Who Is YouTuber J Bravo/Bill Stenzel? [Wiki-Style Breakdown]

J Bravo (Bill Stenzel) YouTuber
Courtesy of J Bravo’s YouTube channel


Who Is J Bravo/Bill Stenzel? 

J Bravo is an internet marketer and digital content creator, most known for his YouTube channel where he publishes educational content on a varied range of topics, such as cryptocurrency, personal finance, entrepreneurship, and more. 

J Bravo’s real name appears to be “Bill Stenzel”, as it’s the one used on the Teachable platform, through which he currently offers three courses. 

Here is a typical video from Bravo’s YouTube channel:


Overview Of The J Bravo YouTube Channel

J Bravo launched his YouTube channel in April 2008. Since then, the channel has accumulated a total of 151K subscribers and over 34.7 million views with 932 videos, as of the time of this writing.

The channel’s description in the About section reads:

“My Channel in a Nutshell (unless you’re allergic to nuts) Step 1:  Start a Business  Step 2: Invest the Money You Make From said Business. Step 3: Blow Said Money on Lambos

My Goal Over The Last 20 Years is to Start Up a New Business Every Year 🤪(ADHD) I’ve Owned Everything From Day Spas (Brick & Mortar) to Multiple Companies on Amazon.

How to Start Businesses:  Amazon.com – Shopify.com – eCommerce Websites – Shopify.com – Consulting Companies Clarity.fm – Online Arbitrage – eBay.com – Retail Arbitrage – I was going to list about 50 more but you’ll stop reading…

After You’re Making Money From All of Your New Businesses You Need to Put it Places:  Stocks, Bonds, Gold, ETFs, Real Estate, Crypto, Rental Properties…Basically, if it’s an asset I’ll Teach You How to Buy it or Trade it!”

The most viewed videos on J Bravo’s YouTube channel as of the time of this writing are as follows:

J Bravo also has a playlist named ‘Alex Becker’, after the popular YouTuber and entrepreneur, Alex Becker. The series is dedicated to taking playful digs at how he and other YouTubers, like Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuk, have reached the top, as well as providing more nuanced takes on the strategies these influencers discuss.


J Bravo Courses Overview

Screenshot of J Bravo Courses on Teachable
Courtesy of teachable.com


According to J Bravo’s Teachable page, there are three courses available currently: 

Dominate Stocks – a course that teaches “trading strategies that win”

Dominate Amazon – an Amazon FBA Course 

Copy Paste Profit/Online Arbitrage – this course teaches how to resell Amazon products for a profit


J Bravo/Bill Stenzel Net Worth 

Like with many YouTubers, there are a significant number of Google searches related to J Bravo/Bill Stenzel’s Net Worth

At the time of writing, however, there only seem to be a few speculative articles on the subject, with no precise numbers provided.

Stenzel’s channel is very much focused on building wealth and investing in assets, however, and he often makes videos about the need to protect one’s wealth from the ongoing currency debasement affecting Western societies, such as in the one below:


In The News And Online Presence 

Here are a few excerpts from interviews, and podcasts, J Bravo/Bill Stenzel has been featured on over the years:

In an interview with Peter Schiff, J Bravo talked about inflation, the looming dollar crisis, presidential politics, and the foolishness of Modern monetary theory, among other things. You may read it here

Here is another interview of Bravo, in which he talks about why the central banks are failing people:


Below is a list of social media accounts where J Bravo/Bill Stenzel can be reached online:





To learn more about J Bravo’s updates on stocks, bitcoin, Amazon FBA, and other topics, check out his YouTube channel or Instagram.




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