What Is Pop Traffic?

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What is Pop Traffic?

Even if you haven’t heard of “Pop Traffic” before, you’ve probably seen examples of pop traffic drivers while you surf the web – also known as “pop ads.” Users who click through a pop ad are grouped together and called “pop traffic.” 


What Are Pop Ads?

Pop ads are boxes that appear when a user is browsing a web page, usually triggered by an action. A pop ad could appear once a user opens the page, or it could appear after they’ve scrolled down the page. Other actions include clicking a button, a link, or any call-to-action.

There are two different types of pop ads: pop-ups and pop-unders.

The internet marketer, Charles Ngo offers the following explanation in a blog post:

Mobile Popup Definition: You click a link and a new tab opens on top of the original website you were on.

Mobile Popunder Definition: You click a link, and the page loads as normal, but another website has loaded under your original tab.


How To Use Pop Traffic To Drive Sales?

Depending on your campaign goals, a well-targeted pop ad could lead to higher conversions, more email subscribers, or increased sales. According to Profitsocial, businesses have found that there can be as high as a 300% rise in ROI from pop traffic from pop-under ads.

For example, if you want to promote your online store, a related pop ad could include a discount offer. If you want users to subscribe to your paid service, the ad could offer a free trial. Other examples include offering white papers, videos, or other content related to your goals.

The following video offers a more in-depth explanation:


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pop Traffic

Some advantages that pop traffic has to offer include:

-Low barrier to entry

-Cheaper ad traffic

-Easy to start campaigns

-Able to effectively advertise to both desktop and mobile users


Profitsocial also points out that 

One of the biggest disadvantages is competitive bidding for the same advertising space. Although there is essentially ‘enough to go around’ when it comes to creating ads, there will be times when fierce competition means you will be paying more in relation to ads.

However, with the right strategy and ad space, gaining pop traffic can be extremely effective for your campaign goals.


How To Start Getting Pop Traffic

Once you decide which form of pop ad would be most beneficial to you, it’s easy to get started. Some platform options include:





Depending on how you approach your strategy, pop traffic could become a valuable source of revenue.




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