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Who is Grant Cardone?

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Grant Cardone is an entrepreneur, and international speaker on sales, marketing, leadership, investment, finance, entrepreneurship, and real estate. According to his website, he is the author of 21 best-selling business programs and the owner of 7 companies worth over $1.5 billion.

He is the author of the bestselling book The 10x Rule. Due to the overwhelming response to the book, Cardone launched the 10x Growth Conference in 2017, which has become one of the biggest business and entrepreneur conferences in the world.

Grant Cardone variously-described bio shows that he started his career at an early age as a salesperson, after struggling with drugs and alcohol in his youth.

He transformed himself into a sales guru; started his consulting company; and became a speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur, and real estate investor.

As per his website, Cardone was named the number one marketer to watch by Forbes in 2017. Cardone has worked with several Fortune 500 companies including Google, Toyota, GM, Sprint, Ford, and several others.



Early Life

According to statements made on his YouTube channel and in his books, Grant Cardone started his career when he was 17 in a clothing store as a sales associate. He says that he didn’t like sales at that time and hated his job.

An acquaintance gave him a cassette on salesmanship and encouraged Cardone to listen to it to get better at sales. He learned step-by-step techniques for selling from it and found that he loved the cassette. Cardone then called the company and purchased all the other cassettes worth $3000. It was a full sales training program that changed his life forever.

He claims his sales doubled in the next 30 days, and that within 9 months he was in of the top one percent of performers within his industry.

He also worked in auto sales after completing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from McNeese State University. When he got into auto sales his meteoric trajectory continued and he eventually became the CEO of Freedom Motorsports Group Inc. He then moved to Atlas Media Corp. where he produced a reality television show for the National Geographic Channel.


His first official business as a speaker and consultant started in the automobile industry where he started giving free 30-minute sessions to automobile companies on how they can increase profit and become more consumer-friendly and effective.

The listeners liked what Cardone told them and they were happy to pay for the sessions and listen more. He started giving paid lessons throughout the USA.

Here is a Grant Cardone video on automotive sales:

Moving beyond the the automotive industry, Cardone started giving sales training to other businesses and eventually even Fortune 200 companies.

His next business was writing books and business programs. He has written 7 books and 13 business programs that help people learn and improve their sales skills and grow their businesses. He then started two educational platforms: Cardone University and Cardone on Demand. Cardone University is for students and entrepreneurs while Cardone On Demand is for the automotive industry.

Cardone Capital is his main means of investment, which is a real estate business that owns well over $800 million worth of real estate in the USA.

Cardone Venture is the consulting and investment company that he also owns.

Finally, the 10x Growth Conference is the global video conference that he started in 2017 based on his best-selling book.

In regards to Cardone’s status as an “internet marketer”, his website states that one-third of Cardone’s income comes from the internet, and that he has raised more than $100 million at Cardone Capital using online means.

According to, Grant Cardone’s net worth is reported to be $300 million and Cardone regularly mentions his goal of becoming a billionaire in his interviews and YouTube videos.

In an interview with CNBC, Cardone said that there “isn’t any shortage of money” in the world, and that his next goal is to become a billionaire.


Grant Cardone’s Published Materials

Grant Cardone has written several books and multiple business courses and video tutorials that are available in both free and paid versions online.

These include:

Sales / Business

Cardone University

He published his most famous bestselling book The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success And Failure in April 2011. It became a massive success and is likely Cardone’s best known work.

His first NY Times Best-Selling book was If You’re Not First, You’re Last.

Other famous books by Grant Cardone include:

  1. Be Obsessed or Be Average
  2. Sell Or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way In Business And In Life
  3. The Closer’s Survival Guide

Cardone has also created thousands of YouTube videos on the same subjects.

Here is an example of one of Grant Cardone’s videos:

The Cardone University features numerous courses, sales training, and business programs. It has well over 200K active users, and it offers more than 800 training programs in different segments with certifications. There are well over 3500 segments for businesses and teams with one-on-one virtual training.

10x training programs screenshot.

These courses and programs feature numerous marketing and sales experts in addition to Cardone. Some of the experts include Ryan Deiss, Jamie Shank, Dave Anderson, and Victor Antonio. Additional information on these courses can be found at



Grant Cardone has been involved in several minor controversies during his time in the public eye.

Cardone has discussed his involvement with Scientology, and this has generated a relatively high amount of attention on YouTube, as well as from websites like Gawker.

In 2019 and 2020, Cardone was involved in an ongoing dispute with a YouTuber with a channel named “Meet Kevin”, who made numerous videos attacking Cardone and even showed up uninvited at Cardone’s company offices, eventually resulting in a lawsuit from Cardone.

In one of his more controversial interviews- with Patrick Bet David, in Cardone’s studio in Miami Cardone called the state of California a ‘prostitute’. He also famously moved out of California due to his disgust with it’s liberal governmental policies and high taxes.

On the lesser side, in terms of friendly rivalry, Cardone has said that competitors Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman make money off people’s fear, although he has also spoke positively about each as well.

Here are several videos relating to Grant Cardone related controversies:


Overview Of Content And Products

Grant Cardone has developed numerous books and products, and creating and selling online courses appears to be a significant stream of income within Cardone’s multifaceted empire.

In this regard, Cardone and his team have developed a lot of courses and programs for students, businesses, entrepreneurs, salespeople, marketers, and leaders. even claimed that Donald Trump had used Grant Cardone’s sales techniques to help win the presidency.

Here is an overview of the leading content and digital products by Cardone:

  1. 15 books
  2. 26 training packages
  3. 40 video programs
  4. Over 67 eBooks in multiple languages including German, Arabic, Spanish, and more
  5. 34 audiobooks and content
  6. 22 10X accessories
  7. Cardon University – including extensive training programs and courses in and of itself
  8. Grant Cardone TV – with hundreds of free videos, shows, live show, articles, webinars, podcasts, and more
  9. Cardone on Demand – which offers multiple online training programs for businesses and individuals
  10. Free podcasts to help entrepreneurs and businesses grow their revenue and sales.

The Grant Cardone Blog also regularly publishes articles by Cardone, which are further published through his blog.

Cardone blog screenshot.


Cardone’s YouTube channel – as of this writing- has 1.93 million subscribers and 4,892 videos.

GRANT update
Courtesy of Grant Cardone YouTube Channel.


Cardone is a regular contributor on several leading marketing and sales websites including CNBC, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Insider, American Express, Fortune, and Huffington Post.

Grant Cardone online presence.


Online Presence And Publicity

Grant Cardone has been covered by hundreds of leading newspapers, magazines, news channels, and online publications.

He has been covered by various well-known online publications such as:

  1. Forbes
  2. Investopedia
  3. Cision
  4. Arabian Business
  5. Indian Express
  6. Miami’s Community Newspaper

He has also done an untold number of interviews with other YouTubers.

Here is a detailed Grant Cardone interviews by Vlad TV:

Here is a list of social media accounts and online presence of Cardone:

                                1. Facebook
                              1. Instagram
                              2. LinkedIn
                              3. Twitter
                              4. Snapchat
                              5. Podcast

You can subscribe to his email list here to get “Weekly 10x strategy sent straight into your inbox”.

10x newsletter lead capture screenshot.

Finally, Cardone also has a foundation called the Grant Cardone Foundation that is a not-for-profit organization devoted to charity. The foundation helps underprivileged children by providing them education and training.



That is a brief synopsis of the vast world of Grant Cardone! Interestingly, there is no Wikipedia page for Cardone, so it is our hope that this page can be of use to those seeking more information on him.




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