Who Is Jason Akatiff? + A4D Affiliate Network Review/Overview

Jason Akatiff at a Conference
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Who Is Jason Akatiff? 

Jason Akatiff is a well-known entrepreneur, angel investor, and public speaker.

Starting back in 2003, Akatiff achieved significant success in digital marketing, particularly performance marketing, and ultimately became associated primarily with his company A4D, a well-known affiliate marketing network.

Akatiff is notably known for being responsible for the creation of the following brands: Boundery (one-stop-shop for all the latest gadgets), the aforementioned A4D, Baubax (designed to revolutionize travel with innovative utility-inspired details, contemporary designs, and multi-feature travel wear), and Startup Alley (a training game that teaches how to advertise online).


Jason Akatiff Bio And Background

As per his LinkedIn page, Jason Akatiff is also the founder and CEO of Viderian (a Video Player, Optimization and Analytics – SaaS Service Platform), A4D, Inc. (mentioned above), and Jamiak, Inc. (a data driven consumer product and brand creation company).

Below is how what the bio published on Akatiff’s LinkedIn page includes:

“Jason Akatiff is extremely passionate about being an Angel Investor, Entrepreneur & Advisor in businesses involving online marketing, advertising, games, e-commerce, and education.

With 17+ years of experience at the heads of companies, he’s mastered building, inspiring, and leading teams of top performers. He believes A level people create A level companies and A level cultures of growth and acceleration.

Most important to Jason is that the products and services he creates truly builds value in the users’ minds and turns them into HUGE fans of the brand after using the product.” 


Overview Of A4D 

Screenshot of A4D homepage
Courtesy of a4d.com


A4D or A4D Performance (formerly known as Ads4Dough.com) is a performance marketing network. Located in San Diego, California, the network currently works with advertisers and affiliates worldwide. 


A4D’s Principal Features

A4D’s website lists 5 core areas it leverages to achieve success. A short paraphrasing of each can be found below:

  • User Acquisition – the ability to look beyond the lead and focus on the actual user acquisition for clients
  • Proprietary Algorithms – personalization engine and machine learning algorithms to offer the most relevant offers to customers
  • Training Programs – leveraging a gamified educational platform to enhance the training process, be it on an individual level or a corporate one
  • Video Split Testing – the platform states that their “proprietary multivariate video testing technology saves marketers up to 80% of their video setup time”
  • Product Innovation – a wide range of proprietary products created to solve own business challenges, with the help of years of marketing experience


A4D Affiliate Network Overview

As per affopinions.com, it is fairly easy to get accepted as an affiliate with A4D as long as you are qualified. The article says the following:

“It’s a closed program, meaning they manually review every applicant. Ensure you have something good in place (like a well-trafficked website) so they know you are going to contribute something to the service, rather than just signing up and never coming back.”

An article published on surveydolla.com talks about how much it is possible to earn with A4D:

The truth is that there really isn’t a limit to the amount of money that you can make with A4D. It all depends on how big your website is. I’m talking about the amount of traffic that you can generate and also leads as well. If you have a pretty big website that has lots of visitors, then you should definitely be able to make good money with A4D. So, how much you earn is completely up to you.

While the above quote seems to refer to organic traffic, most of A4D’s offers seem to be oriented around paid traffic, such as Facebook advertising, push notification advertising, and native ads.


A4D Affiliate Network Review

According to the official website, here is why affiliates choose A4D:

  • We offer Exclusive Weekly Affiliate Payments.
  • Every Advertiser that is brought into our network is thoroughly inspected and tested for the highest quality campaigns.
  • For Proven traffic we will pay faster.
  • Offers that can easily scale and have high conversion rates and EPCs.
  • Trust from our merchants also means you get access to exclusive offers.
  • Track record since 2008 of paying on time monthly net 15 weekly net 4.

Here is the internet marketer John Crestanis review of the platform along with an A4D Affiliate Network walk through.


A4D Competitors

Below are two performance marketing networks roughly similar to A4D: 


Clickbooth, now rebranded as Perform[cb] and incorporating the former Adperio mobile network, is one of the top Performance Marketing (or ‘Affiliate Marketing’) agencies in the United States, connecting thousands of ‘Marketers’ and ‘Affiliates’ together via a CPA or ‘Cost Per Action’ model.

To learn more about the company and the platform, check out our breakdown here


MaxBounty has also been a leader in the performance marketing industry for over a decade. Like Clickbooth and A4D, Max Bounty is an affiliate-marketing network that curates “Offers” which affiliate marketers (or “Affiliates”) can run and get paid commissions for.

Learn all about it with our complete overview of the platform here.


Online Presence And Publicity

In 2019, Akatiff did an interview for Zorbas Media. The video was published on their YouTube channel with the title “Jason Akatiff. Great Affiliate Journey: From $35 e-book to $400 000 000 in revenue”. In it, Akatiff answers the question of what makes a good affiliate entrepreneur and talks about his career and business in great detail.

He also spoke about the state of the performance marketing industry at the Advertising Week Europe 2019 event, a bi-annual affiliate marketing conference organized by Affiliate World Conferences.

Here is an excerpt from the video description:

“There’s no crystal ball on where the industry is heading. New traffic sources and offers continue to pop-up; shiny object syndrome has never been more alive.  


Being able to forecast the industry and plan for profits as best as possible is what separates real online marketers from the rest. How to do this best?

You listen to those who have been through every up and down from the start, those with respect and lessons from the trenches of over 15 years in the industry, and are still going strong.”

He also gave a speech titled “How a Single Media Buyer Can Build a $50,000,000+ Profitable Sellable ‘Business'”, which can be seen below.

Below is a list of social media accounts where Jason Akatiff can be found online:



To learn more about Jason Akatiff, you can check out his official website here, or you can read blog posts on topics related to performance marketing penned by Akatiff on the A4D blog here.




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