Marques Brownlee Net Worth, Bio, Wiki

Marques Brownlee net worth, bio, wiki.
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Overview Of Marques Brownlee 

Marques Brownlee, popularly known online as MKBHD (short for Marques Keith Brownlee High Definition), is an American video producer, podcaster, and internet personality, best known for his YouTube channel focused on reviewing the latest tech. 

As of the time of this writing, the MBKHD YouTube channel has over 15.4 million subscribers and a total count of over 2.9 billion views.


Marques Brownlee Wiki/Bio

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Brownlee started posting reviews at the age of 15 and like, Linus Sebastian and Unbox Therapy, now hosts one of the biggest consumer tech channels on the platform.

Brownlee, now aged 25, was not the first content creator to start reviewing the latest gadgets on YouTube, but he quickly gained a significant following.

In his YouTube bio, Brownlee refers to himself as a “geek”, “tech head”, and “internet personality”.

Below is the channel’s origin story in the words of the YouTuber himself, as told in an article published by The Verge:

“So I was a teenager in high school and was always into tech, but I had to make a big purchase: I had to buy a laptop. So I watched a whole bunch of YouTube videos on which laptop to buy. When I finally bought a laptop and saw some stuff with the laptop that I didn’t see in those videos, my natural response was to turn on a webcam, talk about those things, and upload it to YouTube, just in case someone else was watching videos to choose what to buy. That kind of snowballed into just making all kinds of videos with the laptop, and then the software, and the cooler and the mouse and keyboard, and my channel just turned into a tech YouTube channel. And here we are.”


Marques Brownlee Net Worth 

At the time of this writing, there is no exact figure or accurate information online about Marques Brownlee’s net worth from any reliable source.

However, below is a breakdown of how Marques makes money through the MBKHD channel and brand.

As is the case with the most successful YouTubers, a major source of his income appears to be Google AdSense derived from the channel. Since most of his videos easily accumulate a million views on average, it might be a fair assumption that he receives a substantial amount from ad revenue.

In an interview with The Verge, Brownlee explained the different types of advertisement that is normally included in the MBKHD videos, saying:

“There’s different types of ads. There’s the ads that are built into YouTube through the AdSense program. That’s one version of it. You don’t really get to control those ads, but you can still have banner ads, you can have pre-rolls, mid-roll video ads, things like that. “

Another source of income for him is his branded merchandise, which is sold through an online store in partnership with Cotton Bureau. The store contains a variety of clothing, as well as things like wristbands and notebooks. However, the cut Brownlee receives from the revenue generated is not public knowledge.

On March 2, 2021, Brownlee tweeted to announce that he would be working closely with Top Gear — a British show broadcasted on the BBC focused on cars/automotive interests. This can be said to represent another substantial income source for Brownlee. 


In The News And Online Presence 

Below are a few excerpts from notable interviews, articles and podcasts, Marques Brownlee has been featured on over the years.

In his interview with The Verge, the YouTuber and entrepreneur talked about what he would do if he starting out as an online content creator today, saying:

“I would still be a YouTuber. Obviously, there’s a ton of platforms available today that all have different languages, and if I’m 17, maybe I go straight to TikTok. Maybe there’s a seven-second bit that I just want to show and maybe that’s the way to get the message out there. But I think my fundamental beginning decision was, people are going to be looking for this. It’s not so much passive entertainment. It’s more active, seeking out information. So I’m going to put it where people can find it. And for me, that’s still YouTube.”

In the MKBHD Interview published on the Colin and Samir YouTube channel, Marques Brownlee talked about activism, his bucket list, and his biggest influences – mentioning Mr Beast and other YouTubers. You may watch the video below:

Brownlee also co-hosts a tech podcast, titled “Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast”, with Andrew Manganelli. In it, they both dive into the latest tech while also providing updates on happenings in the market in general. Episodes of the podcast are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify


Below is a list of social media accounts where Marques Brownlee/ MKBHD can be reached online:









To check out Marques Brownlee’s tech reviews, updates and unboxings, check out the MKBHD YouTube Channel.  For more tech-related content, you may listen to episodes of the Waveform podcast





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