Who is John Crestani? Overview, Review, Bio

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Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a well-known “internet marketer”. He is a popular YouTuber and self-described expert in all forms of paid advertising – such Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, YouTube Ads, and Native advertising networks.

Crestani is best known for his ubiquitous YouTube ads, which are for his online courses in the field of affiliate marketing.

This post will serve as a breakdown on John Crestani and his various videos, press appearances, and affiliate marketing courses. 


One of John Crestani’s well-known YouTube ads:


Overview Of John Crestani 

People who spend a decent amount of time on YouTube will likely recognize Crestani as the 30-something internet personality who shares advertising methods and promises to teach people ways to improve their online business and build wealth. 

Here is a typical video from Crestani’s YouTube channel:


Most of Crestani’s videos are in this mold, and contain breakdowns of various internet marketing tactics and strategies.

Beyond the large amount of free information put forth by Crestani’s channel, viewers can also purchase his varisous internet marketing courses (as detailed below).

Like many internet marketing “gurus”, Crestani is also a common target of critical videos on YouTube, and searches such as “John Crestani Scam” proliferate on YouTube.

You can check out the below video where he acknowledges and addresses this fact, and discusses the oft-queried YouTube search – “Is John Crestani A Scam?”


John Crestani Bio, Background

According to this BusinessInsider article, in his younger days, Crestani struggled with finding a purpose and a career path. That is until he read Tim Ferriss’ famous book The 4-Hour Workweek and started hustling to break out of the 9 to 5 life, as he puts it. 

From the article:

Ferriss’ key tenet in the book is to stop trading time for money and build businesses that can, eventually, operate almost entirely on their own after you set them up: passive income.

“I was at a point in my life where I had very little direction, didn’t know where I was going, and had this void,” says Crestani. “I thought ‘This sounds freaking awesome and I want to do it.’”

And he did. Crestani used his own hustle and Ferriss’ tips to build an affiliate marketing network that currently generates $250,000 to $500,000 per month, enables him to travel the world, and scales on-demand.

A Forbes article  also described Crestani’s first steps within the world of online business:

His first shot at entrepreneurship was selling products on eBay. That venture brought him $1,000 to $2,000 per month and a call from PayPal’s security team. There was a problem with the business model: Crestani was selling products PayPal didn’t approve of. His PayPal account was shut down and that business shuttered.

The article later segues to Crestani’s ultimate path to success, which was his embrace of affiliate marketing.

He hit upon the idea of promoting products developed by other companies, rather than spending massive amounts of time and money creating and promoting his own. He learned that homeopathic products through a select set of providers gave him the greatest margins, so he deployed his advertising knowledge to generate sales for these wares.

Every customer Crestani convinces to buy generates a significant cut for his company. In one example, he says he receives $40 for every sale of a $90 product. Crestani’s firm Nutryst also recruits and teaches other affiliates to sell these products for them, creating a network effect that generates massive revenue well into the six figures every month.

But his secret sauce is canning and cloning himself: he screen-records the ad campaigns he creates step-by-step (his present focus is on Facebook advertising) on his laptop and sends it to his team so they can duplicate his results. That’s been a huge piece to Crestani’s success. “Every million-dollar ad campaign I launch, I record myself obsessively on my computer in the creation process. I pass the modules along to my team and make sure they can do a job just as good as I can.”

The result is a business that scales whenever he needs it to. All Crestani and his team of ten need to do is up their ad spend in the right areas and watch profits swell accordingly.


Crestani has also been the subject of various media profiles and interviews, such as the one below.


John Crestani Controversies And Criticisms

As noted above, Crestani’s very public image and the vast reach of his “internet marketing guru” video ads have earned him a fair amount of criticism online.

Some of these attacks question the legitimacy of his self-proclaimed success. But while it seems obvious that the glowing media profiles cited above were catalyzed via the work of a publicist or via Crestani presenting himself as a willing participant to any mainstream news sources seeking to write articles on the “work from home phenomenon”, Crestani’s success appears very much genuine, based upon the statistics associated with his YouTube ads and Clickbank products.

One of the foremost examples of the above criticism was a series of videos about Crestani made by the YouTuber “Coffeezilla”, a self-professed “internet-marketing-guru skeptic”.

The Coffeezilla YouTube channel released several videos that were highly critical of Crestani, and eventually Crestani debated the YouTuber in question on the Coffeezilla YouTube channel.

Crestani made the point that unlike modern universities, his courses actually taught skills valuable in today’s online economy; and did not require large amounts of debt to purchase.

Overall his points made in the video defended the world of “internet marketing courses”, and contrasted them positively compared to modern higher education.


John Crestani Coffeezilla Controversy – Video Below


John Crestani Courses And Products

As noted above, Crestani has achieved well-documented success in the sale of his online courses.

As of the time of this writing, there are two main courses Crestani is affiliated with, which are inter-related

  • -Internet Jetset, &
  • -The Super Affiliate System


According to ippei.com:

John Crestani has two main courses that he sells: Internet Jetset & Super Affiliate System.

What’s the difference?

Internet Jetset is just a 12 week course on all the different ways Affiliate Marketers can make money online.

The basics and some solid Facebook ads training.

Super Affiliate System is the upsell of Internet Jetset and it dives much deeper into how to run paid advertising like Facebook Ads or Native ads to get sales with Affiliate Marketing.

It gets more specific & detailed as to what successful ads look like and various landing page templates are shared as well.


Crestani sells the courses in question primarily through an auto-webinar funnel.

A potential customer might see one of his video ads on YouTube, sign up for the webinar training, then be pitched one or both courses at the end of the webinar, or in subsequent correspondence via email marketing.


The Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System is said to be a blueprint to start a home-based affiliate marketing business anywhere in the world.

The text-version of the VSL (video sales letter) describes it thus:

The Super Affiliate System PRO is a training course designed to help you create a successful affiliate marketing business that generates a sizable monthly side-income, or part-time income. Our goal for the program is to help you consistently make $2,500.00 a week/$10,000.00 a month (or more!)

This step-by-step, proven system is built upon the People, Place, Product model which I’ve personally used to go from $0.00 to generating $19,700,000.00 online.


The course contains 42 informational videos and 34 show-me-how videos that walk the viewer step-by-step through the applications and processes of the affiliate marketing principles taught. 

You may check out reviews of the system through the following links:


Internet Jetset course screenshot.
A screenshot from the written sales letter for the course:


John Crestani Net Worth

As with many YouTubers, a common search query across search engines seems to be “John Crestani Net Worth”.

There seem to be a few speculative articles on the subject, with no concrete source or evidence.

Image of Google Search: "John Crestani Net Worth"


However, to have a glimpse of his “top-line earnings”, here is a YouTube video by Crestani himself, offering a breakdown of his methodologies and how much he reaps from them:


Online Presence And Publicity

As noted above, Crestani has been featured on articles by a number of leading magazines and online publications.

Here a few notable ones: 


Here is a list of social media accounts where John Crestani can be found online:


As a guest on the How We Solve” podcast, Crestani delved into the fundamentals of his business model and shared how he runs his business entirely on his own. You may listen to the episode here.  

On another podcast with the Fire Nation, Crestani talked about how he managed to escape the corporate landscape and create a successful marketing business with zero employees. To listen to the episode, click here





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