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Ken McElroy net worth, bio, wiki, and more.
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Overview Of Ken McElroy

Ken McElroy is a well-known real estate investor, author, and YouTuber. He is famously a ‘Rich Dad advisor’ to Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. He is also the co-owner of MC Companies, a longstanding real estate investment company based in Arizona.

According to his personal website,

“For over two decades, Ken McElroy has experienced massive success in the real estate world-from investment analysis and property management to acquisitions and property development. With over $750 million investment dollars in real estate, Ken offers a unique perspective on how to get the biggest return on investments.”

McElroy also has a YouTube channel, on which he makes videos offering advice on numerous topics, such as real estate investing, budgeting, entrepreneurship, generating passive income, and more.    

Below is an introduction to McElroy’s YouTube channel:


Ken McElroy Bio/ Background

McElroy shared details about his early life and how he got into the real estate business in an interview published on Below are the excerpts:

“My journey starts off probably like a lot of people. I was raised by a family that was below middle class, even in some cases, lower than that. My parents (Mom a hairdresser and Dad a contractor) were both hardworking. Neither of them finished high school. I got an opportunity through athletics to attend college, something that I failed to really appreciate at the time.

I purchased some real estate as a young man and that grew into a fairly large company. Today we have about a billion dollars worth of investments along with about 250 employees. Basically, we take investor money and purchase commercial-type properties with the aim of making everyone wealthy. So I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned and help other people. I consider myself very, very fortunate.”

According to this section, written in the third person, on the About page of his personal website:

“Ken and his family reside in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has served on advisory boards for Child Help and AZ Food Banks where he conducted the largest food drive in the state of Arizona. Ken was the Walk Chair for Autism Speaks Arizona for both 2015 and 2016. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC).”


Ken McElroy YouTube Channel  

Ken McElroy's YouTube channel
Courtesy of Ken McElroy’s YouTube channel


Ken McElroy launched his YouTube channel in April 2015. Since then, over 400 videos along with 8 live streams have been published on the channel. The current subscriber count of the channel is 287K subscribers and the view count is over 18.2 million

Content on the channel features a range of topics surrounding McElroy’s expertise, i.e. advice on real estate investing, finance, budgeting, passive income, and more. 

The goal of the channel is highlighted in the About section in the following words:

“Ken offers a wealth of personal experiences, practical advice, success stories, and even some informative setbacks, all presented here to educate and inspire. Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor, the information and resources on this channel will set you on a path where you and your investments can thrive.”

Below are some of the latest videos published on the Ken McElroy YouTube channel:

McElroy also interviews other popular entrepreneurs and real estate investors on the channel.

For example, below is the interview of Andrew Henderson – the Nomad Capitalist, in which he and McElroy discuss the benefits of investing in real estate abroad:


Ken McElroy Real Estate Books

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Ken McElroy is the author of many bestselling books on Real Estate Investing and finance, several of which are part of the Rich Dad Advisors book series.


Return To Orchard Canyon (Dec 10, 2019)

According to the synopsis, this is a business novel that teaches valuable financial lessons through the story of a middle-aged banker, his teenage daughter, and an elderly 82-year-old.

The book is sold on Barnes & Nobles and Amazon. The audiobook version is available on Audible. 


The Sleeping Giant (Mar 1, 2013)

This book includes the inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs who have found success through self-empowerment. Through it, McElroy offers insights on entrepreneurship and self-emancipation in the form of stories. 

The book is currently available on Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.


Rich Dad Advisors Books


Rich Dad Advisors is an expansive book series, written by seasoned entrepreneurs, handpicked by Robert Kiyosaki, who are experts in their respective fields. Ken McElroy is one of the entrepreneurs and authors who has offered multiple contributions under this “Rich Dad Advisors” moniker.


Below is a list of the 4 books that he has authored as part of the Rich Dad Advisors series, in chronological order:

The ABCs of Real Estate Investing: The Secrets of Finding Hidden Profits Most Investors Miss (Feb 28, 2013)

The Advanced Guide to Real Estate Investing: How to Identify the Hottest Markets and Secure the Best Deals (Nov 5, 2013)

The ABCs of Property Management: What You Need to Know to Maximize Your Money Now (Aug 26, 2014)

ABCs of Buying Rental Property: How You Can Achieve Financial Freedom in Five Years (Sep 29, 2020)


Ken McElroy Master Course

Ken McElroy’s real estate investing training program, titled Master Course, consists of 11 video-based lessons. Along with the videos, learners get access to worksheets that track their progress with each lesson. 

As per the official page, users can expect to learn the following when signing up:

“how to get started investing, how to assemble the right team, how to identify the right market and submarket, how to gather numbers and information to make sure a deal cashflows, how to write an offer and get a deal under contract, how to pinpoint the right issues in due diligence, how to create a business plan, and how to manage your investment.”

Enrollment for the course is possible through McElroy’s official website here.


Ken McElroy Net Worth 

As with many digital content creators and successful entrepreneurs, a common query online seems to be “Ken McElroy Net Worth”.

At the time of this writing, there are no sources online that provide any concrete info on his total net worth.

However, here is an excerpt from McElroy’s profile on his company page that talks about his real investments:

“With over $750 million investment dollars in real estate, Ken offers a unique perspective on how you will get the biggest return on your investments.”


In The News And Online Presence 

Ken McElroy has been a part of a large number of media appearances and publications over the years.

In 2020, McElroy penned an article for Fox Business detailing why an investment portfolio needs real estate cash flow. Below is an excerpt:

“Your overall goal should be to generate enough cash flow from real estate assets to become financially free. So if you buy 5 rental properties that generate $2000/month, it quickly becomes $10,000/month in positive cash flow income. If this $10,000 monthly cash flow income covers your total expenses, then you are officially out of the 9-5 rat race and can relax more.”

Here is a video published on The Rich Dad YouTube channel that features Ken McElroy. In it, he and Robert Kiyosaki share their strategies for creating wealth through real estate.


Ken McElroy also hosts a podcast called “Real Estate Strategies with Ken McElroy‬”. The focus of the podcast is on highlighting the ideas and strategies that people have used to achieve financial success. New episodes are available every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.


Below is a list of social media accounts where Ken McElroy can be found online:








To learn more about Ken McElroy, visit his official website here. You can also follow him on his social media profiles for more updates. 

For more information on real estate investment, entrepreneurship, and personal finance, check out McElroy’s YouTube channel. He is also a regular contributor on Forbes as well a contributing author at Jetset Magazine





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