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Lark Davis net worth, wiki, bio, videos.
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Overview Of Lark Davis

Lark Davis is an online content creator, based in New Zealand, who makes videos about investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Lark uses his expertise and years of experience as an investor to share tips and advice on his YouTube channel.

As per the About section of the channel, his mission is as follows:

“I created this channel to help you learn about cryptocurrency investing so you can diversify your portfolio, grow your wealth, and make money.”

Here is a typical video from the channel.


Lark Davis Bio/ Background

Here is Lark Davis’ background and biographical info as told in this article:

“He grew up on a small organic homestead, reading and dreaming of space travel and pretending to be Indiana Jones. Known for his fun and articulate, entertaining style, Lark combines his political science background, critical thinking skills, and bright sense of humor to produce content that explores blockchain solutions for the corrupted world.”


Additional Information About Lark Davis


Wealth Mastery Overview

Lark also offers a weekly newsletter, titled “Wealth Mastery” on a membership basis at $9.75 a week or $39 a month, through the Revue platform. 

Wealth Mastery is a research report aimed at investors in cryptocurrency, which- according to the official signup page– includes the following weekly items:

-Top news affecting the market  

-Market analysis 

-Trending coin analysis  

-Step-by-step decentralized finance tutorial 

-Upcoming events to keep an eye on  

-Technical analysis of Bitcoin and altcoins 

-An in-depth altcoin report 

-An interview with an industry leader 

-Tons of timely bonus materials including mindset, wealth growth and protection, latest tech, art, taxes, and much more 


Lark Davis Online Courses Overview

Screenshot of Lark Davis' Online Courses sales page
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In the context of guiding potential new investors in cryptocurrency, Lark hosts the following online courses on the Kajabi platform. The webinar is accessible for free while access to the beginner course is offered at $99 USD.


Cryptocurrency Explained Beginner Course

The Cryptocurrency Explained course is designed to help beginners build a foundation in cryptocurrency trading and its core concepts. 

What’s in the course?

This course is comprised of 19 videos including practical tutorials, explainers, and tips for success for a total of nearly 3 hours of education.

Course Outline

-Course Introduction

-What is Bitcoin?

-What is Ethereum?

-Step by Step Tutorial How to Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum – USA & EU

-Step by Step Tutorial How to Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum FAST for everyone else

-Understanding the Differences Between a Broker and an Exchange

-Step by Step Tutorial How To Set Up A Crypto Wallet

-Step by Step Tutorial How To Send Bitcoin and Ethereum

-Step by Step Tutorial How To Set Up & Use a Hardware Wallet

-Bitcoin Mining Explained

-Crypto Staking Explained

-My Top Tips For Success

-Top Mistakes to Avoid

-Portfolio Building Guidance

-Step by Step Tutorial How To Use Market Data Website Coingecko

-Top Resources For Success

-Wrap Up

+ 2 Bonus Videos


Top 4 Mistakes New Investors Must Avoid – Free Webinar 

This free webinar is aimed at providing new investors an informed starting point to explore bitcoin. Below is an excerpt from the signup page:

“Investing in Bitcoin was the most profitable asset class of the last decade, and is likely to be the most profitable asset class of the next decade. The potential for large financial gains has attracted investors worldwide, but most people rush in make critical mistakes, get scammed, lose money and miss their chance to ride the Bitcoin wave.

This free webinar is essential for new investors to watch before buying their first Bitcoin.”


Lark Davis YouTube Channel

Lark Davis Youtube Channel
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Although Lark Davis created his YouTube channel in October 2009, he only actively started posting crypto videos from 2017 onwards, under the name “The Crypto Lark”. 

As of the time of this writing, the YouTube channel has grown to a total of over 486,000 subscribers and has accumulated over 51 million views. 

Content on the YouTube channel includes bitcoin news, altcoin news, interviews with other investors, and discussion on cryptocurrency in general. 


Notable Videos

The most viewed crypto videos on Lark Davis’ YouTube channel at the time of this writing include the following:


Lark Davis Net Worth

As with many YouTubers and popular online content creators, one of the most common search queries associated with Davis is “Lark Davis Net Worth”.

At the time of this writing, there is no legitimate information or accurate figures that can be found regarding this question online.


In The News And Online Presence 

In his interview for BTCBox, Davis shared the origin story of his YouTube channel:

“In the beginning, I started of with STEEM. That was the first place where I started interacting more with the cryptocurrency community, buying bitcoin, and also earning on STEEM for posting on the STEEM platform. That kind of hooked me in. I was posting about things like travel stories or review of places I had been to. Then I started posting about bitcoin, because I was also excited about bitcoin. At that time,I was also investing in bitcoin. After a short while people started asking questions, and so they would ask things like “well, what do you think about this aspect of bitcoin?” I would reply by making another post on STEEM in order to answer them. Eventually, I realized I have been spending a lot of time writing these posts. So, in order to do better time-wise, instead of writing more posts, I just started making videos that would be way quicker.”

Here is an interview, in which Lark discussed the future of cryptocurrencies, the current economic situation, and the impact the cryptocurrency ecosystem will have in the near future, amongst other things. You may watch the whole interview below:


Below is a list of social media accounts where Lark Davis can be found online:








To learn more about cryptocurrency from Lark Davis, head over to his YouTube channel to check out the latest crypto news. You may also follow him on his social media profiles (listed above) for other tips and advice he shares online.




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