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Who Is Joshua Elder?

Joshua Elder is a YouTuber, entrepreneur and digital marketer, from Draper, Utah. He is most known for publishing videos on his YouTube channel to help new and existing entrepreneurs make money online.


Joshua Elder Bio, Background

According to the bio, written in the first person and published on the About page of his personal website:

“I’m a golf enthusiast travel buff and an internet entrepreneur that loves helping others build a life and business full of freedom passion and fulfilment.

In 2006 I graduated high school and had a dream of creating a lifestyle that allowed me the freedom to do be and have whatever I wished…in other words, complete control over my destiny.

After dropping out of college and struggling for nearly 5 years attempting to build a business online, I was fortunate enough to come across a mentor that taught me the essential components to success. He said, “Josh, achieve mastery at one skillset and leverage systems to stop trading time for money.”


Overview Of The Next Selection Lifestyle YouTube Channel

youtube channel
Courtesy of Next Selection Lifestyle YouTube Channel.


Joshua Elder launched his YouTube channel in October 2011. As of the time of this writing, the channel has accumulated over 107,000 subscribers and has crossed the count of 4.3 million views. 

Content on the channel includes a variety of topics, ranging from cryptocurrency, internet marketing, entrepreneurship advice, and more.

The channel’s description in the About section reads:

“I created this channel to help new and existing entrepreneurs build a life full of unlimited financial and spiritual wealth. My passion is teaching people how to tap into the internal power they already have and create a rich and abundant life.”


Notable Videos

The most viewed videos on Next Selection Lifestyle’s YouTube channel as of the time of this writing are as follows:


Joshua Elder  Net Worth 

Like with many YouTubers, there are a significant number of queries across search engines related to Joshua Elder’s Net Worth

At the time of writing, there only seems to be a few speculative articles on the subject, with no concrete source or accurate figures. 

In March 2021, Elder also published a video detailing how he currently makes around “$500 To $2,000” per day on the TikTok platform through affiliate marketing. 


Online Presence 

Below is a list of social media accounts where Joshua Elder can be reached online:







To keep up with Joshua Elder, check out his social media profiles listed above. For more information on internet marketing, cryptocurrency, and other topics, check out his YouTube channel 





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