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Who Is Nick Nimmin?

Nick Nimmin is a YouTube creator whose focus and goal is helping viewers grow their YouTube channels.

Here’s an excerpt from Nimmin’s YouTube About section introducing his impact on others:

I’m YouTube Certified and have been on YouTube actively since 2014. Over that time I’ve helped countless others grow their presence online through my content and through my consulting service. I’m also the owner of where creators can get video graphics and more for their videos.

Nimmin uploads guides regularly, as well as goes live every Saturday at 9 AM Eastern Time to answer viewers’ questions.


Nick Nimmin's YouTube channel.
Courtesy of Nick Nimmin’s YouTube channel.


Some of Nimmin’s latest video guides are presented below.


As of the time of this writing, Nick Nimmin had 827,000 subscribers on YouTube. Nimmin also has presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but he is most active on YouTube.

Nick Nimmin runs a personal website as well. Through this website, Nimmin offers the following additional services:

The overviews of these resources are given below (except for Comments Over Coffee since it doesn’t have an overview).

The collaborators of the YouTube Accelerator course.
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YouTube Accelerator course.

YouTube isn’t easy, there are things you have to learn in order to make it work for you. This course contains all of the information you need to get a channel started, growing and thriving on YouTube even if you don’t have all of the fancy equipment or a lot of time.


The VIP Club signup screen.
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VIP Club.

I’m giving all of these high quality files away because I want to connect with people like you who are interested in growing their YouTube channels or making their videos as good as can be.

If you are one of those people, I know you can benefit from the things I make and use them in your online or offline projects. You’ll also benefit from my weekly newsletter where I share even more YouTube and video tips.


Some of the contents of Tuber Tools.
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Tuber Tools.

I’m a YouTuber and I understand the huge learning curve involved when it comes to trying to make your videos stand out. The last thing you want to waste time on when making content is going through the difficult process of trying to make video graphics or other visual assets for social media.

I’ve created Tuber Tools to save you the time of going through the massive learning curve involved with making graphics and to make the process of making your videos and other social media content extremely easy.


Nick Nimmin Net Worth

Like many content creators, a common query surrounding Nick Nimmin’s name is “Nick Nimmin Net Worth”.

While there are no sources online that provide legitimate info on this question, Nimmin does speak about his monetization methods in various YouTube videos.

In addition, the average annual salary of a small business owner in the U.S. in the “Independent artists, writers and performers” category was $98,960 (source).

Here is a video Nimmin did on how he makes money on YouTube:



To find out more about Nick Nimmin’s work, visit his YouTube channel, as well as the Tuber Tools channel. The Nick Nimmin website contains more information about his other activities.



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