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Overview Of Meet Kevin

Meet Kevin is an American real estate broker, entrepreneur, and investor, best known for his work as a YouTuber. He also runs The Paffrath Organization, a real estate business.

Meet Kevin’s popular YouTube channel is based on him offering advice on real estate investing, personal finance, cryptocurrency, and similar topics to his audience. According to his official website:

“In addition to real estate education and investments, Kevin teaches the psychology of finance, stocks, and money to help you profit in any market.”

Below is a sample of a typical video posted on the Meet Kevin YouTube channel:


Meet Kevin Bio, Background

Paffrath shared details about his early life and what sparked his interest to become a realtor in an interview with CNBC. Below is the excerpt:

“His parents moved to the U.S. from Germany when he was 18 months old and divorced when he was six. Kevin remembers finances always being tight: As a kid, he once asked his dad for a $20 bill in the bank drive-through. His dad declined. “I only have 11 of these left,” he said. 

In high school, Kevin participated in a law enforcement explorer program, in which he learned about becoming an officer and spent over 3,000 hours riding along with the local police. He liked the program and assumed he’d end up with a career in law enforcement. But then one of the officers he worked with told him about his side gig as a realtor, which piqued Kevin’s interest.”

According to the article, Meet Kevin’s wife, Lauren, started her career as a property manager at the age of 18, guided by both her parents, who presumably also helped Kevin, according to the following extract:

“During the summer before his senior year, Kevin moved from Florida to California to live with Lauren’s family while he finished high school. As Kevin spent more time around Lauren’s father, his interest in real estate deepened. He started studying to become a realtor and earned his license during his freshman year of college.”


What Is Meet Kevin’s Real Name?

Meet Kevin’s real name is Kevin Paffrath, as stated at the bottom of the official Meet Kevin website: “Operated by real estate agent & broker Kevin Paffrath”.


Meet Kevin YouTube Channel  

Screenshot of the Meet Kevin YouTube channel
Courtesy of the Meet Kevin YouTube channel


Kevin Paffrath launched the Meet Kevin YouTube channel in September 2010 but only began posting regularly years later. The channel currently has a  subscriber count of over 1.8 million subscribers and the view count has surpassed 482 million views. 

Content on the channel features advice on real estate investing, finance, property management, passive income, bitcoin, and more. 

In the About section of the channel, the YouTuber highlights that through his videos, he aims to offers his audience a glimpse of:

“…the trials and tribulations of growing a real estate company with a heavy emphasis on providing more value to clients whether by design, staging, construction, or concierge real estate services. Meet Kevin helps you grow your real estate portfolio and acquire wealth.”

Below are some of the latest videos published on the Meet Kevin YouTube channel:

Meet Kevin also interviews other popular YouTubers, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors on the channel, as part of a series called “The Meet Kevin Show”. On the show, Kevin discusses the current state of the market including stocks, cryptocurrency, and real estate with his guests to offer his viewers valuable insights.

Below are a few examples:

Here is the interview of Steve Ehrlich – founder of Voyager, in which he and Kevin discuss the surge in Bitcoin’s price, as well as the Voyager App itself.

Below is a 2-hour live stream with the popular real investor Graham Stephan.


Overview Of Meet Kevin Courses

Kevin Paffrath offers multiple online courses on the Teachable platform. Below is a list of all the courses available as of the time of this writing:

Real Estate Investing: From $0 to Millionaire & Beyond is Meet Kevin’s guide on how to make money through buying real estate below market value.

Build Wealth Making Youtube Videos – from a #1 Trending Creator is a course designed to help learners emulate Meet Kevin’s process of churning out high-quality videos on a daily basis.

The DIY Property Management & Rental Renovation Course teaches “the specific mechanics and psychology of dealing with and managing tenants, contractors and properties.”

The Complete Guide to Money, Wealth, Investments, Credit, & Passive Income – in this course, Meet Kevin teaches the principles and fundamentals of money and finance management, including how to generate passive income, and much more.

Real Estate Sales: From $0 to $500k & Beyond by Becoming a No-Pressure Agent® – this course’s curriculum focuses on the principles and fundamentals of real estate sales, the psychology of modern sales in real estate, and more.


Meet Kevin Net Worth 

As is the case with many popular entrepreneurs and YouTubers, a common query online seems to be “Meet Kevin Net Worth”.

At the time of this writing, there are no sources online that provide any concrete info on his current total net worth.

However, in November 2020, Kevin Paffrath [Meet Kevin] and his wife Lauren featured in CNBC‘s “Make Its Millennial Money” series, which profiles how much millennials are earning, their spending habits, and their lifestyles.

The following excerpts from the article titled, “This millennial couple earns $6 million a year from YouTube and real estate—here’s how they spend their money”, highlight the couple’s earnings from the YouTube channel and their real estate business:

“In 2020, the couple earned $1.075 million in May alone. “It was absolutely surreal,” says Lauren, 30, of the moment they crossed into the seven-figure-a-month territory.

But the bulk of their income isn’t coming from real estate transactions or rental income. The couple makes money through Kevin’s YouTube channel, Meet Kevin, which he started posting to regularly in 2018, as well as numerous affiliate programs. While they don’t bring in seven figures every month — they earned $721,474 in September 2020 — they’re on track to earn more than $6 million total this year. ”

What is Meet Kevin's net worth?
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“As his following grew, so did his income. Kevin currently has 947,000 followers on YouTube and earns an average of $150,000 per month from the platform itself. ”

“He’s also been able to leverage his channel and following to generate other income streams. The most lucrative one is selling online courses on Teachable, a platform where entrepreneurs can get paid to share their expertise. He earns an average of $332,000 a month, but it can be higher or lower. In September, he made about $290,000. Kevin makes money from affiliate links and partnerships as well and expects to bring in $80,000 or more a month from them.”

Here is the video published on the CNBC YouTube channel that features Meet Kevin and his wife, Lauren.

In September 2020, Kevin provided an update on his net worth by publishing a video in which he details how he accumulated 26 million dollars by the age of 28. 


In The News/Online Presence 

Meet Kevin/ Kevin Paffrath has been interviewed by other entrepreneurs and YouTubers many times over the years.

The channel was recently featured in an article published by the New York Times Magazine that scrutinizes how YouTube ‘finance gurus’ are garnering tons of views from videos made on the subject of the economic stimulus. Below is an excerpt that mentions the YouTuber:

“In Paffrath’s case, stimulus-check updates began doubling his other videos in view counts; one update became the most popular video on his channel, with 1.1 million views.”

Meet Kevin appeared on an episode of the “On Fire Podcast” to talk about finding value in what he does, and the “why” in his work that has driven him to keep working well beyond the point of financial independence. You may listen to the whole episode here.

He was also interviewed by fellow YouTuber and real estate investor, Ken McElroy, for the “Real Estate Strategies with Ken McElroy” podcast. In it, they discuss real estate education, the current state of the market along with opportunities and challenges that are ahead. The episode is available here.

Below is a list of social media accounts where Meet Kevin can be reached online:






Discord Group



To learn more about Meet Kevin, visit his official website here. You can also follow him on his social media profiles for more updates.

For more information on property management or real and, entrepreneurship, check out Meet Kevin’s YouTube channel.





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