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Overview Of Mike Vestil

Mike Vestil is an American entrepreneur and content creator, mostly known for posting videos on internet marketing-related topics on YouTube

Vestil is also the author of a book titled The Lazy Man’s Guide To Living The Good Life


Mike Vestil Bio/ Background

Mike Vestil’s nationality appears to be American, although he is originally of Filipino descent. In his interview (the video below) with ODi Productions, he shared the story of his parents’ struggles and move from the Philippines to the US.

Here is an excerpt from an article published by Wired UK that highlights Vestil’s backstory:

“Before Vestil became a barefoot muscle man rattling around an oversized villa in Canggu, he was the child of hard-working immigrants – his mother is a nurse, his father an engineer – whose parents wanted him to go to dentist school. The Chicago native describes the experience of watching his parents scrimp to put him through private school as traumatic. “I didn’t want the 250k in debt that would have happened if I’d continued with dentistry. My parents were so stressed. I literally saw them get older, right before my eyes, with the stress. I felt like this guilt, all the trauma, like I was to blame. My sister almost went to community college because we spent all the money on me.”

Vestil describes finding his passion for online businesses and passive income on the About section of his personal website in the following words: 

“Before I built a YouTube channel to over 200,000+ subscribers, lived in over 25+ countries, and wrote the book on side hustles, I used to spend 8-12 hours every day working as a dental assistant.

Then I realized I was trading all my time away for money that I was never going to have time to spend… makes no sense right? After months and months of failure… it finally worked! So I grabbed my ukulele, left everything behind, and traveled the world.

The more I started traveling.. the more people started asking questions on exactly how I was able to do it. So I started teaching people exactly what my mentor taught me.”

Mike Vestil's book
Courtesy of Mike Vestil’s Facebook page


In his book, The Lazy Man’s Guide To Living The Good Life, the YouTuber offers more information on his background, his early years, his travels, and how he became the entrepreneur he is today, among other things.

The book is available on amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle versions. The audiobook is narrated by Steve Stansell and is available on audible.com


Mike Vestil YouTube Channel  

Mike Vestil launched his YouTube channel in July 2016, when he started posting his travel vlogs online. At the time of this writing, the channel has 465K subscribers and over 27 million views. 

Over the years, Vestil diversified the content on his channel to cover several internet marketing-related topics such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, advice on how to generate passive income, and more. 

Tutorials on the channel come in a wide and diverse range. For example, there are playlists dedicated to the following subjects: Growing A YouTube Channel, How To Make Money On Instagram, How To Make Money On YouTube, and more.

These videos are interspersed with occasional vlogs from his travels. For instance, he posted a series of videos entitled “The Bali Diaries, from his stay on the island before the global pandemic.

In recent times, he also dabbled in making beginner-friendly videos on the subject of cryptocurrency. A few examples are listed below.


Below are some of the most latest videos published on the Mike Vestil YouTube channel:


Mike Vestil Blog

Vestil also runs a blog on his personal website where he shares his insights in digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and other related topics.

Here is an excerpt from a blog post titled “On Track To Becoming A Millionaire But Lost Motivation”:

…The problem with most entrepreneurs is, they actually wait to get either at the bottom of the bottom or when they’re at scarcity for them to actually get motivated.

When they have $1000 left in the bank account or when they’re behind payroll and rent, that’s the only time they get really motivated, until it becomes an endless cycle…

…Don’t wait for the worst thing to happen before you get moving.


Mike Vestil Net Worth 

Like with many content creators and internet marketers, a common query related to the YouTuber seems to be “Mike Vestil Net Worth”.

While there are no sources online that provide legitimate info on this question at the time of this writing, Vestil published a video detailing his journey from “Zero To $1.5 Million On Shopify In 12 Months” on his YouTube channel.


In The News And Online Presence 

Here are a few excerpts from videos and podcasts Mike Vestil has been featured on over the years:

-In an episode of the “Travel Like A Boss” podcast, Vestil and the host, Johnny Jen shared the story of how they crossed paths, their journeys as location independent entrepreneurs, and how they have both changed and grown over the years.

-In 2018, Vestil appeared in the popular YouTuber and entrepreneur, Graham Stephan’s “Meet The 4 Entrepreneurs who earn a combined $1.5 Million PER MONTH” video. Vestil along with Kevin David, ODi Productions, and Stephan himself, were the four entrepreneurs the title refers to. In the video, they each present how they built their online businesses. You may watch the whole discussion below:

Mike Vestil hosts a podcast called “The Mike Vestil Show”. The primary focus is on interviewing other internet marketers and entrepreneurs and discussing their journeys to success. You may listen to the episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

He also publishes extracts from the interviews on his secondary YouTube channel – The Mike Vestil Show. Below is a sample:


Below is a list of social media accounts where Mike Vestil can be found online:



You may follow Mike Vestil on his social media profiles for more information on his current activities or read his blog for internet marketing advice.




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