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Overview of Jesse Itzler 

Jesse Itzler is an American entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker. He is the co-founder of Marquis Jet, one of the largest private jet card companies in the world, a partner in Zico Coconut Water, the founder of The 100 Mile Group and an owner of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.


Jesse Itzler Bio, Background

After graduating from college in 1990, Itzler signed with Delicious Vinyl records as a songwriter under the pseudonym ‘Jesse Jaymes’. 

Itzler’s first single, “Shake It Like A White Girl”, which he co-wrote with Harry Wayne Casey, Matt Dike and Richard Finch, made it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1991. The song was also featured in the soundtrack of the movie “White Chicks”.

After writing and performing a number of original songs like  “Go New York, Go” and the NBA’s “I Love This Game”, Itzler gave up his musical career and moved on to entrepreneurship. 

Itzler explained his transition from a rapper, songwriter to an entrepreneur in his LinkedIn bio. Here is the excerpt:

After selling Alphabet City to entertainment giant, SFX, Jesse and his partner began their transition from jingles to jets. In 2001, they founded Marquis Jet to provide individuals with the opportunity to fly private without the responsibilities of owning an airplane. Under their direction, Marquis Jet became the world’s largest private jet card company with $5B in cumulative sales prior to its acquisition by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway/NetJets.

Following the sale of Marquis Jet, Jesse founded The 100 Mile Group, a brand incubator and creative design agency comprised of top talent from New York’s most prestigious firms. In 2009, The 100 Mile Group pioneered the coconut water craze by partnering with ZICO Coconut Water, which Jesse and his partners sold to The Coca-Cola Company in 2013. He’s the founder of Build Your Life Resume, a life optimization course for those who want to dominate their goals and live life for a living. Jesse is the founder of 29029, the newest epic endurance challenge that encourages people to shatter their physical and mental self imposed limitations.


Jesse Itzler Books

Below is a list of the paperback editions of Itzler’s books, available on Amazon, as of the time of this writing, in chronological order:


Jesse Itzler has also penned the foreword of a book, called The Way of The Iceman: How The Wim Hof Method Creates Radiant Longterm Health–Using The Science and Secrets of Breath Control, Cold-Training and Commitment”. 

The audio versions of the two books he authored are both narrated by Itzler himself and are available on

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Jesse Itzler Net Worth

According to, Jesse Itzler’s net worth is reported to be $220 million. In addition, Jesse Itzler regularly mentions the fact of being a millionaire and marrying a billionaire, Sara Blakely (the founder of Spanx) in his interviews and YouTube videos.

For instance, the popular internet marketer and speaker, Grant Cardone (learn more about him through this article) published a video featuring Jesse Itzler on his YouTube channel, with the title “Grant Cardone Interviews the $200 Million Man Jesse Itzler

An interview of Itzler done by was published on the website, with the title “This founder had to take a loan for Yankees tickets in the ’90s—now he’s a multi-millionaire: ‘Bet on yourself’”. You may read the whole article here.


Online Presence and Publicity

Over the years, Itzler has been the subject of a large number of articles and interviews by other internet personalities or popular networks/channels. Below are a few notable ones:

In January 2020, Jesse Itzler appeared on Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube show “Interrupted”, filmed in front of a live audience. Vaynerchuk and Itzler talked about the motivation for money, ideas vs execution, working for free, and many more topics. To learn more about Gary Vaynerchuk, check out our detailed article on him here.


Here a few of the most popular videos featuring Jesse Itzler:


In December 2019, published an article titled “20 Best Motivational Audiobooks for Jump-Starting Your Life”, which featured Itzler’s book “Living with a SEAL”. 

In 2018, Jesse Itzler took to the TEDxHickory platform to offer his take on gauging the overall happiness level and identifying the things that tend to make people unhappy through what he calls “The Happiness Meter


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Below is a list of social media pages where Jesse Itzler can be reached online:



To learn more about Jesse Itzler, feel free to check out his official website, any of the social media pages (listed above), or read his blog posts for more insights into his personal life.




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