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Courtesy of Overview is an online job marketplace, founded by John Jonas and Dan Goggins, that allows people around the world to hire top Filipino online workers (i.e. ‘Virtual Assistants’, as they are often called; or ‘Online Filipino Specialists’ as the site prefers to refer to them).

The site has achieved unparalleled success since its inception, with millions of postings in total.

It focuses on helping prospective employers and workers find long-term arrangements, rather than short term contract or task-oriented work.

This article will go over the origins of the site, it’s public representative and co-founder John Jonas, and how the site works for both job-seekers and employers.


Background – The Origins Of The Site

The website states that it was in 2006 that Jonas hired his first Filipino virtual assistant, to allow both him and his business partner, Dan Goggins, the time to work on their business effectively, instead of getting bogged down in the weeds of administrative work.

Amazingly, Jonas still works with that same virtual assistant to this day.

In a blog post, the founder explained the crucial impact this VA- Ezekiel- had on the day-to-day running of his business, stating that 

“Ezekiel has been a VA for for 9 years now. He started out in data entry and SEO tasks, to being in customer service, to doing almost anything and everything that I would ask him to do.”

Here is a video in which Jonas introduces the assistant:


Company Info

The website tells the story of how Jonas and Goggins founded it.

Apparently, after talking about how successful hiring Filipino workers was for them with colleagues, Jonas found that many of these colleagues were intrigued and wanted to know how to do the same.

Jonas and Goggins realized that they had an opportunity to bridge the gap between hard-working Filipino workers and entrepreneurs who needed help with building their business. 

This led them to start, a virtual meeting space to help bridge the space between the two needs.

In the year since, the site has grown to millions of users, and untold jobs have been created and filled as a result of the marketplace.

Jonas has produced many videos and blog posts detailing the advantages that Online Filipino Specialists provide, as well as reasons to use rather than alternatives like freelancing websites.

As per the website:

“Started in 2008, the worker base has grown almost 100% organically in the Philippines. Filipinos are hungry for long-term, permanent, stable online work. With over 200,000 worker profiles, it’s the largest database of online Filipino workers in the world. To date, we believe over 40,000 Filipinos have found good jobs through”


About John Jonas

As stated above, John Jonas is the public face of, as well as one of its co-founders.

Here’s his bio from the site:

John Jonas is a long-time outsourcing expert and the creator of Since 2005, John has taught hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs how to profitably delegate to VAs in the Philippines (and get their lives back in the process). With help from his own VAs based in the Philippines, John has created an outsourcing empire that allows him to work 17 hours/week and to spend most of his time with his wife and 5 kids.

Here is a video of Jonas introducing the YouTube channel, and his educational materials for entrepreneurs seeking to hire Online Filipino Specialists via the site:


Why Hire Filipino Workers On

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To paraphrase the OnlineJobs.p\h site, the culture of the Philippines makes Filipino workers some of the most valuable talent in the world. Not only are they hard-working and honest, they speak great American English and have a positive attitude towards foreigners. Many of them are also skilled with technology and have internet access readily available.

As a result, entrepreneurs can enjoy the benefits of employing workers from a culture that places a huge value on a strong work ethic, honesty, and loyalty; and on the other side, Filipinos can benefit from upward economic mobility and the opportunity to work from home through the positions they secure via the service.

In the past, Filipinos often had to immigrate to other countries in order to work to provide for their families. However, with the rise of technology and job platforms like, more and more Filipinos are enjoying the advantages of being able to work from home, and are learning valuable skills from the entrepreneurs worldwide who are employing them, which they can in turn apply to their home economy.

The site explains that another advantage of hiring a virtual assistant through, is that you will not have to pay taxes on your new employees. Utilizing the site also allows foreign employers to avoid detrimental facets of employment law in countries that are regarded as atypically unfriendly to capital. For Employers lists a large number of employer types who can benefit from the site, including digital marketers, home inspectors, real estate agents, and dozens of other categories as well.

It also provides extensive education for employers looking to hire their first Online Filipino Specialist.


How To Hire A Filipino Virtual Assistant On

In order to have a smooth hiring experience, you can take advantage of the wealth of information provided on the site. 

Here is an excerpt from one of their helpful infographics:

How It Works


STEP 1 Post a Job or Search Resumes

-Proactively look for staff with the skills you need.


STEP 2 Find the perfect staff member

-Communicate with the via simple email.

-Interview them like you would for a normal staff member.

-Find the perfect fit.

-Offer them a job. Negotiate a salary, work hours, and your expectations.

-Often, the person you’re interviewing is unemployed and can immediately start to work!


STEP 3 Hire and Manage

-Manage work hours of employees through Timeproof.

-Pay them through EasyPay (after they’ve worked for a week, not before they’ve worked).

-No taxes to pay. No 1099. You don’t even need to maintain your subscription to once you’ve hired them.

-Get good at hiring and managing your Filipino team.


And below is a video by John Jonas on the hiring process: For Jobseekers

Virtual work has given thousands of Filipinos the opportunity from home for employers seeking their services.

Prospective Online Filipino Specialists can setup a profile on the site, and respond to ads for specific positions.

As noted above, the site is set up to connect employers and OFS’s for the purpose of long-term employment, which differentiates it from sites like Fiverr or Upwork that are focused on short-term or task-oriented work.

If you’re a job seeker who is looking to get hired by an overseas company, streamlines the process to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with potential employers. Simply post your resume or search through the hundreds of job listings on the job board, apply, and you can get started as soon as possible. Pricing pricing has three tiers for prospective employers: Free, Pro ($69 per month), and Premium ($99 per month).

To effectively hire OFS’s, you’ll need the Pro or Premium plans. However, once you make your hire, you can downgrade to the free plan until you need to interview for additional positions. even makes their payment platform free, so you can keep using it to pay your OFS even after you downgrade to the free plan once your hire is made. Online Presence And Publicity

You may reach via the following social media pages:


John Jonas was referenced in an article by in 2016 that stated that:

“More and more businesses in English-speaking nations have begun to see the Philippines as an attractive business process outsourcing (BPO) destination over the past two decades.”

He was also interviewed by YouTuber Romer the Roamer:

And the channel Entrepreneur Adventure:



If you are considering a VA or a virtual team, head to the site for more information. And if you want to see more videos, check out their YouTube channel for more outsourcing tips and insights about hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines. 

Special Note: We here at have been extremely happy customers of, and for that reason we are proud to have become an affiliate for them.

If you would like take advantage of the marketplace AND help support our mission of providing objective, high-quality information on the world of online business, sign up at their site through our affiliate link by clicking here.




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