landscape, similar to other crypto YouTubers like Coin Bureau, Andrei Jikh, or JRNY Crypto.

Thompson posts videos on YouTube several times a week, interviewing tech & crypto entrepreneurs or sharing news in the industry.

Girl Gone Crypto additionally has quick cryptocurrency explainer videos that are typically about 2 minutes long.

Girl Gone Crypto runs an online blog on her website as well. Most of Thompson’s articles serve as announcements and promotion pieces for her videos.

YouTube and blogging activities aside, Lea Thompson also offers a number of services on her website – more specifically, she is open to social media collaborations and video creation for others.

Thompson is open for social media collaboration.
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And she also offers video production services.
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She offers services as a speaker as well.


Girl Gone Crypto Net Worth

There is no credible information about the net worth of Girl Gone Crypto online.

As far as her YouTube ad revenue is concerned, Social Blade gives a modest estimate of $36 to $576 per month and $432 to $6,900 per year.

With that said, note that the size and value of Girl Gone Crypto’s cryptocurrency portfolio are unknown.


Online Presence And Publicity

Girl Gone Crypto is present on a wide range of online platforms:

Thompson is particularly active on Twitter.





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