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JRNY Crypto's Twitter cover.
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Who Is JRNY Crypto?

JRNY Crypto is a YouTuber in the crypto and finance space. His YouTube channel’s about section reads:

JRNY Crypto covers Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, fintech and finance. Bringing you the top news and videos in the crypto space.

JRNY joined YouTube on September 20, 2017. As of the time of this writing, he had approximately 665,000 subscribers and over 37 million total video views.

JRNY also runs a website dedicated to news in the field of cryptocurrency.

More specifically, the JRNY Crypto website features the following categories:

  • News and Business – cover the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency and finance.
  • Tech – covers technological advancements (primarily finance- and crypto-related ones).
  • Opinion – features more subjective content from JRNY Crypto and other entrepreneurs.
  • Reviews – covers a wide array of crypto platforms, among other things.

The website is updated relatively rarely compared to the YouTube channel. As of March 25, 2021, the latest post on the JRNY Crypto website was 3 months old. In contrast, JRNY typically posts new videos on YouTube every day.

JRNY Crypto’s homepage features a price tracker displaying the current value of a number of cryptocurrencies.

The crypto price tracker on the JRNY Crypto website.
Courtesy of JRNYCrypto.com.


Among the most notable posts on the JRNY website is his overview of the Brave browser (published in April 2020), which we’ve profiled here. Brave delivers a private experience explicitly devoid of Silicon Valley-style privacy violations, while rewarding users for watching Brave ads with a crypto-token called BAT, which they can in turn share with publishers whose content they consume.

Regarding the potential and future of the browser (and tokenized platforms in general), JRNY Crypto writes:

It’s hard to believe a new browser can ever compete with Chrome and it will definitely never replace Chrome completely, but I do strongly believe Brave will have increasing growth month after month. The benefits and features Brave adds to the browser is just too good to pass up. Who wouldn’t want to add up to $20 per month to their income, while also blocking all YouTube and google ads?

I strongly believe there will be many companies emerging that will tokenize popular platforms and compete with current industry leaders. Crypto and blockchain allow for companies to add amazing features to their platforms and allow users to earn extra income from their activity.


What Is JRNY Crypto’s Real Name?

JRNY has two Twitter accounts – one is his primary account, while the other is a backup profile. His name in the backup profile is indicated as Tony Spark. It is unclear if the last name ‘Spark’ is his actual name, but he does refer to himself as ‘Tony’ in many of his videos.


JRNY Crypto Videos

Below are some of the most recent videos published on the JRNY Crypto YouTube channel:


JRNY Crypto Net Worth

There is no reliable information about JRNY Crypto’s net worth online. The closest estimates of his potential earnings come from his videos breaking down his success in crypto-trading, such as the following ones from August 2020 and March 2021, respectively:


How Does JRNY Crypto Make Money?

JRNY Crypto generates money through trading and staking crypto tokens (the subject of his channel), as well as Google AdSense and affiliate marketing, but there is no information as to exactly how much each revenue channel earns him.


JRNY Crypto Online Presence & Publicity

JRNY is present on the following platforms:

Of these social media websites, JRNY is most active on Twitter.


JRNY Crypto appears to have earned the respect of many in the crypto community due his honest approach and sober prognostication, as articulated by Alex Becker in the following video:



To find out more about JRNY Crypto, visit the social media links from above. For the latest news in the world of crypto and finance, visit his YouTube channel.




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