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What Is Max Bounty?

Max Bounty is a well-known affiliate-marketing network specializing in CPA offers.


Company Details

According to Crunchbase, Max Bounty was founded in 2004, and is a privately-owned business, rather than a publicly-listed one. It has between 11-50 employees, and is headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

It’s CEO is Matt McEvoy, who was a recipient of the 40 Under Forty Award as one of of the top rising business leaders in Canada under the age of 40.



Max Bounty is an affiliate-marketing network that curates “Offers” which affiliate marketers (or “Affiliates”) can run and get paid commissions for.

In addition to serving affiliates in this manner, it also conversely serves the vendors (or “Advertisers”) who choose to place their offers on the site.

When a lead or sale is generated by an affiliate, then a commission is paid out to that affiliate marketer; a small commission is kept by Max Bounty itself; and the remaining revenue goes to the vendor of the offer.


Typical Max Bounty Offers –

Some of the verticals or niches that Max Bounty specializes in are:

-Health Information Products/VSL’s

-Sweepstakes cpa offers

-Short term loan offers

-Dating offers

-E-commerce offers such as ‘gadgets’ that are primarily sold online

-Financial ‘lead-gen’ offers such as insurance or home improvement


Screenshot: Max Bounty affiliate dashboard.
A screenshot of the Max Bounty affiliate dashboard.


Other Information

Numerous YouTube videos exist explaining what Max Bounty is and how to make money on it as an affiliate.

Here are some examples:


There is one channel on YouTube that appears to be from Max Bounty itself, with four ‘Behind The Scenes’ videos that each have very few views, and it is thus unclear if this is their official channel or not.

Max Bounty has a LinkedIn account:

Their page on TrustPilot has 112 reviews, with an average of 3.5 stars.

And the company also has a Twitter account with 7412 followers, as of the time of this writing.

Finally, there is also a Max Bounty blog on the official Max Bounty website.


How To Get Approved With Max Bounty As An Affiliate

According to many of the YouTube videos discussing Max Bounty, it appears that all affiliate marketers wishing to join the network must go through a phone interview prior to being approved.

On this phone interview one of Max Bounty’s affiliate reps will ask you questions about your internet marketing business, your experience, what types of offers you are trying to promote, and similar questions.

Their aim is to make sure that you or your company will be a positive addition to their affiliate roster and work in a transparent and ethical manner.

If they feel this will be the case, they will approve you, and you can begin running offers through their network.

Here is a video on this very subject:


Hypothetical Examples Of Max Bounty Within The Context Of Digital Marketing

Matt wants to quit his 9-5 job and become a full-time “internet marketer”.

To this end, he purchases a course on running “Push Ads”, and joins an Internet Marketing forum.

Using the course and the advice he is receiving from the forum he joined, he decides to apply to join several CPA Affiliate Networks, including Max Bounty, and is accepted.

He picks out a Sweepstakes offer from the Max Bounty dashboard and runs it on Push Ads through a Push Notification Advertising Network.

The Sweepstakes offer pays him $1.20 for every “lead” he generates, and therefore if he is able to pay less than $1.20 in advertising costs for every lead he generates for the offer, he will make money.

On the other side, Heather and John own a law firm that helps people get rid of their Timeshare. They would like to get more customers, so they contact Max Bounty about becoming a vendor (or “Advertiser”) on the network.

They get set up with Max Bounty and their offer gets placed on the network for affiliates to run.

Their offer is a “lead-gen” offer based around individuals entering their phone number and email address to get info on getting rid of their Timeshare.

Every time a Max Bounty affiliate generates a lead for their offer, Heather and John’s team is immediately pinged the details of it and can call that potential customer (or “lead”) and attempt to sell them on their Timeshare-exit service.

If Matt- from the above example- decides to branch out into lead-gen offers, he could hypothetically run Heather and John’s Timeshare offer.

This example therefore demonstrates the use of Max Bounty from the perspective of both the “Affiliate” and the “Advertiser”.



We here at have worked with MaxBounty for several years and have had an extremely good relationship with them.

They have a wide variety of offers at very competitive payouts; consistent long-term affiliate reps who know what they are doing; and a solid logistical operation that  inspires trust.

As a result we are proud to include them as one of our official recommendations.

To sign up as an affiliate with MaxBounty click here now.





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