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Raoul Pal net worth, bio, Bitcoin investments, and wiki.
Courtesy of Raoul Pal’s bio on Real Vision.


Who Is Raoul Pal?

Raoul Pal is a former hedge fund manager, economist, and investment strategist. He was one of the few investors to predict the mortgage crisis of 2008-2009.

Pal is perhaps most prominent in the world of finance, but he also has noticeable online presence – particularly thanks to the financial analysis streaming network he co-founded, called Real Vision.

A proponent of Bitcoin, Pal is well-known for his bullishness on crypto as well.

As of this article’s writing, Raoul Pal lived in the Cayman Islands.


Raoul Pal Bio/Background

Some of Raoul Pal's main achievements.
Courtesy of Raoul Pal’s bio on Real Vision.


Raoul Pal studied Economics & Law at the University of Plymouth. After graduating in 1990, he went on to work as a Sales Executive at Dow Jones Telerate. All in all, over the years, he has worked at the following companies (as per his LinkedIn account):

  • Dow Jones Telerate – Sales Executive (1990 – 1991).
  • James Capel & Co – Senior Executive (1991 – 1995).
  • NatWest Markets – Director (1995 – 1998).
  • Goldman Sachs – Head of European Hedge Fund Sales – Equities and equity derivatives (January 1997 – December 2001).
  • GLG Partners – Portfolio Manager, GLG Global Macro Fund (December 2001 – November 2004).
  • The Global Macro Investor – Founder/CEO (January 2005 – Present).
  • Real Vision – Co-Founder and CEO (February 2014 – Present).


The Founding Of Real Vision

Real Vision banner.
Courtesy of Real Vision.


Among Raoul Pal’s most notable projects is Real Vision – a streaming service intended to provide viewers with easy-to-understand financial information.

On his LinkedIn page, Pal describes Real Vision as follows:

Real Vision is a disruptive financial media brand, created to help investors understand the complex world of finance, business and the global economy, with in-depth analysis from real experts.

The idea to found Real Vision came to Pal in 2013 in Spain during a conversation with Grant Williams – a respected visionary in the financial industry. Prompted by the inability of television companies and publishers to adapt to the changing market, Pal suggested that he and Williams come up with their own on-demand TV channel for finance.

A year later, the duo worked with three other founders to establish Real Vision.

Real Vision offers both paid and free content (such as the Real Vision podcast or the 20/20 newsletter). Paid content includes presentations, interviews, breakdowns of core finance concepts, Q&A sessions, written reports, and more.

Overview of the Real Vision 20/20 newsletter.
Courtesy of Real Vision.


The paid subscription model combined with actionable data was a risky choice in a world dominated by free, bite-sized content with punchy headlines.

When we started this business, we could have gone the route of BuzzFeed or Business Insider and generated content, gone after advertising dollars, and chased the short attention span with the clickbait headlines. When we sought advice, we were told people would not be willing to pay to watch longform videos. Being contrarians, we decided to offer hour-long conversations on a subscription basis.

And here’s the reasoning behind the decision to go against industry trends:

The opportunities always lie where everybody else is not doing something.

Raoul Pal’s aim with Real Vision is to create insightful and relevant video content. Pal’s views about what financial media should be were strongly influenced by the lackluster mainstream media coverage of the 2008 financial crisis.

The narratives given to the world are often picked by investment banks because they don’t want to take you the darker side of what’s going on in the world. There are sites like Zero Hedge where people can see what’s really going on, but I saw a need for more truth and balance in finance. That’s how our ideas came together.


On The World Of Online Business

Despite his background in the financial industry, Pal has argued that today, the world of entrepreneurship offers much greater opportunity for the creation of wealth.

In one discussion he stated:

The highest return on capital right now is not investing — it’s building a business…

Start businesses… and that will make you money.


Pal’s Stance On Bitcoin

The Real Vision Crypto membership.
Courtesy of Real Vision.


Raoul Pal is a Bitcoin and crypto proponent, although his stance on the sector as an investment has evolved throughout the years.

Raoul Pal has been involved in Bitcoin since 2012. Back in 2014, in an interview with Grant Williams on Real Vision, Pal opined that Bitcoin is worth a million dollars:

So I said OK well let’s assume it’s something like gold—There’s a finite amount of it. There’s a finite amount that’s been mined. The rest is underground. We kind of know how long it’s going to take before all the gold is mined or before all the bitcoins. Put them in the same kind of equation we get a value of bitcoin and that value is a million dollars. Now, you’ll never hear an analyst say this—but I don’t mind this—I could be wrong by 90%, and it’s still worth $100,000.

As of the interview, Bitcoin was priced at $650.

In December 2013, Bitcoin had jumped to over $900 and then collapsed to sub-$250. It would then take 3 years for Bitcoin to reclaim those highs.

This is the most exponential move we have seen. I don’t know how far it goes, but I sold out last week… and I’ve [owned Bitcoin] since it was $200. Anything that moves exponentially, always [blows up].

In June 2017, Raoul Pal called Bitcoin a bubble after its price had skyrocketed by 210% since March.

The explosion [in the price of Bitcoin] is mania. It’s people looking for a rate of return. It’s in the bubble phase. [Bitcoin] goes through this periodically… it rises several hundred percent, and then collapses.

By that time, Pal had made ten times his money on Bitcoin, and he suggested that “now is a good time to get out”.

Pal also expressed his concerns about the longevity of Bitcoin as a store of value.

Bitcoin was supposed to be a store of value, you couldn’t mess with the formula… and now they are talking about a ‘hard fork’ changing it?

It’s thought that only 21 million Bitcoins can be mined into existence. In 2017, developers were thinking about a hard fork that would allow for the creation of more Bitcoins.

Even if they don’t change the formula, the fact that they could? That’s enough to say it’s not a long-term store of value.

With that said, Pal would soon reinvest in Bitcoin, once it had fallen substantially in price after the 2017-2018 bull run.

In October 2020, Pal reiterated his 2014 belief, stating that Bitcoin could hit $1 million in 5 years. At that time, 50% of Pal’s capital was allocated to Bitcoin.

This is in line with Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano’s prediction that Bitcoin could eventually reach $1 million.

The headline to the article where Pal talks about Bitcoin being a life raft for investors.
Courtesy of Bitcoin.com.


In February 2021, Roger Ver’s Bitcoin.com wrote that Pal called Bitcoin a life raft for investors. Among other things, he said:

Another way is [to] look at how many hours [of] work it takes to buy an ounce of gold… Wages allow you no investment opportunity. Purchasing equities is a joke as well because the median person gets to buy next to zero. People have lost 90% of their purchasing power when it comes to buying property.

And that explains the rise in debt – Households added to maintain purchasing power… This is a theme BTC market participants picked up a long time ago. BTC has massively outperformed both M2 and the Fed balance sheet. You could interpret BTC as a bubble. You could suggest it hasn’t reached its full price discovery as many adopt it as their life raft as Metcalfe’s Law kicks in.

Pal has also called Bitcoin “the best chance for the median person” to radically expand their economic horizons.


Pal’s Stance On Ethereum

Pal has made increasingly bullish statements on Ethereum in recent interviews.

In early 2021 he stated:

It is the SAME as Bitcoin, at the SAME point in its adoption cycle, with the exact SAME price and its market cap is rising faster… and suggests that its adoption cycle might be more dramatic too…

ETH will outperform Bitcoin by almost 2x and is driven by the exact same mechanism – a great narrative – the platform for programmable money and, obviously, Metcalfe’s Law.

Below is a debate he had with Lyn Alden about Ethereum, which took place on the Unchained Podcast:


Raoul Pal’s Net Worth

On November 30, 2020, Pal announced that he would be selling all his gold and buying Bitcoin and Ethereum (80/20). After that, 98% of his liquid net worth became cryptocurrency.

While he has spoken very openly regarding his asset allocations and investments in recent years, there are no reliable sources available online regarding Raoul Pal’s overall net worth.


Raoul Pal Online Presence And Publicity

Raoul Pal is present on the following online platforms:

Pal’s YouTube channel contains many of his interviews with other entrepreneurs, like this Anthony Pompliano interview below:



You can find out more about Raoul Pal’s Real Vision service on its website. The Real Vision YouTube channel and his social media accounts may contain useful information about his activities as well.




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