Joe Fairless Net Worth, Bio and Wiki

Joe Fairless' Facebook Cover Photo.
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Who Is Joe Fairless?

Joe Fairless is real estate expert, host of what he calls the “longest running daily real estate podcast”, multifamily investor, content creator, and author of various books such as Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book and Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever (Volume 1 and 2).

According to his LinkedIn Profile, he specializes in:

real estate investing, business modeling, adding tremendous value to accredited investors and clients, brand building, start-ups, career consulting, writing, word-of-mouth programs, teaching, public speaking, and big ideas that make things happen.

Joe Fairless has been on YouTube since January 7, 2016 and as of the time of this writing, has approximately 5.94K subscribers and 252,062 total views.

This wiki-style breakdown will go over Joe Fairless’ net worth, bio, and background.


Joe Fairless Bio And Background

Joe Fairless' LinkedIn Profile
Courtesy of Joe Fairless’ LinkedIn Profile.


According to Joe Fairless’ LinkedIn Profile, he graduated at Texas Tech University with the degree of Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, English from 2001 to 2005. After graduating he began his advertising career in New York City as a Junior Project Manager in TBWA/Chiat/Day from June 2005 to February 2006. Then he worked as a Management Supervisor at Mr.Youth from February 2006 to May 2012. Then became the Vice President of SS+K from May 2012 to January 2013. Then he started his hosting journey at Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever from 2014 to 2015. He also worked as an Adjunct Professor for month at College of Media and Communication in Texas Tech University. He also became a Master Teacher at Skillshare from May 2012 to 2016. Then he founded Fairless Consulting from December 2012 to 2016. And he wrote various books such as Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Volume I from June 2016 up to present. He was also the Author, Founder, Multifamily Investment Coach and a Co-Host at Best Ever Real Estate from October 2013 up to present. And lastly he is the Co-Founder of Ashcroft Capital,LLC from May 2015 up to present.
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He also stated in his LinkedIn Profile,

Personally – I believe in doing what I say I’m going to do then a little extra. I know how important it is to be proud of who I am when nobody is looking so I act accordingly. And I’m aware of how little time we really have on earth together so I give back as much as I can (but understand there’s always room to do more).

Professionally – I co-founded a company that buys apt buildings and has approx $1B in assets under management. Host the world’s longest-running daily real estate podcast (Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever) and co-authored Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book.


Joe Fairless YouTube Channel

Joe Fairless' YouTube Channel
Courtesy of Joe Fairless’ YouTube Channel.


The Joe Fairless – Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Show YouTube Channel covers videos about real estate advice, and tips on how to raise money and buy apartment buildings.

As of the date of this writing, it currently has 5.94K subscribers and has accumulated 252,062 total views.

As of right now, the three most popular videos on the channel are:

NFL Legend, Emmitt Smith, Shares His Developmental Real Estate Secrets” with 13,701 views.

2017 Best Real Estate Investing Conference – Highlight Video” with 13,472 views.

How Apartment Syndicators Make Money | Apartment Syndication Tips” with 7,159 views.

The three videos in question are embedded below:


Joe Fairless Books

Joe Fairless's Books
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Joe Fairless is the author of several real estate books, including Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Volumes I and II, which contain advice from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable individuals. And BEST EVER Apartment Syndication Book, his third book, lays out a “step-by-step system for closing your first apartment syndication agreement”.

The book Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Volumes I and II contains inspirational stories, transition from single to multifamily properties, step-by-step approach on raising money for deals, blueprint of financial independence, wholesale probate, investing in real estate, and creative financing method for newbie investors. And the book BEST EVER Apartment Syndication Book contains a “step-by-step system in completing the multifamily syndication deal and building a multi billion dollar apartment investing empire”.

The e-book version of the books are available on Amazon. The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Volume 1 is currently priced at $8.99 while the Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book is $36.45. They also offer an audio book version.


Joe Fairless Podcast

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He also has a podcast in Soundcloud regarding different real estate investing advice. In it he talks to successful real estate professional and they also provide the best advice they can give.


Joe Fairless Net Worth

Joe Fairless website
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As with many YouTubers, a common search query online revolves around Joe Fairless’ net worth, however there is no exact data online regarding this question.

Tangentially, however, Fairless states on his website that he is the co-founder of a company with one billion in assets under management in the real estate sector.

In this vein, additionally, Joe has made numerous videos on YouTube discussing ideas about starting in real estate and earning money from it. Some of those videos are embedded below:

Also, on a tangential note, the website estimates his channel’s monthly revenue as between $0.73 to $12 per month, or $9 to $141 per year.


Online Presence And Publicity

Joe Fairless Twitter Profile
Courtesy of Joe Fairless’ Twitter Profile


Joe Fairless is present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. He also has his own website.

And aside from his YouTube Channel, you may also check his books, podcast, and the website on the company he co-founded the Ashcroft Capital.

He was also featured in various interviews in YouTube such as with Aaron Kirman, Daniel Kwak , Dan Hanford, and BiggerPockets,




This has been a wiki-style breakdown of Joe Fairless. For more info on him, you can visit his website, YouTube Channel, Facebook Profile, Twitter account, Instagram, and LinkedIn Profile.





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