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This Wikipedia-style bio will cover Peter McCormack’s cryptocurrency activism, online activities, and net worth.


Who Is Peter McCormack?

Peter McCormack is a British cryptocurrency investor, cryptocurrency proponent, podcaster, and former digital marketer. As a podcaster, McCormack hosts two podcasts – What Bitcoin Did and Defiance.

McCormack is known for his inquisitiveness and the provocative viewpoints he often expresses on Twitter, causing debate among his readers. McCormack told CoinDesk that he does this “to trigger people – because it’s really helpful to understand [the current political climate].”


Peter McCormack Bio And Background

Peter McCormack’s LinkedIn profile states that he dropped out of Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (where he studied Music Industry Management) in 2000.

From June 2005 to February 2007, McCormack held the role of Commercial Director at Evolving Media, which launched his temporary career in digital marketing. From February 2007 to May 2009, he served as Managing Director at Evolving Media Network.

In September 2009, McCormack set up digital transformation consultancy McCormack & Morrison with his Evolving colleague Oliver Morrison. According to Cointelegraph Magazine, McCormack & Morrison had an annual turnover of 2.7 million pounds at its peak.

Cointeegraph further adds that in 2014, McCormack divorced his wife after three months of marriage due to her having an affair with one of his friends. He hasn’t had another relationship since the divorce and has suffered severe anxiety for several years.

In April 2016, McCormack left McCormack & Morrison.

While in the digital marketing industry, McCormack grew distrust toward it, according to CoinDesk. In a LinkedIn article published in October 2018, McCormack argued that digital marketing doesn’t work. He told CoinDesk regarding his views:

If you track clicks from banner ads to conversions they never pay for themselves. But if you go on a page with an ad and ignore it, but still buy from that company, they’ll attribute the purchase to that ad. So if you’re clicking on thousands of websites, you’re creating a network of coincidences.

CoinDesk writes that McCormack’s mother passed away in January 2017, after which McCormack took time off to grieve. Around the same time, after about a year of trading cryptocurrencies, McCormack started blogging about the crypto industry. In 2017, he got briefly rich on Bitcoin but then “lost almost everything”, according to CoinDesk.

In November 2017, McCormack started his podcast What Bitcoin Did. In October 2019, he released the first episode of his other podcast, Defiance.


Peter McCormack’s Polarizing Online Persona

Peter McCormack is a polarizing figure, especially in the eyes of his Twitter followers, according to CoinDesk. In CoinDesk’s words, McCormack often questions the guiding principles of his followers, many of whom are “libertarian, meat-loving, lib-hating, god-fearing and American”.

Among other things, he has ridiculed “notorious goldbugs” like Peter Schiff, called other podcasters scammers, and publicly called Craig Wright – an Australian computer scientist who claims to have invented Bitcoin – a fraud.

CoinDesk also writes that on his Defiance podcast, McCormack has questioned whether President Donald Trump poses a threat to democracy, argued in favor of gun control, and defended at least one version of socialism.

McCormack told CoinDesk that he provokes people on purpose to understand the current political climate.

In an interview with Cointelegraph Magazine, McCormack said that he’s “just f—ing winding people up” and that “Americans don’t understand the humour.”

He also told Cointelegraph Magazine that he uses Twitter as a “sounding board to work through his ideas.”

McCormack told CoinDesk that looking at how his online audience has responded to his ideas, he learned that his “right-wing” followers who complain about “cancel culture” would shut him down for his opinions themselves.

They’ve tried to cancel me three times. Whatever view you have there always seem to be two quite fierce opinions on it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the [COVID-19] virus, Black Lives Matter, policing. There’s always two opinions on it. How do you navigate these when opinions are so divided? People talk about the intolerant left, but there’s also an intolerant right.

Cointelegraph Magazine points out that McCormack has different personalities on Twitter and in his podcast, which McCormack explained as follows:

People often say my Twitter personality is not like my podcast — it’s because my podcast is me. My Twitter is just like a tool. Twitter’s a tool.

Cointelegraph Magazine adds that McCormack’s political views are difficult to categorize. McCormack himself says that he’s conservative on some issues and liberal on others.


Peter McCormack’s What Bitcoin Did And Defiance Podcasts

Peter McCormack is the host of two podcasts – What Bitcoin Did and Defiance.

On What Bitcoin Did, McCormack interviews experts on the topics of Bitcoin development, adoption, privacy, and investment. He has discussed political topics on the podcast as well.

Some notable figures McCormack has featured on What Bitcoin Did are Willy Woo, Lyn Alden, Eric Weinstein, Robert Breedlove, Raoul Pal, and Balaji Srinivasan.

Defiance covers mainstream politics. On this podcast, McCormack has discussed the 2017 protests at The Evergreen College with former Evergreen professor Bret Weinstein and covered the life of singer Britney Spears in a series called “Everyone Loves Britney”, among other things.


Peter McCormack Net Worth

Peter McCormack’s net worth is unknown, but it likely fluctuates in line with the price of Bitcoin.

On the website of What Bitcoin Did, McCormack publishes monthly earnings reports for What Bitcoin Did and Defiance. His monthly earnings have steadily grown over the years, reaching and exceeding $50,000 in February 2020, $100,000 in March 2021, and $200,000 in June 2021.

McCormack told Cointelegraph Magazine that he doesn’t value money too highly. Instead, he considers time to be the most valuable resource. Complete control over time is “the best thing that you can have”, McCormack thinks.


Online Presence And Publicity

Peter McCormack is present on Twitter and LinkedIn.

McCormack has been interviewed by prominent cryptocurrency entrepreneur Anthony Pompliano.




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