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Matt Diggity.
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Who Is Matt Diggity? Bio & Background

Matt Diggity is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert and digital marketer best-known as the CEO and founder of Diggity Marketing.

As per his LinkedIn, Diggity has a background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, having received a Bachelor’s degree in this field in 2011 and a Master’s degree in 2014 – both from the University of California.

Between October 2005 and November 2012, Diggity served as Manager (Strategic Initiatives) at ANSYS, Inc., developing sales and marketing material and collaborating with customers to develop more client-centric solutions, among other things.

Matt Diggity was born in the United States but is currently located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, according to his bio on Diggity has also lived in Bali, Costa Rica, Japan, and has “traveled to over 50 countries across the globe”, in his own words.

Before investing his time fully into digital marketing and SEO, he worked at a Silicon Valley startup for some time.

It was here where I learned the true meaning of “hard work”.  Or perhaps it was called “slavery.”  I worked my fingers to the bone.  A 40-hour week was a rare blessing while 60-hour weeks were the norm.

Diggity admits that this position taught him “some important lessons” – more precisely, how to test products and services and how to isolate issues; how to work efficiently; and how to work with customers.

However, the stress of “the cubicle lifestyle” was “completely unsustainable”, prompting him to look for other ways to earn money. After a friend of his recommended him to read The Four Hour Work Week, Diggity started experimenting with SEO after work hours.

These late-night projects were my first glimpse into making money online through the medium of SEO.  I was hooked.  It was the first time in my life where I actually experienced pleasure while working.

Eventually, the company I worked for got acquired.  Cha-ching!  My stock options became real and this was my ticket out.  I sold all my possessions and hit the road.

Over the years, Diggity has founded and expanded several digital marketing- and SEO-related businesses. His most noteworthy ventures are described below.


Matt Diggity’s Business Ventures


Diggity Marketing

Homepage of Diggity Marketing.
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According to his LinkedIn page, Matt Diggity founded Diggity Marketing in December 2014. Diggity currently serves as the company’s CEO.

Diggity Marketing contains links to some of Diggity’s other projects, including Affiliate Lab and Authority Builders. Through Diggity Marketing itself, visitors may also book a one-on-one SEO coaching session with Diggity.

Pricing of Diggity's one-on-one SEO coaching sessions.
The cost of a one-hour SEO coaching session with Matt Diggity. Courtesy of


Aside from redirecting visitors to Diggity’s other services, Diggity Marketing also contains Matt Diggity’s blog with SEO-oriented posts.


Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Homepage of Chiang Mai SEO Conference.
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Matt Diggity founded Chiang Mai SEO Conference in November 2017. Normally held each year, the Chiang Mai SEO Conference attracts “over 750 of the world’s top SEO entrepreneurs, agency owners, and super affiliates”, allowing them to share their results, exchange ideas, and network with each other.

According to the homepage of the conference’s website, 2019 speakers included Matt Diggity himself, Authority Hacker founder Gael Breton, founder of Jonathan Kiekbusch, and founder Nick Nimmin.

Sponsors of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.
2019 sponsors of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference. Courtesy of


Authority Builders

Homepage of Authority Builders.
Courtesy of Authority.Builders.


Authority Builders is an SEO agency specializing in white hat link building. All in all, the services offered by Authority Builders include:

ABC Plus is the Authority Builders’ primary service, offering custom-built backlink strategies for customers’ websites. This service has three pricing tiers:

Pricing of Authority Builders' ABC Plus service.
Courtesy of Authority.Builders.


Affiliate Lab

Homepage of Affiliate Lab.
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Affiliate Lab is Matt Diggity’s course covering Search Engine Optimization and affiliate marketing. It includes:

  • 160 videos on SEO, including on niche selection and keyword research.
  • 6 templates and tools for niche selection, among other things.
  • Checklists and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for ranking on Google.
  • Access to a Facebook group where students may make posts and ask questions about SEO.

Additionally, members get access to bonus educational material on topics such as SEO, email marketing, and link building.

With the Affiliate Lab, Diggity is committed to continually updating the course as Google makes changes to its search algorithm.


The Search Initiative

Homepage of The Search Initiative
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Since March 2017, Matt Diggity has served as the Director of The Search Initiative SEO agency. Unlike Authority Builders, The Search Initiative is focused on more general SEO services via an agency model, such as:

The Search Initiative’s description on Diggity’s LinkedIn profile claims that the agency is staffed “by a hand-picked team of best-in-class SEOs”.


Matt Diggity’s YouTube Channel

Matt Diggity has a YouTube channel as well. Typically, Diggity publishes videos on a weekly basis. The content on the channel provides tips on SEO campaign optimization, troubleshooting poor search rankings, and more.

As of the time of this writing, Diggity’s YouTube channel had over 2 million video views and about 42,500 subscribers.


Matt Diggity Net Worth

As with many digital marketers, a common search query online is the question of Matt Diggity’s net worth, but there is no specific information online about this topic as of the time of this writing.

In this vein, however, Ahrefs estimates the value of the organic search traffic for to be $37.5K per month (though such estimates are far from exact).

Matt Diggity net worth


Matt Diggity Online Presence & Publicity

In addition to his SEO-related websites, Diggity is present on the following platforms:

Diggity’s private Facebook group “Affiliate SEO Mastermind” was featured on the Ahrefs blog. Diggity has had interviews with prolific marketers and SEO companies as well, includingSemrush and Adam Wright, founder of LifeHacker Guy.





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