What Is A “Quiz Funnel?” [Definition, Examples]

What is a quiz funnel?
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Quiz Funnel Definition

A quiz funnel works in pretty much the same way as a standard sales funnel. It is a lead generation funnel that prompts website visitors to take a quiz in return for information. Companies across a wide range of niches, such as online dating and fitness, use quiz funnels to grow their businesses.

The two main types of quiz funnels consist of:

a) One that requires you to give your email to get the quiz results or other ‘freebie’.

b) One that doesn’t require you to give your email to get the results, but uses the results as a bridge to an offer of some sort.

The two main benefits of a quiz funnel are:

a) The person taking the quiz becomes more ‘invested’ in the funnel because they have answered questions and invested their time and thought into it, and consider the funnel more personalized (which can often boost engagement, conversion rates, trust, retention, etc).

b) They allow you to segment your customers more effectively based on their answers to specific questions.


Examples of Quiz Funnels

Below is an example of a Quiz Funnel used on the official website of the bestselling author Ramit Sethi.

Screenshot of iwillteachyoutoberich.com
Courtesy of iwillteachyoutoberich.com


And other from BlueBottleCoffee.com.

Screenshot of bluebottlecoffee.com
Courtesy of bluebottlecoffee.com


Why Is A Quiz Funnel Important?

Quiz funnels offer “personalization”, which, as noted above, can boost user trust and conversion rates.

Below is an excerpt from tryinteract.com on why personalization is so important.

Nowadays, consumers are much more aware of marketing techniques used online and are more careful about who they share their personal information with. That means that digital marketers have to be more creative to get the interest and sales now.

Your audience wants to hear from you, but they want you to talk to them like they’re an individual, not simply a number in your audience. 

Since you’re receiving unique responses from each lead about who they are and what they want, you can easily segment your email list based on those responses.

They also offer you the ability to target more specifically.

An example of this would be “segmenting” your email list based on answers to quiz questions from your individual subscribers.

As uplandsoftware.com explains:

List segmentation allows you to send more relevant content. The more relevant your email communication is, the more likely your audience will continue to engage with it. Of course, no email audience is a monolith, so splitting up your email list based on certain audience characteristics can help you increase relevance.


How To Create A Quiz Funnel

Below are some of the essentials steps involved in creating a quiz funnel based on a blog post by the Growth Machine:

-Outline Your Quiz

To start, I’d suggest just having one question that matters, and using the rest as fillers and to learn more about your readers. You can always improve the recommendations later. 

-Create Your Quiz

Next, you need to set up your quiz in Typeform. In addition to the questions you outlined in Step 1, be sure to ask for the quiz taker’s first name and email address.

-Set Up Email Funnels for Your Quiz

Assuming you’re already using some sort of popup or email capture tool like Sleeknote, this should be easy to set up. Without much testing or optimization, we’re seeing a 4.3% click conversion on that popup, which for organic traffic, is a pretty good start. 

-Get Traffic to Your Quiz

Now that everything is set up on the back end, you need to get traffic to your quiz. 

-Test and Improve


The following video from Franklin Hatchett demonstrates how to build a quiz funnel using Clickfunnels for using running affiliate offers from Clickbank:

The video below provides further instructions on creating a quiz funnel to grow your email list:



That is a breakdown of what a Quiz Funnel is. It is important to keep in mind though that there are various types of quiz funnels, and one may see them used in various ways.




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