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JT Franco
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Overview Of JT Franco

JT Franco is a Canadian entrepreneur and digital marketer, from Vancouver, British Columbia. He is best known for his YouTube and TikTok videos on various internet marketing-related subjects like Amazon FBA.

As of the time of this writing, Franco has a following of over 471.1 thousand people on TikTok and a total of 8.3 million likes. His bio reads “#1 Amazon mentor and couch flipper on TikTok”.

As per his personal website, Franco’s mission is as follows:

“I’m a dropout that turned world traveler because of online business. It wasn’t easy, but I believed in the mission and got some help along the way to make it possible! Now it’s my duty to help as many others as I can to do the same!”


JT Franco Bio/ Background

According to a Forbes article, titled “How JT Franco dropped out of high school and changed the game for Amazon sellers”, here is how JT Franco got past his initial struggles and found success in Amazon FBA:

“Dropping out of high school at age 17, JT Franco struggled for 3 years, working multiple jobs he hated – until one day he stumbled across the Amazon FBA Business model. Amazon FBA business, which is known as ‘fulfilled by Amazon’, has helped Amazon become the largest online retailer and supplier in the world, with countless people using the platform for their online business.

Offering flexibility and feasibility for business owners of small and medium-scale companies, it also is beneficial to larger-scale businesses as well. Becoming a student of the game, JT Franco immersed himself in learning everything he possibly could to succeed at Amazon FBA.”

Here is a video of JT Franco discussing his journey:


JT Franco YouTube Channel

JT Franco's YouTube channel
Courtesy of JT Franco’s YouTube channel


Created in June 2017, the JT Franco YouTube channel has a total count of 94.9K subscribers and a view count surpassing 4.1 million views as of the time of this writing.

Content on the YouTube channel is mainly Amazon FBA related – beginner guides, tutorials, advice on product research, branding, and more. Occasionally, the YouTuber posts lifestyle videos along with entrepreneurship advice.

Below is an example:

Here is what a regular video on the channel looks like. 


JT Franco Net Worth

As with many digital marketers, a common search query online is the question of JT Franco’s net worth, but at the time of this writing, there appear to be no sources online that provide accurate or legitimate information on this subject.

However, Franco frequently refers to himself as a millionaire in several videos published on his YouTube channel. In a recent one, he even explained how he went from a high school dropout to being a millionaire. You may watch the video below to find out more:


In The News And Online Presence 

In June 2020, JT Franco was featured in an article about the top 5 e-commerce coaches in 2020, published by Yahoo! Finance. Below is an excerpt:

“JT has helped thousands of people quit their jobs and make money through amazon, many of which are now making 6-7 figure incomes online. With one of the fastest growing online communities, JT influence extends to audiences across multiple platforms; YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to name a few. JT is known for his no-nonsense amazon selling, never selling the dream or hyping results just to get clients in the door.”

The International Business Times also covered Franco’s in a dedicated article, titled “Know The Enthralling Story of JT Franco, Who Is Setting The Benchmark for Amazon FBA Coaching”. The article highlights the entrepreneur’s success, saying:

“Proving that a dropout can become a millionaire, JT Franco inspiring many other rebels like him through his knowledge and mastery. JT Franco’s expertise is in a league of its own and he is truly setting the benchmark for Amazon FBA Coaching with his world-class programs. His mission is to help people by educating them and leading them towards higher levels of success, which he’s done an amazing job of, even during the pandemic.”


Below is a list of social media accounts where JT Franco can be found online:









For more information on JT Franko, you may follow him on his social media profiles listed above. For Amazon FBA related content, head over to his YouTube channel or check out his TikTok videos for bite-sized educational content. 





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