How Does MrBeast Make Money? MrBeast Wiki, Bio, Net Worth

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson next to his and his two team members’ Youtooz figures.
Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson next to his and his two team members’ Youtooz figures. Courtesy of Donaldson’s Instagram page.


Who Is MrBeast?

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is a YouTube-based internet celebrity and philanthropist. He is most famous for his videos of random giveaways and expensive stunts. The vast scale of these giveaways prompts the common question of “How does MrBeast make money?”, which is addressed below in its own section of this Wiki-style post, along with info on MrBeast’s net worth, business endeavors, YouTube channels, and more.


Bio And Background

According to Business Insider, Donaldson (aka ‘MrBeast’) uploaded his first YouTube video in February 2012 at the age of 13. Over his first few years on the platform, he attempted to leverage the YouTube algorithm by creating content that he thought would attract attention, but saw little success.

Making very few appearances in his early videos himself, Donaldson initially focused on ongoing trends, uploading compilations of funny highlights from Call of Duty and Minecraft video games, commentating on YouTuber dramas, and estimating the wealth of other YouTubers.

Donaldson’s channel started gaining traction in 2015 and 2016 after he launched his “worst intros” series. In this series, MrBeast would feature and poke fun at other YouTubers’ introductions.

In late 2016, Donaldson enrolled in college but dropped out two weeks later. He told his mom in this regard:

I’d rather be poor than do anything beside YouTube.

MrBeast published his first viral video in January 2017. In this video, he counted to 100,000 in 44 hours.

The success of this video prompted him to create similarly-themed videos, like attempting to spin a fidget spinner for 24 hours, watching Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro” music video for 10 hours, or buying a car with pennies.

Once his channel started seeing success, Donaldson hired four of his childhood friends to help him grow his brand.

MrBeast’s donation and charity videos have attracted significant attention as well. Among other things, he has given away thousands of dollars to homeless people, donated to random streamers on Twitch, and hosted challenge videos with tens of thousands of dollars in prize money.

By December 2018, MrBeast had donated and given away $1 million. In a video published on December 26, 2018, he uncovered the sources of funding for his donations.

In October 2019, MrBeast partnered with hundreds of YouTubers to raise $20 million by the end of 2019 to plant 20 million trees. The initiative was named “TeamTrees”. The goal was achieved on December 20, 2019, according to TeamTrees’ Facebook page. Several prominent individuals donated to the cause, including Elon Musk, the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki, and YouTuber PewDiePie.

As of April 13, 2021, Donaldson’s main channel on YouTube had 91.6 million subscribers and a total of over 14 billion video views. Donaldson has a number of secondary channels as well (subscriber counts given as of April 13, 2021):

In late 2020, Donaldson launched MrBeast Burger – an online-based restaurant chain. The launch was celebrated in a North Carolina restaurant. Donaldson offered free burgers to visitors along with giveaways (cash and iPad tablets, among other things). The event caused a queue of several miles.

On March 11, 2021, Donaldson announced that MrBeast Burger had 420 restaurants between the United States and Canada.


How Does MrBeast Make Money?

MrBeast’s income comes from the following sources – YouTube (primarily via ads), sponsorships, his merchandise store, and the MrBeast Burger service. Only estimates from third parties are available for Donaldson’s income.


MrBeast YouTube earnings

Social Blade provides estimates of MrBeast’s earnings. Note that these are based on MrBeast’s video views and Social Blade’s default CPM (Cost per Mille) of $0.25 to $4.00 and thus may not accurately reflect his earnings.

Social Blade estimates that MrBeast earns between $174.7 thousand and $2.8 million per month via his main YouTube channel. Annually, Social Blade estimates that MrBeast earns from $825.1 thousand to $13.2 million.

Social Blade also has estimates for MrBeast Gaming. This channel earns between $36.5 thousand and $583.9 thousand per month and from $438 thousand and $7 million annually.

MrBeast Shorts is estimated to earn between $20.4 thousand to $326.7 thousand per month and $245 thousand to $3.9 million per year.

Beast Reacts estimates are between $33.5 thousand and $535.6 thousand per month and from $401.7 thousand to $6.4 million per year.

MrBeast 2 is estimated to earn between $135 and $2.2 thousand monthly and between $1.6 thousand and $25.9 thousand annually.



Many of MrBeast’s videos – particularly giveaways – have been largely sponsored by a wide array of brands. According to MrBeast himself, his very first brand deal was with Quidd – a marketplace of officially licensed digital collectibles.

This sponsorship was valued at $10,000, and MrBeast ultimately decided to give this money away to a random homeless person. He documented his donation on a video that he published on June 16, 2017.

Quidd would go on to sponsor several other giveaway videos with varying amounts – some of them are presented below.

Over the next few years, MrBeast would attract sponsorships from companies such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Honey. Some of Donaldson’s Honey-sponsored videos are listed below.

In 2019, MrBeast hosted a real-life battle royale competition inspired by the video game Apex Legends, gathering 39 top YouTubers for a chance to win $200,000. The event was sponsored by Apex Legends publisher Electronic Arts.


Merchandise store

MrBeast runs a merchandise store offering apparel, headwear, pillows, and water bottles, among other things. states with a reference to PurpleMoon that MrBeast’s average monthly merchandise sales revenues are $504,210. However, James Ssekamatte on Medium gives a drastically different estimate of $2.4 million per month, based on the merchandise website’s monthly visitor counts and a number of assumptions about his conversion rates.


MrBeast Burger service

The MrBeast Burger online restaurant chain sold a total of 1 million burgers by March 12, 2021 – within three months of being in business.

Based on an average price of $7.99 per burger (at the time), Restaurant Business estimates that the sales of 1 million burgers brought nearly $8 million in under three months. Restaurant Business further adds that if MrBeast maintains this pace for a calendar year, the chain could generate $32 million in burger sales alone.

MrBeast Burger also sells chicken sandwiches, fries, cookies, and drinks, but no sales figures were available for these items as of April 13, 2021.


Does MrBeast Make A Profit?

According to Forbes, Donaldson made $24 million between June 1, 2019, and June 1, 2020. This made him the second-highest-paid YouTuber after Ryan Kaji ($29.5 million) in this time period.

On January 10, 2021, MrBeast revealed on Twitter that almost all his recent videos cost him “a ridiculous amount of money”. He also said that he runs his gaming channel in order to run the main channel at a loss and allow himself to focus on making “best videos possible”.

Donaldson added that his goal with the secondary channels is to fund the “stupidly expensive” videos on his main channel.


How Much Money Does MrBeast Have? MrBeast Net Worth

A variety of speculation exists online for MrBeast’s net worth, but it is likely the figure is quite volatile, making an estimate at any given time very dificult.

As noted above, however, all of MrBeast’s income sources combined add up well into the tens of millions of dollars per year.

With that said, it is difficult to determine how much net profit is derived from all of that gross income.


MrBeast Online Presence & Publicity

Donaldson is present on the following social media platforms:

MrBeast has been featured in a wide range of high-profile online publications, including Bloomberg, Business Insider, and Forbes. He has also been interviewed by other YouTubers and YouTube channels, including the IMPAULSIVE podcast, Honey, and H3 Podcast.




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