Perpetual Income 365 Overview + Review [What Is It?]

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Perpetual Income Overview

Perpetual Income 365 is advertised as an affiliate marketing software and info product created with the aim of fulfilling the needs of marketers of all levels (from beginners to advanced ones).

The goal of the software is to provide affiliate marketing assistance through a “plug-and-play” system.

As per an article published on, here is what Perpetual Income 365 is designed to do:

The goal of this software is to allow users to create a perpetual machine that continues to provide a stable income for the user. Users will be able to take ideas from the presented template of a working affiliate marketing system and get started without having to feel lost or unsure as most people do. Additionally, the program is able to provide stellar results, as it already has for the people who have used it.


Perpetual Income 365 Software

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According to the official sales page, the Perpetual Income 365 system was created by Shawn Josiah, who describes his own success as follows:

I’m a successful 7-figure internet entrepreneur and also a proud member of the Clickbank Platinum circle, which means I have generated over $500,000 in affiliate sales last year on Clickbank alone.

The same page lists a Micro-Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm- “that combines quirks of cognitive science, human behavior, and the “eighth wonder of the world” – compound interest”- as the basic principle of the Perpetual Income 365 software.

Thus, the software is said to be very straightforward to use and to require (quote):

  •  No coding
  •  No hosting
  •  No expensive landing page builders
  •  No design skills needed
  •  No copywriting
  •  No expensive tracking tool
  •  No complicated autoresponder integration


Instead, the software is described as “a three part package” which includes the following:

  • The MCCA (Micro-Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm) Toolbox
  • Income Leverage Bounty
  • One Click Content Stack


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Perpetual Income 365 Reviews

A review published on, listed the following features as benefits of using the software:

  • The content creation feature helps you access relevant content and also customize available content to suit your business.

    The platform has a great graphic design and website setup

    It also has an essential niche selection feature that most other platforms lack.

    You can avail yourself of the direct response feature for your activities and business


Another review published on mentioned the following benefits and drawbacks of Perpetual Income 365.

Here it is pasted as-is below:


  • If you have affiliate marketing experience you may make some money
  • The product is 95% done-for-you
  • Reasonable price
  • Since it’s a ClickBank product it has a money-back guarantee


  • Nothing new, Just another affiliate marketing system
  • expensive upsells
  • Not for newbies
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The Perpetual Income 365 software comes with testimonials from known internet marketing figures like Jimmy Kim (Co-Founder and CEO of Sendlane) and Anik Singal (Founder and CEO of Lurn). To view the videos, visit this page.


Perpetual Income – Is It Legit?

This is a common question asked about many “MMO” (Make Money Online) offers and coaching systems found online.

It is a valid question as well, because the internet contains a vast number of such products, and their quality ranges from excellent all the way to poor, and in some cases legitimately fraudulent.

With that said, the vast majority of such products, especially those priced in the $99-$999 range, fall somewhere in between the extremes of ‘Excellent’ and ‘Poor’.

An “information product”- as Perpetual Income 365 at least partly is- is obviously going to be ‘legit’ in that it will provide you information. Whether that information is legitimately helpful can be a different question though, and depends on a large multitude of factors.

We have not personally used Perpetual Income 365, so can not vouch for its effectiveness, but we would point out the following in its favor:

-The fact that the creator Shawn Josiah is a Clickbank Platinum Affiliate does demonstrate that he has real world experience and success within the industry the program is focused on.

-The Perpetual Income 365 testimonials do include videos by demonstrably-successful online marketers, including Lurn, Inc CEO Anik Singal and Sendlane + Doodly co-founder Jimmy Kim.

-The product is sold through Clickbank, which does require all information products to go through a legal and compliance process before being listed for sale. This does not mean that every single product on Clickbank is going to be effective, of course, but it does constitute at least a moderate level of oversight, compared to other ways in which one might go about selling an information product online.

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Clickbank listing of Perpetual Income 365.






For more information on Perpetual Income 365, you can visit the website here.




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