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Pat Flynn's net worth, bio, and material.
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Who Is Pat Flynn?

Pat Flynn is a successful keynote speaker, professional blogger, and entrepreneur based in San Diego, CA, in the United States. Flynn is particularly renowned for the “Smart Passive Income” and “AskPat” podcasts. He has also released a wide array of books, including the “Let Go” memoir and the Will It Fly” guide for testing business ideas.


Pat Flynn Bio And Background

Pat Flynn graduated with a B.A. in Architecture from the University of California Berkeley. Up until 2008, Flynn worked in an architecture firm in Southern California.

Due to the 2008 financial crisis, Pat Flynn was fired from the architectural company he worked at at the time. He was 25 years old. But rather than start searching for another job in his field, Flynn chose to dedicate his life to online entrepreneurship.

Pat Flynn with SMI partners.
Courtesy of Smart Passive Income.


After moving back to his parents’ house and suffering from mild depression, Flynn established Green Exam Academy – a website that aimed to help architects pass LEED, an architectural exam. The main driver for the creation of the exam guide was, according to Flynn’s about page on Green Exam Academy, the lack of easily digestible LEED guides on the internet.

The website soon started generating thousands of visits a day. After several people told Flynn his guides were so good that they would pay for it, he published an ebook version of his LEED guide in October 2008. The book saw immense success, making over $200,000 within a year. In 2009, Flynn was making $20-$30 thousand a month from the ebook.

The apparent interest of readers in his knowledge and experience prompted Flynn to build upon his success and come up with a number of educational resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs.

Flynn also became attracted by the idea of passive income, where one sets up a business that can generate money without active involvement in promotion or management.

In October 2008 – in the month of his ebook’s release – Flynn created the Smart Passive Income website to share how his business triumphs had happened. A year and a half later, Flynn had a large following that valued him for being a transparent leader in the sphere of online business education.

Wishing to experiment, Flynn created new businesses outside of his already established niche, including, and, among others.

Since then, Flynn has achieved multiple milestones as an online entrepreneur:


Pat Flynn Net Worth

Pat Flynn's December 2017 income report.
Courtesy of Smart Passive Income.


There appears to be no confirmed information on Pat Flynn’s net worth online. The most accurate and reliable source of info on Flynn’s income would be his income reports on SmartPassiveIncome.

According to Flynn, his audience liked the monthly income reports immensely for their business tips and inspirational value, which kept them coming for years and years. Flynn started publishing monthly income reports in October 2008, and he kept this tradition for nearly 10 years – up until December 2017.

On his YouTube channel, Flynn shares why he decided to stop publishing his monthly income reports:

  • Reason #1. As Flynn’s business grew – and his incomes along with it – readers started to relate less to his journey. Some among his audience decided to go to other online resources because of the growing complexity of Flynn’s reports. Pat Flynn decided to stop posting income reports to see if anything would change in the blog’s growth rate. 10 months later, he noticed no considerable slowdowns.
  • Reason #2. The income reports took a long time to prepare. Combined with the fact that they were becoming less and less helpful for readers, this prompted Flynn to instead dedicate time to creating more free guides and forming new online relationships.
  • Reason #3. Security and privacy concerns, although there have been no related precedents.

Flynn has posted a few income reports since his December 2017 report, but these weren’t the monthly insights that used to captivate people so much.

Nevertheless, here are a few figures from Pat Flynn’s last three monthly reports:


December 2017 November 2017 October 2017
Net earnings $125,819.91 $164,274.92 $96,053.39

Gross earnings

$166,559.31 $213,212.64



AFFILIATE EARNINGS $105,619.13 $61,689.56 $65,364.78 Fulfilled By Amazon Program from Jessica Larrew

AWeber $1,305.32 $1,218.83 $1,362.32
Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt $22,259.60
Bluehost $27,650.00 $33,075.00 $36,190.00
ConvertKit $36,956.18 $13,293.00 $13,937.23
Create Awesome Online Courses $3,880.00 $4,281.50 $4,219.50
Fizzle $282.63
LeadPages $6,294.77 $5,258.00 $5,003.55
Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool $627.95 $972.90
Market Samurai $261.12 $93.12 $118.08
Music Radio Creative $155.20
SamCart $1,203.50 $741.00 $3,398.00
Social Media Marketing World $300.00
Teachable $5,468.44 $2,634.13
The FB Advantage $147.00
WP-Wishlist $16.20 $16.20 $16.20





$2,246.50 $2,991.41


Let Go eBook: Amazon Kindle $72.00 $192.12 $218.62
Will It Fly? Amazon Kindle $413.01 $502.99 $382.10
Will It Fly? Paperback $475.05 $844.01 $535.10

Will It Fly? Audiobook

$1,286.44 $1,452.29 $1,535.87



$40,855.98 $120,362.00 $47,264.00
1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing $994.00
Power-Up Podcasting $40,855.98 $55,838.00




$3,866.96 $4,010.62 $5,743.67 Product Sales $1,341.81 $1,754.45 $2,109.12, Google Adsense $680.51 $869.72 $987.64 Product Sales $1,625.54 $1,386.45 $2,646.91

YouTube Adsense



PODCAST SPONSORSHIPS $3,389.00 $11,789.00 $13,789.00
AskPat Podcast $3,389.00 $3,789.00 $3,789.00
Smart Passive Income Podcast $10,000.00


SOFTWARE AND APPS $10,581.74 $12,370.05 $10,678.56
Smart Podcast Player Licenses $9,646.70 $10,906.43 $9,662.64
SPI Pro Theme $935.04 $1,463.62 $1,015.92


For a better overview of Pat Flynn’s earnings, you may read the older income reports, as well as the more recent reports that cover earnings from some of Flynn’s books and business projects.


Overview Of Pat Flynn’s Books And Business Projects

The homepage of Smart Passive Income.
Courtesy of Smart Passive Income.


Pat Flynn’s income streams are diversified and include courses, books, and physical products – some much more successful than others.

The most remarkable of Flynn’s business projects are listed below.


The Smart Passive Income Blog

The Smart Passive Income (SMI) blog is a resource that contains business-related educational material – both free and paid. SMI aims to help readers get started with the following generators of income:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Business development.
  • Email marketing.
  • Personal development.
  • Book publishing.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Online courses.
  • Podcasting.



A large portion of the educational material on the SMI blog is free, but Pay Flynn offers paid courses as well:

  • 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing ($599).
  • A to Z Webinars ($499).
  • Amp’d Up Podcasting ($999).
  • Power-Up Podcasting ($799). Unlike “Amp’d Up Podcasting” – which focuses on how to better plan existing podcasts and how to improve their performance – “Power-Up Podcasting” aims to teach students how to get started with podcasts.
  • Power-Up Podcasting Bootcamp ($1,999).
  • Smart from Scratch ($199). This course teaches students how to come up with winning business ideas and land their first customer.
  • Build Your Own Brand (Free).
  • Superfans Companion Course (Free). This bonus material is intended to help readers of “Superfans” complete the included exercises.



Pat Flynn actively runs two podcasts:

  • Smart Passive Income Podcast with Pat Flynn. The weekly SPI podcast features interviews, strategies, and advice for building online businesses.
  • AskPat 2.0. The weekly AskPat 2.0 podcast allows subscribers to submit questions for Pat Flynn to answer during the upcoming podcast sessions.

Pat Flynn’s podcasts are frequently sponsored by partners, such as the digital banking company Azlo, podcast host Buzzsprout, and accounting software vendor FreshBooks.



Pat Flynn is an author of numerous books as well. As of early February 2021, the following books were featured on his personal website:

  • Superfans – a guide to standing out and building a successful business.
  • Will It Fly – a manual on testing the potential of one’s next business idea before bringing it to life.
  • Let Go – Pat Flynn’s memoir about overcoming adversity by committing to his own path.


Pat Flynn Social Media Presence

Pat Flynn appears to be rather active on social media. Among the online platforms Flynn has a presence on are:

Flynn is most active on YouTube, regularly streaming Q & As, instructional videos, workflow tips for video production, and more.


Pat Flynn Quotes

In an interview with, Flynn states that:

“Failure is part of the process. You have to be willing to try things and put yourself out there and get uncomfortable, knowing that you’re potentially going to fail. Mistakes are going to happen — failure is an option — but as long as you’re always learning from those failures, you’re actually going to be making progress.”


“If you have an idea, talk to as many people as you can about it… When you share your idea with other people — strangers, friends, family — you’re going to get an idea of exactly how they feel about that product before you even start to put money and time into it.”

A CNBC overview of Flynn quoted him as stating that:

“You just don’t make money if you don’t care about people first… Putting cash over caring has never rewarded me, and I’ve since learned that your earnings become a byproduct of how well you serve your audience…

…Getting excited about something and rushing into it isn’t a behavior that only children possess…. It’s common in all ages, and particularly common in entrepreneurs… I used to rush into things because I didn’t want to waste time, but my haste often cost me more time (and a lot of money) in the process. … Yes, we have to pull the trigger or ‘just ship,’ as we often hear, but at the same time common sense tells us that a little bit of time up front to validate an idea can make all the difference in the world.”

In his book Will It Fly, he writes that:

“Create mode is when you’re imaginative, creative, and open to new ideas. Edit mode is when you are logical, regulated, and analytical. Most of us constantly switch back and forth between the two within a given piece of work, like when we write an email. You write a small part, read it, make edits, and then write some more. The major issue is that your editor brain gets in the way of your creator brain. It stops the flow, which can remove the potential of amazing thoughts that you didn’t even know exist in your head from ever coming out. You need these thoughts to surface during this experiment, but your editor brain can get in the way because it’s too focused on making everything right or perfect. Thinking puts your editor brain into the driver’s seat.”


“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.”



You may learn more about Pat Flynn on his official website. Courses and educational material are available on Smart Passive Income. Flynn’s social media profiles may contain useful business advice as well.




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