Who Is Preston Pysh? (Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Bitcoin-Advocacy)

Preston Pysh.
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Who Is Preston Pysh?

Preston George Pysh is a Pennsylvania-based internet entrepreneur, YouTube personality, investor, and cryptocurrency proponent. He is perhaps best-known as the co-founder of The Investor’s Podcast. He is also the founder of investment company The Pylon Holding Company.

Pysh also served as a Forbes contributor between 2016 and 2018, authoring several finance- and business-related articles.

Preston Pysh’s age is unclear, but he self-describes as a Milennial, and reportedly has a wife and two children.


Preston Pysh Wiki/Bio And Background

Preston Pysh’s LinkedIn profile states that he graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. In 2004, he completed Army Aviation Flight School, becoming qualified to operate AH-64D Apache, OH-58A/C, and TH-67 helicopters.

Pysh has served in the United States military before becoming an internet entrepreneur. The description of Pysh’s 2010 book The Diary of a West Point Cadet where he recounts his military experience – reads:

After flight training, Preston was assigned to the 1-2 Attack Aviation Battalion at Camp Eagle, South Korea. While stationed in Korea, he worked as an Attack Platoon Leader, Battalion Adjutant, and Assistant Operations Officer.

Upon completion of his first overseas tour of duty, Preston attended the Military Intelligence Captain’s Career Course at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and was then stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Once assigned to the 101st Airborne Division, he served as the Aviation Operations Battle Captain in Operation Enduring Freedom IX in Bagram Afghanistan. Following a successful combat deployment, Preston was then assigned as the A Company, 1-101st AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter Company Commander during a second year deployment for Operation Enduring Freedom X-XI. Preston’s company was directly responsible for the aerial security of the prominent Operation Dragon Strike mission in Kandahar city.

After his military service, Pysh became interested in investing, as well as in the activity of American investor Warren Buffett. In January 2010, Pysh founded The Pylon Holding Company – a company through which he manages his own portfolio, according to his Bitcoin Fundamentals podcast bio.

In 2012, Pysh published Warren Buffett’s 3 Favorite Books – a book that covers Buffett’s investing techniques, among other things.

In 2013, Preston Pysh met Danish author and investor Stig Brodersen after the latter had come across Pysh’s website while researching the investment career of Warren Buffett.

In 2014, inspired by entrepreneur and blogger Pat Flynn’s podcast, Pysh suggested that he and Brodersen launch their own podcast.

In September 2014, Pysh and Brodersen co-founded The Investor’s Podcast (TIP).

In 2018, Pysh graduated from the Johns Hopkins University with an M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), Banking and Finance.

As a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency proponent, Pysh is the host of the Bitcoin Fundamentals podcast (part of TIP). In 2020, The Daily Hodl wrote that Pysh believed that Bitcoin’s price could reach $300,000.


Preston Pysh And The Investor’s Podcast

The homepage of The Investor's Podcast.
Courtesy of TheInvestorsPodcast.com.


The Investor’s Podcast (TIP) is a podcast network focused on investment and business advice. The network incorporates the following podcasts:

The TIP website also contains an academy section with paid and free educational resources, books, a blog, and a forum, among other things. The company also offers a set of investment tools under the collective name TIP Finance.

The Investor’s Podcast has been sponsored by a number of companies, including Jesse Powell’s Kraken exchange and freelance platform Fiverr.

Pysh has published many of TIP’s episodes on his YouTube channel. As of the time of this writing, Pysh’s YouTube channel had over 210,000 subscribers and over 16 million total video views.

In one of his podcast’s May episodes, Pysh discussed the Bitcoin market with investors Lyn Alden and Jeff Booth.

Pysh’s earliest videos focused on Warren Buffett’s investment strategies.


Preston Pysh Books

Preston Pysh has authored and co-authored (with Stig Brodersen) a number of investment and autobiographical works, including:


Preston Pysh Net Worth

The exact net worth of Preston Pysh is unknown. He manages his investment portfolio through his company The Pylon Holding Company, but the composition of his portfolio hasn’t been revealed.

On a tangential note, the price of Bitcoin has gone up over 3,000% since The Investor’s Podcast began discussing it, and Pysh began advocating for it as an investment.


Online Presence And Publicity

Preston Pysh is present on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Pysh has been featured on the Bankless podcast and in Raoul Pal’s RealVision network.




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